DiabloFans Tools: Diablo 3

What kind of Diablo III fansite would we be without kicking things off pre-Beta with some tools for you guys to use? A bad one! That in mind, we've just added a brand new tool to our arsenal. No longer will the Diablo II Skill Calculator and Diablo I Spellbook yearn for a sibling to take on the role as the Diablo III Skill Calculator! Our calculator allows you to select skills and passives, add runes where applicable, as well as sharing links to your builds. I do realize that Blizzard just released their own, but those of you that don't want to leave DiabloFans will now never need to! This is just the beginning, we've got some great plans in store for our Tools section, stay tuned...

In addition, please be sure to report any feedback, including bug reports and suggestions, to the board counterpart, the Diablo Tools Discussion forum.

EDIT: OK, Barb skills all fixed! Refresh if it's still showing the Wizard skills.


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