F&F Beta Patch 2

The second patch of the Diablo III Friends & Family Beta has just been released! As expected, it's really all just bug fixes, though it seems they have changed the Character Skill UI. I'm actually really diggin' the Skill UI changes, we no longer have to scroll through the list of skills to see everything! Yay!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo III Beta Patch 2 - v0.3.0.7318

User Interface
  • The UI for character skills has been greatly improved.

Bug Fixes
  • Breaking News will now properly display when launching the game client.
  • The victory text for completing the Diablo III beta will now only appear after the Skeleton King’s death animation has fully completed.

  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue with Dashing Strike where casting it would sometimes cause the character to become stuck performing the ability repeatedly, at no resource cost.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed characters to receive the Divine Protection buff without having an Alabaster Runestone socketed in Mantra of Evasion.
    • Wizard
    • Helm icons will now properly display for both male and female characters.

  • Act 1
    • New Tristam
      • Fixed an issue where the southern gate out of New Tristam would not be open for all characters on the quest "The Fire From the Sky: Talk to Leah Inside the Inn."
      • Fixed an issue that did not properly remove a character’s waypoints and checkpoints when restarting the beta after killing the Skeleton King while on the quest "Reign of the Black King."
    • Leoric's Passage
      • Players will no longer receive error messages when cancelling out of the cutscene for the quest "The Legacy of Cain: Save Deckard Cain."
    • Chancellor's Tomb
      • The portal in the Chancellor's Tomb returning you to the Defiled Crypt is now correctly labeled.
    • The Hidden Cellar
      • Leah has received adequate weapons training and will now properly fire arrows from her bow during this scene, rather than from her feet.

The first patch, 7238 was not pushed to users.


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