DiabloCast: Episode XXIII

With the release of the new Diablo III Community Site and things such as the Diableards Challenge, it seems as if Blizzard has been trying to gather the Diablo community together and let us bond some as we all anxiously await the upcoming Beta. That in mind, we want to know why you feel like the Diablo franchise is so great...
  • must... get... more... loot. So bright... so beautiful... ah, Precious.
  • the slaughter of the hordes of monsters satisfies my bloodlust.
  • the mood/story/overall setting is spot-on.
  • it is so addictive that it's worth the carpal tunnel syndrome. *click-click-click*
  • I love the PvP.
  • I like playing it with my friends. "Beam me up, Scotty!"
In our previous poll, we wanted to know your thoughts and opinions on the Diablo End-game, and it seems as if everything was just about even... Blizzard better have a large variety for us fans once we hit that point in the game, ;).

Due to us losing our first recording of the podcast, we decided to just go ahead and rerecord this episode live! If you missed the twenty-second episode, you can check it out here. Otherwise, the twenty-third episode covered the following topics:

If you've missed any previous episodes, check the archive!


  • #1 Deventh
    The mood & story for me.
  • #2 Azriel
    Definitely the story for me. I like many games that have a dark fantasy setting, even more so if there's a tinge of a Gothic element in there.
  • #3 Akuma_Seijin
    Everything. Overall, Story. -froths at the mouth. NEED. DIABLO. THREE. NOAW!!!!!
  • #4 Xel562
    For me its "all of the above" except the pvp !
  • #5 Leonx66
    Quote from Xel562

    For me its "all of the above" except the pvp !

  • #6 DragonJunkie
    Having it Live was great.
    Great podcast guys!!
    I picked the Slaughter one.
  • #7 VladDracul
  • #8 Mallanders
    I like all with a little less for PVP ........... but I am sure after having watched recorded PVP matches with commentary I could get more into the idea of playing PVP.
  • #9 Zero(pS)
    Sorry, I cannot possibly "not vote" in any of these. All of them combined are what make the game so good for me =]
  • #10 Lorgarn
    Naturally it's all of the above. But for me it's the mood and setting that really makes it sort of unique and interesting in a way. It's that what makes it the ultimate game for me.
  • #11 loumy
    It's just wrong to split up the Diablo experience into catogries. It's the whole package that will make the game so much fun.
    I hope PvP will be as much fun as it was in D2 pre patch 1.08! I know they say they won't balance PvP at all - but there's a tiny hope in the darkness, that they eventually will balance it just a tiny bit! :-D
  • #12 ootie
    all 'bout the pvp, griefing and stuff related to making others cry.
  • #13 Detter15
    I like bashing monsters with my friends :D
  • #14 Lethal_Weapon
    Loot then PvP for me, thats where its at...
  • #15 LarryNC
    Like I said on Youtube, I prefer the live casts, you guys don't need to be robots, a small mess up here and there makes you human and that's just fine =) Saying what comes natural is awesome too
  • #16 Badrok
    the mood and stroy for me... im a big fan from the first diablo.. oh and cant leave out slaughtering hordes of demons, till the end of time
  • #17 redROOM
    Diablo items are like crack, you just cant get enough!
  • #18 Peace
    "To gather up the community and let us bond." Well, if by "community" you mean the Battle.net 2.0 community -- those who own SC2 or WoW. I'm stuck on the classic forums because I take no interest in either of those games (RTS's for me are classic Command and Conquer games). It's just a huge influx of SC2 and WoW veterans who saw the site launch on their Bnet 2.0 homepage, asking questions that were answered 2 years ago on the older forums.

    As for the pool:

    Diablo 1 because of the atmosphere and simplicity of the game.

    Diablo 2 for the PvP dueling. I played the whole story twice, enjoyed it, and rushed every character after that.
  • #19 SoulMonster420
    All of the above except PvP, for me Diablo 2's PvP was boring as all hell, and rigged like no tomorrow. Amazons shooting beyond their sight with guided arrow and maphack, everyone got teleport via enigma, one hammer could kill the hardiest of Barbarians or anyone else for that matter.

    The biggest reason I loved the Diablo franchise, is the fact that the game is designed for a FUN CO-OP, CASUAL experience. There was and is no subscription fee so I don't feel obligated to play every second of every day that I have available, just to feel I'm getting my money's worth. I can play any day, any hour, any minute, for as long as I feel I want to play, or alternatively stop playing for 4 months or 2 years or whatever, install the game fire it up, and start playing again.

    When it comes to Diablo 3, the RMTAH is a totally non-intrusive 100% optional alternative to a subscription service. Blizzard can use that money to update the game and keep it fresh, without forcing any extra cost beyond the $60 purchase price of the game. They also gave ways for the person who will absolutely never again put a penny into a game beyond a game's purchase price (free weekly item posts) to participate in the RMTAH aspect of the game, thus allowing them to help participate in funding future development without an unwanted hand in their pocket every month. This is a genius idea and I applaud Blizzard for taking this route with D3.

    Warning! straying off-topic below.

    When it comes to RTS, I'm the exact opposite to "Peace" the poster above. In my opinion Blizzard RTS's (SC, WC3 and SC2) are/were the greatest RTS's ever. I could never play a Command & Conquer game for longer than an hour before feeling like the game sucks, it's boring, the strategy just isn't very fun, everything looks so tiny. I've played many versions and came with the same conclusion every single time.

    WoW was good in the days of classic pre-BC, minus the fact you needed 250-300 fire resist before any group allowed you in the door of Molten Core, when you actually required items and materials from Molten Core to even have a chance to get enough fire resists (hence next to impossible to get in unless you found a guild just starting Molten Core from the very beginning).

    Wow did fine during Burning Crusade, but went downhill extremely fast after that. I also remember PvP for around 10 hours a day average for 2-3 months. Ranked to 10 out of 14, one rank from getting the first pieces of epic gear, then Blizzard removed the rank system, changed it to the Honour points system pretty much instantly, making all my previous hard work useless. That was the beginning of the end of WoW for me. I tried playing PvP after that with the arenas and such but that did not save the game. PvP was junk. PvE was boring, repetitive, and you had to wait 5-15 minutes between every fight because there were too many people per group, everyone else was so slow, and took breaks constantly.
  • #20 Shades_X
    I chose the mood/story, but I think what really makes Diablo is a combination of all of these things.
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