DiabloCast: Episode XXIII

With the release of the new Diablo III Community Site and things such as the Diableards Challenge, it seems as if Blizzard has been trying to gather the Diablo community together and let us bond some as we all anxiously await the upcoming Beta. That in mind, we want to know why you feel like the Diablo franchise is so great...
  • must... get... more... loot. So bright... so beautiful... ah, Precious.
  • the slaughter of the hordes of monsters satisfies my bloodlust.
  • the mood/story/overall setting is spot-on.
  • it is so addictive that it's worth the carpal tunnel syndrome. *click-click-click*
  • I love the PvP.
  • I like playing it with my friends. "Beam me up, Scotty!"

In our previous poll, we wanted to know your thoughts and opinions on the Diablo End-game, and it seems as if everything was just about even... Blizzard better have a large variety for us fans once we hit that point in the game, ;).

Due to us losing our first recording of the podcast, we decided to just go ahead and rerecord this episode live! If you missed the twenty-second episode, you can check it out here. Otherwise, the twenty-third episode covered the following topics:

If you've missed any previous episodes, check the archive!


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