Banhammer Poised for Action

Bashiok has posted an update regarding their activity in banning violators of their ToS, including over three hundred thousand banned accounts.

Official Blizzard Quote:

http://www.diablofan...e-net-bans.html" class="blizzsource">
We’ve recently banned over 320,000 Warcraft III and Diablo II accounts that were found to be violating the Terms of Use. If this is a first offense, the CD key associated with the banned account will be suspended for 30 days, while repeat offenders will see their keys banned permanently. All account ban decisions are final.

One can only hope that such bans continue, as all of us have fallen prey to the thousands of spam bots poisoning as never before and often circumventing such player precautions as level requirement settings for public games. On a positive note, Bashiok went on to inform that these account bans were in many cases thanks to player emails to their hotlines:

Official Blizzard Quote:

http://www.diablofan...e-net-bans.html" class="blizzsource">
Many account closures come as the direct result of tips emailed to our hacks team by legitimate users. If you come across a hack, find a site responsible for distributing hacks, or have a replay of a newly available hack, please report this to our hacks team at [email protected] or through our Hacks Report Form at http://us.blizzard.c...S&tag=hacksform

So, keep it up- each email you send is less spam for all of us!

And thanks again, interception!


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