Patch 1.13 Right Around the Corner

According to one of our users, the Public Test Realm for Diablo II, patch 1.13 has recently been closed down.

The original intent of the PTR was to collect feedback from players about what did and did not work, before finalizing what was to be included in the patch. Hopefully, the closure means that enough feedback has flowed in, and we will soon be seeing the patch on normal Battle-Net realms, along with the obligatory ladder reset.

However, this could turn out to be a PTR update. Due to the fact that the PTR is meant to gather feedback, Blizzard will most likely release any updates directly to the PTR, to be met with more user comments. This may not even be the final version of the PTR coming up, due to software iteration, Blizzard may have to release yet another more refined version of the patch before going live.

This would be a good time to make use of our skill calculator, which is up to date with the 1.13 build. However, keep in mind that due to the nature of the PTR, these values and statistics may change once the final version is released, hopefully for the better.

So, while this may not meant that the patch is coming up soon, it still means we're getting close.


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  • #1 Lt._Venom
    Well it's about fucking time!
  • #2 midgetlove
    I wouldn't hold my breathe
  • #3 blood-doll
    if ptr was taken down intentially it will most likely be a new version of 1.13 on PTR rather than 1.13 going to live.

    i base that on these posts:
    Quote from Bashiok »
    The legacy team met late last week to decide how to proceed on the 1.13 patch and the decision was made to go back into development to incorporate a few additional changes. While this patch has already seen its fair share of delays we still want to ensure we’re releasing a patch that hits some key community issues. I do want to stress though that while we did look at feedback and responses we’re obviously not going to be able to include everything requested. Our hope is to hit at least a decent portion of what we saw people discussing and correct some of the more severe issues while keeping additional development time as brief as possible.

    We don’t have a current estimate for release, and because work is only just beginning on these new changes we won’t be announcing their details. We’ll be keeping everyone updated as to the progress of the patch though, and we hope to see this update on the PTR as soon as possible and then off quickly to a release and ladder reset.

    Quote from Bashiok »
    Things are still moving. We'll hopefully have a new version ready to hit the PTR soon. We PTR all patches now, even an update like this will need some small amount of testing.

    Nothing very substantial for you really just yet.
    (from here and here)
  • #4 Rykker
    That's what I was thinking, blood-doll.
  • #5 Zhar
    Misunderstood, edited.
  • #6 Raggnarokh
    Quote from "Rykker" »
    That's what I was thinking, blood-doll.

    +1, which is also great, can't wait to see the new changes in the PTR! :bleh:
  • #7 CrazyCapnMorgan
    Hopefully they fix some of the bugs that were mentioned. I have never played D2 on-line but from what I've read, bugs were a major issue from most of the on-line community. I can just imagine the nerd rage if those bugs we're not even remotely thought of for this new patch...


    Here's to hoping that Blizzard doesn't put it's head in an orifice it shouldn't go.
  • #8 Macros
    Quote from "blue" »
    The Diablo II Public Test Realm for patch 1.13 is being brought offline as we prepare to deploy a new build that includes additional changes. We'll post patch notes and further information when the update is live.

  • #9 HungryHippo7
    I'm glad to hear that they are making additional changes and are listening to the community.

    Damn, Sixen commented on that post in less than a minute.
  • #10 DesmondTiny
    Hopefully we see some new stuff in PTR. I dont think they added enough stuff for it to go live but thats just me.
  • #11 Donsro
    So we could expect the laadder reset with the patch in __ months?
  • #12 DesmondTiny
    probably in months yes. Hopefully we can say the same about Starcraft2 :P lol :D
  • #13 Donsro
    Lets just hope it makes it before D3 lol, btw will D2 still be supported when D3 is out? Not that I'll really be playing it then.
  • #14 CrazyCapnMorgan
    I would hope so. I still play D1 from time to time. Nothing on-line, mind you, but for people who are like-minded as myself who DO play on-line, I'd like to still see support for it.
  • #15 Hans
    There maybe small patches to fix bugs but nothing major when D3 has arrived.

    I do not think they will add too much to the 1.13. What the y need to work on is more of the bugs that have been around for a long time. Such as the Zeal, Fend bug. They also need to work on getting rid of the hacks on the realm and to help get rid of the spambots.
  • #16 Nekrodrac
    The chronicles of patch 1.13.

    Good I'm no longer waiting for it... :D
  • #17 StefkeNL
    Quote from name="Lt. Venom" »
    Well it's about fucking time!


    Now I let's see what they've changed in 3 months. See what the Legacy team is capable of..
  • #18 Eskanasi
    Quote from "Donsro" »
    So we could expect the laadder reset with the patch in __ months?

    WOOOO Ladder reset, I have a mule with some uber gear on ladder that I got from joining "free games" and I'm just waiting for a ladder reset to access them. Then also me and a friend are gonna go on ladder and make ladder only runeword chars.

    Woooo ladder reset.

    *ahem* yay new patch ;)
  • #19 akse
    Weeh, maybe i need to install the game again :)

    wtf Lego universe! If i want legos i get the huge box from my parents and start building.. or not :)

    WOOOO Ladder reset, I have a mule with some uber gear on ladder that I got from joining "free games" and I'm just waiting for a ladder reset to access them. Then also me and a friend are gonna go on ladder and make ladder only runeword chars.

    Wut.. when the ladder reset comes .. all ladder chars go to non-ladder. Ofc you get access to the items by making non-ladder chars but thats kinda meh. :)

    Everyone in the new ladder will start from scratch.
  • #20 maximusje
    Finally the LEGO community has arrived. It was about time!

    That LEGO MMO does seem quite nice though... kind of reminds me of Garry's Mod
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