Community Spotlight - Chapter V

Well, we're back from holidays and the new year, and back into the swing of things. Blizzard is posting news and snippets once more, and the forums are back into their regular activity.

Thus far, not much incredible news has been released into the new year, but there should be some coming along soon, or so I'd hope.

So, with my little introduction out of the way, we move to the community..

The Forums

Trying out a new colour for the spotlights, hope ya'll approve.

Anywho, first off, we've got Nektu, a shining example of what a new member should be (in my opinion, at least). He's posted up a thread for all you budding chefs out there, his cooking corner here at Diablofans. All kinds of great recipes are in there, so far we've had recipes for fish, demi glace (no idea what is it, but it sounds good), chicken fingers, spaghetti sauce, and all sorts of other recipes. If you want to impress somebody with an amazing recipe, or have a recipe to share, this is the place you should go.

Next, is Mephisto's Lament, and his fan-favorite contests. So far, he's gone through the NPC's of Diablo, to determine the fan favorite, and now he's well into the monsters. The monsters from Diablo I have already been passed by, but the thread for voting on Diablo II's monsters is still up, and still active. Keep an eye out for more voting threads, he needs all the votes he can get.

Lastly, is J/-\YK/-\Y, and the glorious return of his RTOA (Random Trivia Of Awsomeness). Basically, it's a trivia game, an awesome trivia game. Categories have ranged from Halo, to chemistry, to Mario, and over to Diablo. Mostly it's a video game trivia, but there have been other categories as well. Right now, carambolage de charogne is in the lead, by one point. Get in there and try to de-throne her.

(Also, if you didn't get the chance to read Don_guillotine's latest editorial on the in-game economies of the Diablo games, you can check it out here. It's a great read and well worth your attention!)

Forum Changes

Well, we've had several changes lately. The newest vBulletin update has been downloaded, and honestly, I'd be lying if I said that I knew what it gave us. With that update, came an update to the rules. With the rampant arguments on the reputation system, we've now got some rules to help moderate this.

Check out the updated rules if you haven't already.

Fan Creations

The fan art and fiction forums have activity once more!

For fan fiction, we've got Guasti who is continuing to write his story, Jonathan, a combination of Dungeons & Dragons, and Diablo fantasy. Seth also continues to write his story, The Veiling.

Tepes has also contributed, but with his fan art. He has created three, one of a barbarian looking for mephisto, one of the female wizard, and one of a flail weilding barbarian. Good job man, keep er' up!

Fan art by Tepes.

The Wiki

Seems to be a good year for the wiki, Skynight is already creating pages for the mod - Eastern Sun Eastern Sun. The amount of players here on our forums seems to be growing quite steadily, so it will no doubt see more use in the coming months, as well as more demand. Thus far, skill pages for each class have been created, and though there is still a lot of work to be done, the wiki team is confident that it will be completed. If you've got a knowledge of Eastern Sun, help him out and contribute in any way you can.

Eskanasi has also emerged into the wiki, and has been doing minor edits to articles that were thought to be completed. It is his attention to detail that is cleaning up many articles, bravo, I say.

As for the current direction of the wiki, Phrozendragon has begun a - Lore Summary Lore Summary, which all users are welcome to edit at their leisure, so long as you edit it with useful, correct things. If not, the wiki sysops will crack down on you. But anyways, if you wish to discuss this within the forums, check it out here.

So much activity on the wiki already, and we're hardly half way through the month. It's looking up to be a promising year, you'd better hop on the wiki bandwagon soon, if you haven't already.

Blues Not In The News

Rejoice once more necromancer fans, this post by Bashiok clearly states that he's not down for the count yet, we may end up seeing his return in an expansion.

Official Blizzard Quote:

I've seen this said quite a bit. We're not specifically designing the witch doctor to leave room for a necromancer class. We're focusing on this game and making the classes fun. It's more of a case of, the witch doctor just isn't similar enough that it would prohibit us from adding a necromancer. Were one to be added in an expansion. Were an expansion to be made.

Speaking of expansions, Bashiok posted a rather hilarious response to a user QQ'ing about expansion classes, read it if you're needing a laugh.

And there you have it, the first spotlight of the new year, let's make it a good one for the forums.


  • #1 Umpa
    Works out kinda nice anyway. This way, Tepes gets to shine all by his lonesome for his awesome creations. Maybe next time I'll be in on that. Now if you will excuse me I am going to get back to reading this week's spotlight! :D

    Oh wow, nice find on the blue tracker. Gives me hope for the necro!
  • #2 Magistrate
    Great work on everyone's part. My favorite of Tepes' is definitely the one with Mephisto, though I still can't quite make out the Barbarian's face. The Lore Summary article in the Wiki is coming along great (really worth the read if you need a refresher of the old stuff- I even learned a few new things!).

    The ES portion of the Wiki is growing and I like seeing all the support the Wiki offers not only for Diablo I and II, but also Diablo II mods. It's great seeing some other contributing members in the Wiki, as well- if you guys have nothing better to do and you're just staring at the auto-refreshing member list, either go straight to the Wiki or Phrozen and I'm sure he'll find something for you to do :D

    A few of us are trying to keep the fan fiction section afloat, but just like fan artwork that stuff takes a lot of time to create. An excellent opportunity for us all to be creative and show off our stuff :P

    Those rules- we spent a lot of time revising, editing, and amending them to make them easier to understand and more comprehensive. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator, manager, or administrator.

    Nektu's Cooking Corner... Well, I did learn some stuff from his cooking blog! I now never drink ice water with the lemon slice already in it. Valuable information for me; that's all I drink when I go out to eat (lots cheaper!).

    Mephisto's contests have been going great and it's awesome to see all the people contributing their votes and opinions. In case you haven't checked it out yet, we've been updating our Twitter with these as well as other bits and bobs. There's a link to our Twitter page right next to the Wiki link just under the site banner.
  • #3 skyknight
    Yea guys. I cant wait to get lots of information into the Eastern Sun Section. One of the things I have noticed that will make our wiki WAY better than every one else's is a complete skill progression table for each of the skills. Other wikis are rather vague about this kind of information and i think that this would make for a rather handy tool.

    Also I think it would be great to include in our wiki a dragon stoning guide, as using the dragon stone is a critical feature of the Eastern Sun mod of diablo. I'd like to see our wiki be the one stop shop for all things ES related. So far I have the skill trees up for all the characters, minus the sorc which I'll be putting up rather soon.

    I will be posting templates to allow for adding in information about the individual skill progressions and their attributes for X number of skill points for each of the skills. I've learned a lot about how to use the wiki so if you have any questions I'd be happy to show everyone just how easy it can be to add to our database in the wiki.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions to how you want the ES section to look, or think a new section would be great, please let me know.

    Thanks guys. If you haven't already tried the Eastern Sun mod of diablo, let me tell you it really is good stuff.

    Here is the link to the Eastern Sun section of the wiki.
  • #4 Stormcat
    I knew Nektu would fit right in when I read his intro. He has definitely been a great new asset to our little home.

    Mephy's NPC ratings are a nice trip down memory lane. Reliving some of the first time and continuous experiences you have had with them.

    JayKay, it's good to have you back, we need to get Zuby in here now.:P

    The fan fictions are great reads, if you haven't read any of them I suggest you give them a try. Tepes, awesome job on the artwork. We really have some talented people here and it's good to see them share it with us.

    Sky, awesome job so far on the ES portion of our wiki. I am sure all of Eskanasi's help with the wiki is much appreciated as well.

    Awesome job guys!
  • #5 Zhuge
    looks good zhar.

    good job sky on the wiki (well its like i teached him most of the stuff anyways XD)

    theres still several things he needs to do and ofc i will handle that as well

    on the other hand, the mxl portion of the wiki is getting a similar rework and as phrozen told me each page needs to have a minimum requirement as that they may need to have damage progression charts, pictures, and full descriptions too.

    now to how i am going to get that data and help for the es section thats a big issue since each skill page is basically a small description :/

    and as thus we have about 25 mxl skill pages up to standard and about 1 es page up to standard (although we have over 175 es skill pages with just descriptions)

    and as i recall most of the skill info on the es wiki is in the form of tables so one would have to decode it first.
  • #6 Guasti
    Thank god :P IM ON te FRONT PAGE with my story woehoe!(I'm Honored) Now i'll get some replies :P well anyways Tepes keep up the good work man.. it looks Magnificent! Also want to say that DefiledVisions is doing some great work (you should look it up!)

    EDIT: new chapter to My story be sure to look it up :)
  • #7 Hapuga
    That wizardess's head band at first glance looked like a soviet russian fur hat, I went like "wtf!?" :D

    Great pictures.
  • #8 Zhar
    Lol, at first glance I thought it was one of those headband things from Naruto.
    Nearly murdered that picture, bloody anime...

  • #9 Zhuge
    zhar try capitalizing the E and the S in eastern sun so its Eastern Sun

    thats the wiki page
  • #10 Zhar
    Thank you zhuge.

    Thought that Phrozen had given me a faulty link :/.
    ... which he totally did.

    *shakes fist*
  • #11 PhrozenDragon
    Click again. - eastern sun eastern sun

    You can't prove anything :evil:
  • #12 Zhar
    .... *mind explosion*
  • #13 Nektu
    I feel kind of honored to have made the front page. I'll be continuing sharing recipes on the Cooking Corner. And keep an eye out for the Traveling Chef in the blogs. ;)
  • #14 ScyberDragon
    I'm glad to see so many new members contributing to the community.
  • #15 Kalypso
    Thanks again for spotlighting my forum game. :P Meph's contest is truly a great idea, there should be more people voting! And Nektu's cooking corner is a great place to find some recipes for lots of different things, great to have you 'round, Nektu! I hope that thread stays alive for a very long time.

    I'm starting to contribute to the ES portion of the wiki, too. We need flowcharts for each of the skills? I could do that If I knew how.. D:
  • #16 skyknight
    Quote from "J/-\YK/-\Y" »
    Thanks again for spotlighting my forum game. :P Meph's contest is truly a great idea, there should be more people voting! And Nektu's cooking corner is a great place to find some recipes for lots of different things, great to have you 'round, Nektu! I hope that thread stays alive for a very long time.

    I'm starting to contribute to the ES portion of the wiki, too. We need flowcharts for each of the skills? I could do that If I knew how.. D:

    J/-\YK/-\Y is doing an awesome job adding to the Easter Sun Section.
    Zhuge and Phrozen have shown some templates that we can use.
    Nice job :D
  • #17 Archangel_Tyrael
    Once again, a very beautiful post. I love Community Spotlights
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