101 Ways to Die

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Diablo: #DailyDiablo Following the boss "kill moves" tweet last week, what creative ways can you dream up for bosses to end a character's life?
Inspired by this question, lets come up with 101 ways for us to die in D3. Please limit yourself to one way of dying per post.

1. You are struck by lightning. Your body glows as it swells and swells. Eventually your body explodes as pieces of you go flying through the air.


  • #1 Astion
    Good idea!

    2. A force of lightning hits you, throwing you against the wall with great speed, leaving you dead on the floor with an electrocuted body.
  • #2 ScyberDragon
    3. Acid is spit on you as your flesh slowly melts/burns away and your skeleton falls to the floor.
  • #3 Don_guillotine
    4. A demon rips your guts open and strangles you with them.
  • #4 Luuppi
    5. Decapitation (e. as in beheading)
  • #5 Ophion
    6. A swarm of insects enters your body through your mouth and starts consuming you from the inside. You drop to the ground and your flesh is slowly eaten away from the bones.
  • #6 Pure_Physics
    7. Dysentery
  • #7 Zhuge
    8. impalement using own weapons
  • #8 naksucow
    impalement through the rectum over a demon's head... gross
  • #9 Canadian_Jesus
    Quote from name="Pure Physics" »
    7. Dysentery

    i love you.
  • #10 luc1027
    Dying because you follow the guy who have dysentery.
  • #11 Clew
    9. Flesh burns, then skeleton keep burning to dust, for a demonic breath of fire.
  • #12 Enty
    The boss picks you up and throws your body at the wall unleashing a mist of blood but keeping you at 1 hp then he sends out small demons or skeles to hold you down and eat you alive then the boss picks up your skeleton and eats it. =}
  • #13 Airandius
    11. You fight a smaller boss and bang your Hp is 0, it proceeds to jump on you and claw your chest open with brute force and speed creating a fountain of blood and guts while the character is still screaming in agony for a few seconds.
    After that the 'boss' still claws at you.
    (Fountain also covers the walls around with dripping guts.)

    MOAR BLOAD AND GUTS *giggles like a girl*

    EDIT: When it happens there should be some zooming in for extreme gore fun.

    oh it makes me feel all tingly thinking about it *giggle*
  • #14 ScyberDragon
    12. A giant boss smasheshis fist into you smashing your body flat into the ground. When he raises his fist nothing remains but a splatter of blood.
  • #15 Ophion
    13. A big boss grabs you and throws you through the floor - creating a permanent hole in the process.
  • #16 Bearsman113
    14. The boss either A. grabs you and impales you onto one of the spikes coming from his body, leaving you there with other helpless soulds, or B. He tucks and does a roll which would have the same effect of you dying on his spikes.
  • #17 italofoca
    15. A shadow cloak surrounds your character and you vanish in mid air. *good for take a break from the gory stuff once in a while*
  • #18 Jamoose
    A boss that is spider or insect like... Kills you and shits his brood of minions on your body. The babies feast upon your flesh.
  • #19 Don_guillotine
    17. As you teleport with a character that doesn't have the skill natively, your stupid mercenary will kill a fire & lightning enchanted bone fetish in one hit. Boom. (A hardcore exclusive)

    For added effect, a little cutscene of a guy jumping off the window would add some spice to it.
  • #20 Magistrate

    Front paged.

    18. Those giant tree things plant a seed in your body and it bursts in to a bloody mess. If they use it on a hireling or summon, it sprouts in to another tree enemy.
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