DiabloFans.com Forum Consolidation!

We've changed the structure of some of the forums here at DiabloFans.com! The idea is to make it easier to get to the information and forum you're looking for.

We've moved several topics that were previously spread out and in unpopular forums into the new
Off-Topic Forum. We've also added prefixes to that forum which allow you to, when making a new thread, select a prefix (Art, Movies, TV, music, Blizzard, etc.). Using prefixes will also allow you to fine tune your searches.

We've also consolidated the Diablo 3 forum and made sub-forums for each of the new Diablo 3 Classes! We hope you enjoy these changes and find the site easier to navigate as we strive to bring you the best experience possible here at the #1 source for Diablo information on the web! If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


  • #1 Rapture
    We tossed in some super sexy new icons tonight as well :P
  • #2 Magistrate
    They are quite sexy. If anyone can't see them, you'll have to refresh your page a few times. Careful, though, what you see may be shocking...
  • #3 Daemaro
    I was worried you didn't include a "closed thread" icon, but you did. Nice work.
  • #4 Shisou
    More forums are not the answer, man! It just takes more clicking to find an interesting thread. I think they should just be lumped together per game, plus one for technical and one for off-topic. That way, ideas are less likely to repeated, thoughts are shared more freely, and discussion will thrive!

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
    ~Albert Freaking Einstein
  • #5 Lucion
    Personally, I like forum consolidation and a general evolution to things.

    "Diablo" is constantly evolving and the forums need to change with time.

    Shows that diablofans.com is responsive. A continuous evolution of the site keeps the site up to date and relevant.
  • #6 Exlegis
    man those buttons are HOTT! :D
  • #7 Turmobil
    Did you test these buttons a few weeks ago?
    I remember seeing the subscription mail icons change into just like the ones we have now. I like 'em.
  • #8 Ophion
    I blame you moderators for raising the big spam posters above me in post count!

  • #9 Turmobil


    I like my new post rank, it's pretty :3
  • #10 Zhar
    Oh my christ, what is with the new post counts?!?!
    What the... Shit?!?!
  • #11 Turmobil
    Bwahahaha, I got higher than you :evil:
  • #12 InterCeption
    Where's my spam forum!? T_T_T_T
  • #13 Turmobil
    Diablofans General Sub-Forum.
    It's called the Off-Topic Forum.
  • #14 InterCeption
    Phewhh, for a while there I thought the world was really gonna end :o
  • #15 Zhar
    Quote from "Turmobil" »
    Bwahahaha, I got higher than you :evil:

    Because of your endless flow of spam posts, yes :/.

    Anywho, why is the off-topic (spam) forum counting for posts now?
    This is.. just odd :/.
  • #16 InterCeption
    Quote from "Fuzojix" »
    Anywho, why is the off-topic (spam) forum counting for posts now?

    :offtopic: And why have you changed your name!?
  • #17 Ophion
    Because it is not considered spam anymore, it is considered off-topic posts in the off-topic section of the forum, just like music related posts in the music section of the forum.
  • #18 Turmobil
    Quote from "Fuzojix" »
    Because of your endless flow of spam posts, yes :/.

    My endless flow? I think not!
    I merely post what I have in my mind.
  • #19 Ophion
    You must have a sick relationship to kitties...
  • #20 Zhar
    ... Sorry :(.
    Got tired of Zhar, and wanted to use my Steam username.
    So, now I'm Fuzojix..
    Siggy is staying as is, though.

    Anyways, as a last ditch effort to stay on topic..

    I REALLY do not like this forum reorginization.
    We have NO place designated for random forum shenanigans now, we need a spam forum, else this entire forum becomes a serious discussion, devoid of any random fun.

    I'm quite close to grabbing my torch and pitchfork, and rioting.
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