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For years the Diablo fan community has hid away in the crooks and crannies of the Internet, little seeing the attention that many other gaming communities have seen. Since the announcement of Diablo III, renewed interest in the series and a shifted focus to its atypical approach to online multiplayer fantasy gaming, which is a far cry different than many other typically fantasy-geared game types, such as MMORPG's, and Diablo III's approach to unique classes, diverse places, and a developing story. With ours and others slowly rising to the light of modern gaming communities, Blizzard released its fansite kit some time ago to aid in the growth of the online fanbase.

As the news slowly but surely rattles in for the reaping and the fans begin to amass, new fan sites are made that facilitate cohesive online gaming and socialization as well as the latest in Diablo-based news and gossip.

How popular is this all-inclusive fansite kit, however? Including a plethora of useful media and files for the aspiring Diablo fansite administrator, you can find plenty of ways to tune your existing site or create your own, completely free of charge:

Official Blizzard Quote:

  • Art assets including concept art, hi-res logos, and wallpapers
  • Site design elements including borders, backgrounds, fonts, and stylesheets
  • Exclusive content: Forum avatars / Messenger images
  • Diablo III fact sheet and FAQ
  • Sample Diablo III text content
  • Site building tips

How many of you have downloaded the Diablo III fansite kit? Have any of you used it for your own websites or projects? Are you hoping to use it in the future, or is it lacking in areas that you find critical to designing a website?


  • #1 Ophion
    I wouldn't say that Diablo didn't get much net attention. I get more diablo (2) related results that WoW related results when I make game related google searches.
  • #2 Magistrate
    I was using past tense, silly :P
  • #3 Ophion
    I was using past tense, silly :P

    I don't know what past tense means ;)
  • #4 Enkeria
    I have downloaded it twice just out of curiosity and since I build alot of websites I wanted to see how it was. But I have never used any materials in the fankit. I think its a good start, but its lacking alot of stuff!
  • #5 Darkzler
    I have used both the Diablo and StarCraft-fankits on my little project that I'm doing for fun :) I like them and they're really easy to edit :)
  • #6 Magistrate
    Happen to have anything hosted we could peruse? :D
  • #7 Exlegis
    I downloaded the kit, but only to check out the hi-res logo's and concept art. I have no meanings at all to start a website, why should I when I've got DiabloFans ;)
  • #8 Ophion
    I have no meanings at all to start a website, why should I when I've got DiabloFans ;)

    Exactly what I'm thinking. Why creating a worse version of what we already have?
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