Tyrael Sings "Hotel California".

Ok, so not really. But our own Dauroth, a fan in the Battle.net forums, pointed out the man singing "Hotel California" is none other than Ed Trotta, the actor who voiced Tyrael.

I'm now just counting the days until somebody does a video mash-up where we actually see Tyrael performing the song. Make it happen people!


  • #1 Shiniku
    Didn't somebody on this Forum post this a few days before it was posted on the official forum? I thought so. Can't recall who it was.

    Still, nice find by whomever.
  • #2 mockery
    Hrm, didn't notice any posts about it on here... it's in our dev tracker forum obviously though. And yeah, it's definitely a good find :)
  • #3 Shiniku
    Posted by Dauroth on the 24th, apparently.

    He was also the one who posted it on the official forums.
  • #4 DesmondTiny
    That would be funny if he could sing it in his Tyrael voice O_O lol Also he looks prerty old Lets hope he can still do that kick ass Tyrael voice lol :P
  • #5 Abyssion
    looks like hes on acid to me
  • #6 Dauroth
    Yep, I posted it here and on Battle.net Forums! I thought it was a cool find! There's more! Here's a vid where he performs as a puppet (or is it? :P) master! Pretty funny, don't you think! :D

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  • #7 mockery
    Hehe great finds Dauroth!
  • #8 Dauroth
    Thanks! ;) I posted it on the thread concerning voice over work, and I thought I'll swoop the net or YouTube for Ed Trotta and that was pretty much the first thing I noticed! He has his own site, and there you can watch videos of him performing as Abraham Lincoln! He sounds like Tyrael there a lot! :) If anybody's interested, here's the link! Just click on 'Lincoln' at the left, and the numbers for videos will appear on the bottom of the page! Enjoy! ;)
  • #9 Abyssion
    when he first talks u can hear a bit of tyrael in his voice :)
  • #10 -Zod-
    haha that is definitely tyrael
  • #11 IceBlade
    He isn't very good lol. Perhaps it's just the quality.
  • #12 sforsuper
    haha, he does tyreal/puppets/lincoln.. Truly a nice find. He also sounds a little like cain in his lincoln vids.
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