New Environment: The Borderlands

As part of the release of the new character "The Monk", Blizzard has also shown us the new environment beyond the Caldeum, "The Boarderlands". Here are some concept artwork and information for you all.

"The Borderlands are among the most savage habitats in our world, even these deadly lands were no match for the superior resolve of Caldeum in its prime."

You can find out more about the Boarderlands on Blizzard's main website here.


  • #1 Seeder
    They also talked about dungeons regarding to this Environment, There was a tomb that was falling apart and you had to choose from risk getting the treasures that might be inside or get out of it.
  • #2 Variance
    Awesome artwork as always. Creepy atmosphere at the second one, wow
  • #3 Kapang
    Definitely creepy. A lot of folks' definition of creepy is decaying woodlands and old gothic-style catacombs. But a savage, hopeless wasteland... that's full of despair.
  • #4 Devilrose25
    Yes the environment's looks awesome.. This is more of a sandy desert type compared to d2's dry desert..
  • #5 Fodan
    its really nice to play the sand just swirls around you and it feels more like a desert then d2 did. Its really neat the first time i played it you start in this canyon and there are huge cliffs along the side. as your walking out things where climbing all over the top of the rocks and just watching you it was kinda erie but so awesome.
  • #6 tomagabriel
    Please check the "Boarderlands" in the title. It gave me some weird feelings... :P
  • #7 Shploogen
    Quote from "tomagabriel" »
    Please check the "Boarderlands" in the title. It gave me some weird feelings... :P

    Yes, please... It's misspelled.
  • #8 Terror
    So this will be Act II?
  • #9 PhrozenDragon
    We don't know, but it stands to reason since apparently in the demo you are around lvl 10-15. Either that or it's act 1, because if the levelling pace is somewhat similar to D2, you can't possibly be lvl 15 in act 3.
  • #10 Wolven
    Well, didn't they say that there will be more than one city per act? This could be the second city in act 1 before travelling to Caldeum.
  • #11 PhrozenDragon
    Oh that might be entirely true, truth be told I don't have a very firm grasp of all the Diablo news flying around.
  • #12 Ferret
    Man, they sure went a long way from the "raindbow unicorn lands" to this.

    The way I had imagined it, even more than a year ago, was Act1 to be somewhat aestetically pleasing, which it turned out to be. When I saw the introduction of the monk yesterday, the first thing that stood out were the two dots on his forehead and the setting of the scene. This beats Act2 from D2 by a wide margin in my opinion.

    Anyway... got to go, BlizzCon should start any moment :>
  • #13 Musica
    Well I wouldn't say that this desert is any "more" a desert than the one from Diablo 2 but it certainly is very different: much more wild and chaotic.

    With the Diablo 2 desert, you could feel the presence of nearby civilization (Lut Gholein) and although the sun was dangerously bright (and assumedly scorching hot) in Act 2, it didn't have a particularly intimidating atmosphere about it. The music too contributed a lot to this safer atmosphere with it's gentle percussive rhythms and exotic tones.

    But the Borderlands desert is windy, dusty and seems nearly inhabitable. It's more the kind of desert where'd you'd expect to find nomads rather than citiies. The music too seems less "pretty" than the score for Diablo 2's second act with the song we hear on the Borderlands page being the most obvious example of this.

    It looks and sounds fantastic but of course I'm always pushing for some rougher textures amidst all that sand and dust. Great work by Blizzard!
  • #14 Jackzor
    Lets all take a moment to pray for no maggot lairs.

    This place, and the wide open ruins dungeon that was showed in the demo look absolutely awesome.
  • #15 Thasador
    Quote from "Jackzor" »
    Lets all take a moment to pray for no maggot lairs.

    This place, and the wide open ruins dungeon that was showed in the demo look absolutely awesome.

    Probably the funniest thing i have heard in awhile! lol.
  • #16 OathofChaos
    Epic. Truly Epic. I love the look and feel. It really does scream "On the border of Tragedy and Destruction" and those are words I love to hear in a Diablo game.
  • #17 Wolven
    I usually don't like desert themed areas, but this one looks great, I think it's better than the Tristam area, because of the wind.
  • #18 AuraofMana
    Let's hope they will eventually do a cityscape theme somewhere, maybe as part of a quest. It would be quite cool to fight demons on a busy street, and have merchants running around screaming and getting impaled. Who knows, maybe you can snatch some quick gold from some abandoned stores, or better yet, raid a blacksmith shop :P
  • #19 Musica
    I don't know, I sorta liked the maggot lair...
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