Starcraft II Delay Won't Affect Other Blizzard Titles.

We recently posted about the Starcraft II release date delay, and there was some concern that it could potentially cause the release of other future Blizzard titles (including Diablo 3) to be delayed as well. Fortunately, that's just not the case as Blizzard president Mike Morhaime had the following to say during Activision's quarterly earnings call:

"I'd just like to reiterate that we haven't announced any release dates on any future titles, and I'll also reiterate that the move of StarCraft into next year does not impact the schedule," he said after being asked whether or not we'll see two Blizzard games next year twice by two separate analysts.

"So, it would be correct to conclude that you could expect two releases of Blizzard next year, but I would not make any conclusion on what those titles are going to be." -(source: VG247)
So there you have it... no need to worry about the Starcraft delay affecting Blizzard's release schedule. All this news really does is make us wonder what other game they're going to release in 2010. Will it be another World of Warcraft expansion, or could it finally be Diablo 3?

(thanks cwain)


  • #1 steelsoldier
    Yey a confirmation from Blizzard.
  • #2 Psyxix
    Soo much ambiguity ! Geez I love blizz ?_?. Seriously, this is only confirmation of something we discussed and already new. My guess is that we'll get this kind of redundant news over and over again until we get to blizzcon. After blizz, 3 months will pass until we get any new information. Still, I'm glad they proceed that way... the less I know about the game the more goodies I can discover when I actually play the game ^_^.
  • #3 cheebalover
    i think it wont be d3..looking at sc2 and its progression, delays of way..its gonna be a wow expansion, because wow gves them alot of money
  • #4 Feabreg
    i have to believe it will be D3...

  • #5 Lt._Venom
    $50 says Diablo III will be released in 2010, near October.
  • #6 OathofChaos
    I'll take that bet, Lt Venom. Past performance indicates future results. In this case, most Blizzard titles are pushed back beyond their intended release date for several reasons, and I have a feeling Diablo III is going to be one of them. I mean, looking at where they are conceivably at (Given their last progress report marker, the numbers of current employees working on the D3 development team, ect ect), I have a feeling we'll see it around late Q1, early Q2 of 2011. This is my current speculation.
  • #7 SFJake
    Wow... a news thread because of the other News topic about SC2 delay, which was created after some other topics about -both- of these news, WHICH were locked to not have multiple topics talking about the same thing.

    One of these locked topics was precisely about this article. And now we get a news topic for it, and quite a while later.

    This is not a whining post... just saying thats what happened.
  • #8 DSquared82
    Well...comes as no surprise to me...I figured it would not effect the other franchises. Nice to have a confirmation though.
  • #9 Macros
    Quote from name="Lt Venom" »
    $50 says Diablo III will be released in 2010, near October.

    Nice. If you win the bet you can use that money to buy the game ;)
  • #10 Dauroth
    Maybe we will know more after the BlizzCon! But I also doubt that it's Diablo III! But, who knows...
  • #11 Lt._Venom
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Nice. If you win the bet you can use that money to buy the game ;)

  • #12 Zoltrix
    It will be Starcraft 2 and a new WoW Expantion announced at Blizzcon, Wrath of the Lich king just had 3.2 released and 3.3 will most likely be in january ish with new expantion out in sept or so.
  • #13 Ryukenden
    I highly doubt diablo 3 will be out next year. I'm guess its another wow expansion. Probably will be announced this blizzcon, if anyone cares.
  • #14 akse
    d3 probably at summer 2011
  • #15 SFJake
    Quote from "Ryukenden" »
    I highly doubt diablo 3 will be out next year. I'm guess its another wow expansion. Probably will be announced this blizzcon, if anyone cares.

    Not me.

    I'm hoping we're talking about major titles here and not just an xpansion when he says "we may have 2 in a year".
  • #16 Iscariot
    I'm thinking, either SC2 chapter 1 and SC2 chapter 2 or SC2 Chapter 1 and D3. Now out of those, the first is far more likely. I just hope it isn't a WoW expansion, not that I'm bashing WoW, I just wish the limelight would go to other equally (or more, depends who you are) awesome titles.
  • #17 Dauroth
    Nope, they said that Diablo III will be shipped between the first two StarCraft IIs! :confused:

    Of course that doesn't mean we can't see some other title in between!
  • #18 SpinPool
    Seeing how wow is progressing forward with, as already noted, 3.2 released and 3.3 being released in probably something close to 6 months, I don't think Blizzard would want to keep wowlpayers waiting too long for a new expansion, given 3.3 and the takedown of Arthas is going to be fairly easy.

    I would, however, love to see D3 being released in 2010, and I truly hope it is, but if they release 3.3 for wow in Q1 2010 I don't think we'll see D3 that year.
  • #19 DUDE555MMM
    This so going to delay diablo 3 because i read that d3 was going to came after starcraft 2.
  • #20 debo
    The problem is that we dont know how Blizzard takes an expansion in consideration either a full game or just an expansion. But I assume that they count as a full game release. So it is a great pity for us.

    I still believe in Blizzard that they hide big content from the community to surprise us at the Blizzcon and we never have expected such an approach of development. (*pray*)

    We will see :)
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