StarCraft II Delayed Until 2010.

Some bad news for Starcraft fans today. Blizzard just announced that the game, which was due out this October, is now being pushed back to a 2010 release. From what it sounds like, it's mainly because the new version of isn't quite ready to go yet and since it's a huge part of the game, they're having to push back the date until (hopefully) no later than the first quarter of 2010.

"It's official. You won't be playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty this year, as Blizzard has moved the release date of the real-time strategy game to the "first half of 2010." No, they never dated it; but they have now.

Activision Blizzard's reason for the delay of Starcraft II is reportedly tied to the relaunch of its upgraded service, which handles multiplayer for all things Blizzard. In a statement to the Blizzard community, the developer writes "Over the past couple of weeks, it has become clear that it will take longer than expected to prepare the new for the launch of the game."

Blizzard calls the new an "integral part of the Starcraft II experience and will be an essential part of all of our games moving forward." Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said during an investor call today that the new iteration of will likely be ready "early next year.""

(source: Kotaku)
We're all obviously used to long delays with Blizzard's new games, but the extended waits never seem to get any easier. One can only speculate as to whether this delay will affect the release of Diablo 3. Do you think this will push the release of that game forward or will it stay on track?


  • #1 Zhar
    I really think it's going to stay on track.
    Sure, B-net is a big part of D3 as well, but it will be ready well before D3 is even close to being released. I doubt they'll even be nearing the beta stages by the time SC2 releases.
  • #2 synthaza
    d3 will probably release in 2012.. when the world ends.
  • #3 Zoltrix
    This will push back the release of Diablo even more, what is stupid is that the game is being delayed so that can be released for it. =/ *sigh*
  • #4 NeciFiX
    Quote from "Zoltrix" »
    This will push back the release of Diablo even more, what is stupid is that the game is being delayed so that can be released for it. =/ *sigh*

    How so?

    It only affects Starcraft. Diablo III wouldn't have been out for some time anyway, delayed BNet 2.0 or not.
  • #5 Zhar
    ... I really don't see how this will delay the release of D3.
    The multiplayer components, yes. But they can still get the single player components out of the way while they wait for B-net to be released.
    I mean sure, I don't know much of the development cycle for games, but logically it seems that they could easily stay on track.
  • #6 Eldius
    Each project has it's own team, so Diablo III should be unaffected by this recent development. Even so, such delays are becoming rather frustrating.
  • #7 akse
    Nah it won't delay diablo3.. they wouldn't have released diablo3 in 2010 anyways.. or maybe Q4 or something. But most likely summer 2011.. ?
  • #8 Tsukiyomi
    I don't think this will delay Diablo 3. I doubt they were ever planning on releasing Diablo 3 anytime shortly after the release of Starcraft 2, anyway. While people are working on, others are working on Diablo 3. If anything, this will make it a little easier so they don't finish Diablo 3, then
  • #9 Zoltrix
    Quote from "Eldius" »
    Each project has it's own team, so Diablo III should be unaffected by this recent development. Even so, such delays are becoming rather frustrating.

    Each team may have there own projects but people move around to different ones to help out. for a while Diablo 3 and SC2 were abandoned to help finish work on Wrath of the Lich King (Warcraft Expansion)
  • #10 SFJake

    Blizzard: Diablo 3 Unaffected by StarCraft 2 Delay, Two Releases Coming Next Year

    I don't know why the other topic was locked, since they both talk about things that are not exactly the same, and some people over here seems to ignore the fact I just posted.
  • #11 santaclaws490
    I highly doubt D3 will be released next year... they haven't even announced the other two classes... I would say the release date will be early-mid 2011. 2012 just seems to distant but for all we know it could be very possible (lets hope not..)
  • #12 Zhar
    Yeah.... and to boot, the other topic was open before this one.
    But oh well.

    Good find though, if you're the one who found it.
    If not, thanks for bringing it up :D.
  • #13 Jackzor
    Well, as I said in the old thread :/

    If you go by when they announced WotLK to when they released it (August 2007 to November 2008), and The Burning Crusade, which was announced in October 2005 and released in January 2007, that would be 15ish months from announcement to release. So if they announce the next WoW expansion at this Blizzcon, which is likely, it would, unfortunately, make sense for the 2nd title of 2010 to be the next WoW expansion and not D3. Hopefully we get D3 in early 2011, or they change their normal announcement -> release for WoW expansions with D3 having been announced for so long at that point (and at this point, for that matter). Or they just don't announce the next WoW expansion, that would be nice, too.

    Just figured it was some good info as to how this may or may not affect D3. Blizzcon will tell really
  • #14 RoBHnK
    Damn, I was already looking forward to play SC 2 at the end of this year...
  • #15 debo
    I agree with the most of you that a delay on D3 do not depend on the Battlenet delay. They announced that D3 will come after SC2. This is a fact. But i guess that the release of D3 will be 6month after SC2 earliest. The guys from Blizzard are not stupid. They wont release two unique games in a short period. I know some people from my side who are willed to buy both games if they are not released closed to each other.

    This is my opinion. After the hype of SC2 is over Diablo 3 will come into consideration.

    (i hope my english is not too bad :P)


    btw Blizzcon is coming and maybe we will get more information about BETA, RELEASE and other announcements
  • #16 Sinistra
    As I posted in the last thread, its a complete kick in the balls, for many many reasons.

    Im tired of it, im through with it, and Im out of the Blizzard market.

    The only reason Im still posting here is because Im wasted off my ass (peachfeast and the Snow Birds in town this week = too many Kokanee Golds) and wanted to see the replays to my last post.

    Blizzard can lick donkey balls, Im tired of their bullshit release date and time frames, no way in hell Im going to be 30 years old and still playing this game, just by the fundamentals of it. I wont do it.

    So, for this customer, they have less than 12 month to release this game or I will back away from all Blizzard titles untill my kids play them (If i dont make them hate them from inception).

    Im tired of the blizzard bullshit. :(
  • #17 Malachrome
    Clearly battlenet is as big a part of diablo 3 as it is of starcraft, so its pretty obvious that blizz will be focusing on finishing that before anything else. Frankly i think this is absolute bolocks 10 year development times are beyond retarded, and one starts thinking what sort of game development are these people doing over there, any other firm that would have had such slow progress would have been bankrupt 5 yars ago and had probably fierd all their employees 7 years ago, and im pretty sure that we're going to see a enough people in the credits of starcraft to populate a small militant nation... I know its blizz's choice, and that, we're just staying on the sidelines but frankly its setting a really bad trend for the industry that has already become stale, slow moving and very unoriginal, i find myself aplauding companies like Epic Entertainment that have already release 3 very well made games (gears of war 1,2 and unreal 3) in a relatively short amount of time.
  • #18 debo

    I can understand your opinion and feelings.
    But please consider...or choose one...

    1) Do you like the type of software developer like EA or any other company who is releasing their games on time but with a bag of bugs which are deliviered additionally
    2) I just have to say Blizzard...not really releasing their games on time :D but if they are released you can count on those games because they are unique and mostly free of bugs (software is never free of bugs)

    Dont you like the thrill of waiting for the next new hint or information of your currently favorite game. Sometimes it is hard but anyway valuable.
  • #19 Morden79
    Personally, this is unexpected, but I am not at all surprised. I had a feeling SC2 was happening THIS year judging what we have known in the past, and this new info just proved me right, yet wrong at the same time. SC2 shoulda', coulda', woulda' came out this year, as I had expected, though 2.0 isn't going to be up in time. Thats fine with me personally, I would rather see this all done right than done early.

    As far as this whole Diablo 3 and WoW expansion thing, a WoW expansion hasn't even been talked about formally yet. They don't NEED a new WoW expansion yet, the fucking one we have still has a lot of work to be done. Ulduar is the big dungeon now, but as we all know we have yet to dethrone Arthas in Icecrown. For all we know, there may be a whole nother raid coming out before Arthas. The LAST thing they need to do at this point is start talking about releasing a new expansion when we haven't even finished the one we have on our plates. "If you can't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you can't eat your meat?!?"

    That being said, I personally think the most Blizzcon 09 might do for WoW is announce said expansion. Let us know its coming, but not happening any time soon. That is no way or form means we won't be getting shit on Diablo 3 (we had better), and it in no way or form means an WoW expansion will be coming out before D3. It could, don't get me wrong, but it is WAY to early to be predicting that crap. The only thing we KNOW for sure right now is that SC2 will be coming in 2010. On top of that, assuming there are no delays, we also may very well see another title released in 2010 (most likely later in the year, before holidays). Its either going to be a WoW expansion or Diablo 3.

    At this very point in time, it may not LOOK like Diablo 3 is close to completion. What I really cannot understand is how people can blatantly say that it IS NOT, FOR SURE even close to completion when they have no clue in hell as to whats going on behind closed doors. We have damned Blizzcon 09 THIS MONTH, and still people tend to judge Diablo 3 based on old 08 news? WELCOME TO 2009! Its coming in TWO WEEKS! See what Blizzcon 09 has to offer before you start making unreal judgments. After Blizzcon 09, we will most likely be much more suited to make these kinds of theories. If they don't even announce a new WoW expansion, chances are Diablo 3 will see its way to stores before a WoW expansion ever will, but we don't know that because its not Aug 21st now is it?
  • #20 Airandius
    Perhaps they moved some of the SC2 team to Diablo 3. :D

    Lol, I would love that, I don't care about that game anyway.
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