Kingston Offers Tickets for Ten to BlizzCon

The free ticket opportunities just keep rolling in- with what we've been seeing lately, it's somewhat of a surprise that anyone has to pay to get in to the BlizzCon. Just kidding.

But seriously.

Kingston is offering ten free tickets to get in to the esteemed BlizzCon this August 21 through 22 at Anaheim, California. All participants have to do is fill out a simple-enough form and submit. The form, of course, is to get you to fill out a short customer trend survey. Business is business, though, and if they've got a few tickets to a gaming paradise that they're willing to shell out, who are we to point fingers?

It seems as though these are strictly entry tickets in to the festivities only- Kingston does not appear to be covering travel expenses, as well- so make sure you have a way to get there!

You can see the entry form here. It would appear the lucky winners are picked at random from all of their entries, so best of luck, Diablo fans!

(Provided at courtesy of Zhar- give him a reputation point if you get the chance :))


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