BlizzCon 2009 Tickets Go On Sale At 10am PST!

UPDATE: If you're hoping to get tickets for BlizzCon 2009, make sure you're online at 10am Pacific Time, Saturday, May 16th... according to the official BlizzCon site, that's when they're going on sale. Glad they finally let everybody know a precise time!

UPDATE #2: As you probably know by now, the first batch of tickets sold out almost immediately. Congrats to those of you who managed to get some so you can attend the event. For those of you who didn't, just remember that there will be a second batch of tickets going up for sale on Saturday, May 30th. We'll keep you posted on any updates!


  • #1 XXLaw
    So whats up with us internet folk, who are going to watch BlizzCon live streaming on the internet? Do we have to buy this ticket, or we will have to buy that PayPerView thingy?
  • #2 mockery
    These are just for the people who want to attend BlizzCon in person. I'm pretty sure there's no waiting to purchase the live stream on the Internet.
  • #3 VladDracul
    Woot hopefully I am 1 of the lucky people who buy em in time. Also I hope they show a bit of the pvp aspect this year.
  • #4 hardasiron
    Today is my 18 birthday!! :D
    The same days the Blizzcon tickets are geting for sale, but I live in Argentina, so it will be very complicated to get one of those! You know... traveling isn't cheap at all in this times
  • #5 JuicyFruitSweeT
    too expansive forget it =)
  • #6 VladDracul
    Heh I am lucky, I am moving to Cali at end of July and ill be about 20 mins away from this.
  • #7 blood-doll
    much easier than last year
  • #8 VladDracul
    Well I got mine, hope they allow pvp so I can kill some people haha.
  • #9 Wetz
    I know we're all waiting BlizzCon for the D3 release date. But does Blizzard plan on letting us see anything else in the new future... new characters, items, etc? I noticed was down today due to construction; anyone know what that's about?
  • #10 Eldius
    My brother was in checkout and couldn't get the tickets because it said there was an error during the purchase confirmation...this is a load of bullocks.
  • #11 Zoltrix
    no dice for me guys started out with

    Position: 5789 - Estimated time: 16 minutes
    98% of
    stock left

    ended at
    Currently in Queue...
    Position: 1999 - Estimated time: 13 minutes
    sold out.
  • #12 taintedwatcher
    And now they just sold out @ 10:28 a.m. :P
  • #13 mockery
    Jesus, that's just way too fast. :/

    Don't forget, there is one more sale on Saturday the 30th. So hopefully those who didn't get tix today, will get 'em then.
  • #14 Eldius
    I was in position 3000(or so) from the start, and when I got down to 1000 (5 minutes to go), I was bumped back ten minutes. I'm ready to ****ing kill someone...
  • #15 SilVerSurFnStud
    wow those went way to fast, we never had a chance
  • #16 mockery
    And of course, tickets are already up for sale on eBay. Just shows ya that they need to reduce the number of tickets people should be allowed to buy.
  • #18 Eldius
    Anyone selling tickets on ebay should be identified and have their tickets immediately revoked. Blizzard said they were going to put a stop to that kind of ****.
  • #19 blood-doll
    hopefully they just make you show a photo id that matches that information submitted for the badge
  • #20 mockery
    Quote from "Eldius" »
    Anyone selling tickets on ebay should be identified and have their tickets immediately revoked. Blizzard said they were going to put a stop to that kind of ****.

    Did they say they were going to put an end to that? Because I just checked the FAQ and based on this little snippet, I'd say they're making it pretty easy for anybody to sell them:

    "What if I don't know the names of the guests I am bringing to BlizzCon?

    If you do not know the names of the guests you are bringing to BlizzCon and will not know by June 13, put all of the badges under your own name. Bring *all* of the printed bar-code emails, along with your photo ID, to BlizzCon, and you will be able to pick those up all of the badges yourself and distribute them to your guests. Photo ID will only be checked at the time of badge pick-up."
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