Patch 1.13: Larger Inventory for Diablo II

As first reported by one of our own users, sssupply, here, Bashiok has recently replied to a thread on the Diablo II General forum regarding information on patch 1.13:

It's coming along. We're still in the process of refining and testing the changes going into the patch. Work is progressing, we haven't stopped working on it or anything like that.

As far as information of what's being changed in the patch, almost anything we're working on now could be removed. Testing could deem any change unworkable and we'd have to remove it. By releasing any information on possible changes we'd be raising expectations that the change is guaranteed to make it in, no matter how many disclaimers we place on it. That said, one change we're planning is to increase the stash size to 12x10. As I said it is in no way a guaranteed change. Any number of reasons could mean it will not make it into the final patch. But enjoy the breadcrumb maybe?
Please note that he also said explicitly that it is not a guarantee! Don't get your hopes too high yet, folks!

Thoughts? Comments? I'd love more inventory space, personally. Cuts down on mules :D

(On a side note, I think it would be a good gesture for everyone to add some rep to sssupply for finding this tidbit first!)


  • #1 StoneOfJordan

    I don't play D2 anymore but anything they increase in that will likely have some sort of effect on D3 (hoping!).

    Big ups to sssuply! <3
  • #2 Tsukiyomi
    It will be nice, but I will still have 20 thousand mules. I will just have to transfer to them less often :P
  • #3 Feabreg
    This are great news. IUPI!!! :P
  • #4 Jigsaw
    Im guessing this won't be for d2classic?

    They seem to never pay attention to us....
  • #5 Magistrate
    I don't see why it wouldn't apply to classic since it isn't affecting expansion-intensive matter, but it's your choice not to play the most up-to-date version of the game, not Blizzard's or's ;)
  • #6 kefka666333abc123
    Cant wait for the ladder reset...this got me really excited
  • #7 SNowfreak
    I have never had enough space so that sounds great. lol i tend to be a pack rat with too many things : P.
  • #8 BryanM
    The doubled storage the expansion offered isn't active in classic. It was one of the big selling points of LoD, but by this point it's just them being jerks. Most other changes to the core game (synergies, monster stats) are active in it.

    It's your choice to not play with a thousand charms jamming up your inventory and ridiculous rune words and pokemons with auras, not McDonald's or Captain Winslow's.
  • #9 Magistrate
    That's because the inventory upgrade came ON the LoD disc, not via a patch. This is a patch. But, of course, as a business it's their job to work for the good of the majority of players, and since the vast majority play LoD, yes, it's possible that legacy won't get it. It depends on what's included in the patch, I'd wager. If it's mostly in reference to LoD aspects, they might not bother worrying about the minority of legacy players.
  • #10 biff_exploder
    Oh goody! i always wanted extra slots in the stash!
  • #11 DSquared82
    Awesome find sssupply! Any shred of news in this recent drought is welcome.
  • #12 gamma11
    that would be pretty sick :D
  • #13 HealEarth
    How much bigger is that compaired to the one we have now?

    EDIT: Cool if the old one had 48 Slots this would mean we now have 120 slots. We might actually be able to collect runes.
  • #14 Genesis
    The LOD stash size is originally 6x8, right?
  • #15 blood-doll
    yes 8 up and down and 6 across
  • #16 rolo_poloo
    so that means it will be 2.5 times bigger. i wonder if they are increasing the stash and on person inventory?

    oh, nvm he said stash size
  • #17 DarkMagicc
    Quote from "Tsukiyomi" »
    It will be nice, but I will still have 20 thousand mules. I will just have to transfer to them less often :P

    so how many much more is it, than in lod..
  • #18 Asynchronic
    Never thought Blizzard would be increasing the size of my stash...nice
  • #19 Genesis
    I'll take two... Seriously, I want pages
    Just imagine how much lewt your mf character could accumulate without having to decide between things or xfer
  • #20 DX_rulez
    awesome!!!! bigger stash =) can't wait for more new about the patch
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