Bashiok on Weekly Updates.

In response to a thread in the Diablo 3 forums, Bashiok has just made a post explaining why there isn't always a weekly update to be made.

"I doubt I said "every Thursday there will be an update". Regardless though, we have some bestiary updates planned to show up "soon". Weekly updates are tough because while we have a ton of concept art we could probably easily run through all of it before the game's release, and frankly, I'm not sure how many more screenshots you guys want to see of the same dungeon. We're just not to a point where other locations are polished enough to show. We'll get there."
Personally, I never mind seeing additional screenshots of the same dungeon. It may not be the most exciting thing, but it's still something to help tide us over in the meantime and can lead to some interesting discussions and speculation. As for the concept art, that stuff blows me away each time they release some new images, but I can see why they'd want to spread it out over time. Looking forward to those bestiary updates as well.

For those of you wanting more updates on the game, it's obvious that they're just not ready to show the other areas yet. I'm sure once they're polished enough (aka: filled with enough unicorns), we'll be treated to all kinds of new media from the game.


  • #1 Kenzai
    Quote from "mockery" »
    filled with enough unicorns

    LOL XD :D

    Im sick of screenshots. Dont care that much about all the artwork and bestiary either but it gets quite interesting at times.

    Ill just let them finish the game and see how it is. Waiting for new stuff all the day is just masochism. :P

    Though i definitely want to see the remaining classes.
  • #2 necronergal
    i wouldnt mind reading some new lore from that al hazir guy who rights some entries in the diablo 3 site. i kinda like them. gives some nice info on somethings but doesnt really give to much detail about the game.

    im not to fond of screenshots either.

    EDIT: just thought, what would be cool is a section for fan made art. that could be put onto the site. that would give people to look at while they make the game.
  • #3 Dauroth
    Bestiary update sounds cool! I agree with Bashiok about the screenshots, we really have a LOT of screens of the same dungeon and the Leoric Highlands! We need something new!
  • #4 Flyarion
    Can't wait to see what new beasts we're going to fight
  • #5 AcidReign
    I hope the Acid Spitters show up in one of the sooner bestiary updates :)

    I don't mind seeing the same dungeon in every screenshot. You know when people say that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well, a Diablo III screenshot is worth 1,000 drools. Each screenshot is slightly different, but those differences alone compell me to look at them and gander at the game that I hope to one day play.
  • #6 mockery
    Quote from "necronergal" »
    just thought, what would be cool is a section for fan made art. that could be put onto the site. that would give people to look at while they make the game.

    That's something we're hoping to add to the site in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for it! :)
  • #7 Dimebog
    Bashiok just said what I have been saying all this time: there is simply nothing new to show.
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