Blizzard Still Keeping Quiet About 2009.

Kotaku recently reported that Blizzard is still being tight-lipped about any official release date for Starcraft 2 in 2009 and that there's simply no chance we'll see Diablo 3 released this year. I doubt this comes as any surprise to most of you at this point, but there is mention that we will definitely see one big Blizzard title this year.

"What is it? Blizzard COO Paul Sams wouldn't confirm whether that game is, indeed, the first chapter of the StarCraft II trilogy, only confirming that "Blizzard intends on delivering one front line release per year." Activision Blizzard has factored that mystery game into its estimated earnings for 2009.

"You can see that is contemplated," Sams said during the company's earnings call. "Which title is being released this year, we're not saying."

Considering that StarCraft II appears to be the game closest to completion, we'd think the real-time strategy could make a 2009 release. Diablo III? No way. And while Blizzard did say it has "substantial expansions" planned for World of Warcraft this year, we'd find it hard to believe a retail expansion on par with Wrath of the Lich King will be ready for December."
Blizzard COO Paul Sams also told Kotaku that 2.0 and the Starcraft 2 Beta are on there way in the next few months:

"According to Blizzard COO Paul Sams, the StarCraft II beta is likely just months away. Two months? Ten months? We hope it's not the latter, especially since we're counting on the first entry, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to hit sometime this year, if only for sanity's sake.

While Blizzard is cagey on locking down a date, Sams says that we'll get a taste of the next iteration of when the StarCraft II beta goes public. Exactly what changes Blizzard will be adding to the online matching service that "support online tournaments, eSports, and enhanced communication between players" haven't been confirmed."

Good to know we've at least got some exciting things in the pipeline to look forward to this year. I definitely can't wait to see 2.0. Here's hoping it's only a few months away!


  • #1 Magistrate
    Well, this at least confirmed the obvious and gave us a nice promise :D
  • #2 dub_Lucifer
    ohh juicy... b-net 2.0 soon.....

    While I refuse to believe d3 will not come out in 09' I now accept it.:mad:

    Good old tight lipped blizzard.
  • #3 Blackwing
    Hmm. Wasn't it fun when we could say 'Hey! It's coming out on Christmas - I SWEAR!' Ehh, I can wait. More time for Dfans.

    EDIT: Not to sound ignorant, but will 2.0 work on DII servers? Or... am I dreaming?
  • #4 Snowee
    March 31st is Starcrafts 11th anniversary. xD
    Hopefully the beta will be out by then.

    PS: By the way I just have a gut feeling that D3 will probably come out in 2010 and not 2011.
  • #5 Jigsaw
    Quote from "Snowee" »
    March 31st is Starcrafts 11th anniversary. xD
    Hopefully the beta will be out by then.

    PS: By the way I just have a gut feeling that D3 will probably come out in 2010 and not 2011.

    Really? I was thinking very late 2010 or early 2011. Very depressing when you try to think from the most realistic point of view possible.
  • #6 Donsro
    Whyyyyyyyy.... I'm glad they told us about D3 so early, but now another year. Damn
  • #7 myowngod

    I honestly would have preferred not to know it was even in production... if it's going to take another whole year or more...

    Should have waited till this yr to say something, cuz by the time the game actually comes out I'lll be tired of waiting... I already check everyday for updates... but man... be better off if I never knew, atleast then I wouldn't be getting all excited, and then realize that I have to wait even longer, given how long we've alll already had to wait, I am sad now..
  • #8 Donsro
    Sometimes I wish that, but they had to announce it because fans were losing hope and by the time they announced it... idk
  • #9 FingolfinGR
    they said there would be one WoW expansion each year, so my bets would be for this.
    Other than StarCraft 2 of course, it should be very close to beta so till the end of the year it should be released.

    Since its confirmed that Diablo 3 wont be out this year, i guess we can start expecting it by the first quarter of 2010.
  • #10 Tylos
    Yay, something from our friends Blizzard this year. woot. woot. If it's D3 (which it isn't) or sc2 i'll be happy, if it's a wow thing, then we'll that'll do too.
  • #11 XXLaw
    Can't wait! ^^
    Thanks for the update!
  • #12 milanv
    nice to hear some real news after a few months of silence.

    damn it. I only have 1 beta key. do you think I should use it on sc2 or d3? I'd rather use it on sc2 because I don't want to get any spoilers by playing d3 beta or something :)
  • #13 Mackan
    There is a chance their 2009 game will be for the iPhone...
  • #14 Asynchronic
    Blizzard has already said that they will be announcing battlenet 2.0 with starcraft, which means it is coming out before D3 since both games will be using it. So D3 will definitely be next year.......crap.

    It would be cool if battlenet 2.0 was applied to D2, but that seems unlikely.

    I guess I'll have to start playing the starcraft series to hold me over.
  • #15 Homer_rex
    Personally, even if they won't give an actual release date, I think Blizzard should release minimum and ideal requirments for D3. It would be good for the economy 'cause I'm not buying a new computer (and I desperately need to) until I find out what they are.
  • #16 Dauroth
    Now, I'm really depressed... :( 2010! Wtf?! I expect this game to be much more than anyone in the world expects it to be! This is a real drag!
  • #17 debo
    Ok it's good to know that the beta of sc2 starts next month. But we can't say that sc2 will released this year. Early in the next year is realistic.
    Thus they will maybe announce the beta start for d3 in 2010.

    My opinion is that they should take the time for producing an increadible game but they have to come out with more news!!!!!! Every month a bigger news content should be the principal duty to satisfied the community :thumbsup:
  • #18 Thasador
    2010 is not all that bad...just think about it...2010 will be here in 10 more months :D
  • #19 Danitor
    I have a strange feeling that D3 will either fall to the fate of Duke Nukem, or by the time it is finally released it would have been hyped up so much that noone really cares anymore/ it won't be able to meet our expectations.
  • #20 milanv
    I don't understand why people are so pissed off when blizz says that d3 is coming in 2010. well, when did you expect it to come? you knew it was after sc2 and it was definitely coming in 2009 so 2010 was inevitable. 2010 january which isn't that far away, but we all know that isn't the situation :)

    Like when people were talking that sc2 might come in november 2008, with blizz saying anything. damn it...
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