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We've really had great success so far on our Wiki! Thank you to everyone who has been involved and has posted something useful! The Diablo 3 Section of the Wiki is full of new delicious information, the total article count for the Wiki is over 630 as of this morning. If you haven't seen it yet be sure and check it out.
We've taken the liberty of breaking down the three new classes, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, and Wizard, in a guide to display some of the currently known information available on them, including available skills, origin information, and newly released graphics. Thanks again to our dedicated users for posting this information! This will probably be info that many of you have already seen, but it will also get you poking around the Wiki a bit, so here it is:

New Classes for Diablo 3:


When Diablo III was announced in Paris on June 28, 2008, it was the Barbarian that starred in the new gameplay demonstration. Showing that the class would still specialize in brute force, the speaker played a video of the Barbarian, dual-wielding weapons and buried in heavy armor, grinding its way through dozens of enemies at a time in the bowels of a dungeon.
Unlike in the previous game, where the Barbarian was a strictly male character, players will be able to choose its sex in the upcoming game. Beyond that, though, not much is known about how similar or different the Barbarian of Diablo III will be than its predecessor.

Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor seems loosely based on the real-world Voodoo practitioners. The males are depicted as frail old men having a hunched back and always shaking their head due to their physical weakness.
However, they possess great spiritual and manipulative powers as seen in the gameplay video. They can be seen easily controlling the minds of their enemies, raising the dead without the use of corpses and lobbing alchemical projectiles at unwary victims.
The female Witch Doctor seems much younger, capable of walking without a hunch. It may be noted that both the male and female Witch Doctors have a distinctly purple color-scheme in their equipment. Although this may be just to show them off during the gameplay video.
The male Witch Doctor is also the first shown character showing the new elemental damage type, Arcane. In keeping with his purple color-scheme, he is shown holding a sword imbued with Arcane damage glowing in a purplish glow.
It is also notable that both of them have been shown wearing stereotypical Voodoo masks. It is unknown whether normal helms look like that when equipped on them or if they are class-specific items.

The Wizard
Only the female Wizard's backstory has been revealed until now. She has her origins in the Island nation of Xiansai confirming that Xiansai is indeed an Asian civilization by her striking Asian features. The male Wizard's concept art depicts him as wearing some sort of middle-eastern desert attire, which may suggest that he has originated from the sands of Aranoch, the ancestral home of both of his predecessors and the great Vizjerei mage clan.
The female Wizard has been depicted as an uncouth and rebellious figure, always wanting to learn more, be it in ways best left to those that are considered nefarious. She is headstrong and will go to any means to get what she wants. But she does not speak unknowingly. She knows that her innate powers can decimate the opposition, even providing a tough challenge to the Vizjerei Premier, Valthek, who found her in the Ancient Repositories beneath the Yshari Sanctum, the ancient and arcane library of the Mage Clans. She delved deeper into the arcane ways, wielding powers that were not supposed to be wielded, like Arcane magics and Temporal distortion along with the mage favorites of Ice and Lightning with equal ease.


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