Care For Some Marshmallow With Your Thousand Pounder?

A quick note first: Blizzard has just posted four new Diablo 3 Wallpapers in their media section. The new wallpapers are of Tyrael, a map of the Sanctuary and two pieces of artwork for the city of Caldeum. So if you need some new decorations for your desktop, go check 'em out! (thanks Sryii)

Now here's something truly hilarious. A Diablo 3 forum member by the name of Guisilva made a post stating how he believed the Thousand Pounder looked a lot like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. Bashiok then decided to take things further by actually altering a screenshot of the Thousand Pounder and here be the hysterical results:

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I hope Blizzard actually puts the Stay Puft Pounder in Diablo 3 somewhere. Furthermore, I say that each of the characters should be able to throw ingredients (chocolates and graham crackers) which will stick to him. Then, when you blast him with a fireball, he turns into a pile of S'mores for your characters to eat which will completely restore their health. Are we in agreement? Excellent.

Another question is: do any other creatures in Diablo 3 remind you of a character from something else outside of the game? If so, tell us about it! Bonus points if you want to include a photoshopped image. ;)

Update: Bashiok just posted another image revealing a new character in the game. Behold!


  • #1 gavin-unit
    News has been slow indeed...
  • #2 Zkid
    I wanna participate so heres a very bad paint shopish thing :P took like 2 seconds.

    Gnarled walker + tree thing forgot name lol (lord of the rings) = This thing...
  • #3 Paladin88
    Why it's old Treebeard!

    The thousand pounder looks more like the Michelin tire-dude. Still funny though.
  • #4 Num3n
    Quote from "gavin-unit" »
    News has been slow indeed...

    hahahhaha m8 i laughed, good comment :D

    but ya this morning (1pm...) when i got up and went on this site i laughed at mr marshmallow man ahhhh ghostbusters i love that movie
  • #5 Legilimens
    Yes, it's true. This man has no dick.

    Okay, who brought the dog?

    Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown.

    Doe, Ray, Egon!

    Boy, the superintendent's gonna be pissed!

    I collect spores, molds, and fungus
  • #6 cdn
    and the show go on

    this is simply EPIC!!!

    The new Cow Level will be the Unicorn & Rainbow Level, at least I hope so :D A colourful and happy unicorn dealing 500-750 damage while braying.

  • #7 mockery
    "New Record Love Spree!"
  • #8 Siaynoq
    Feels like a response to our anger at the lack of actual updates. Seriously, these pictures just raised my blood pressure up somewhat.
  • #9 Umpa
    Really? I laughed.
  • #10 Dauroth
    Better anything than nothing, I say!
  • #11 Siaynoq
    Quote from "Dauroth" »
    Better anything than nothing, I say! really is nothing.
  • #12 mockery
    Sianoq, you gotta lighten up. :P It's all good-natured fun. We've been waiting 10+ years for this game... gotta have a sense of humor about all this stuff.
  • #13 Siaynoq
    Eh, you're probably right. I'll lighten up. But in exchange, I get to call you Kelso.
  • #14 tenaciousg
    this was hilarios when i stumbled upon it on the d3 forums the mashmellow man just looks so perfect.
  • #15 mockery
    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    Eh, you're probably right. I'll lighten up. But in exchange, I get to call you Kelso.

    Hmmm, it's better than being called Ashton, so... I accept!
  • #16 dub_Lucifer
    OMFG enough of this parody please!.... lol:mad:

    That made me laugh tho.. touche Blizzard..

    Btw.Very Nice job on the updates... I like.
  • #17 REN
    I smile at the thousand pounder rework but the pony was just a little to much, tried a little to hard on that.
  • #18 biff_exploder

    the unicorn pic is pretty funny
  • #19 Me!
    Yeah, the lack of updates + the long away release date = me suicidal. I couldn't help laughing at both pics, though. They're a nice filler if there really isn't any news. :D
  • #20 Archie
    Wow, the wallpapers are simply screenshots of what we have already seen + photoshop for 10 minutes. WTF?!?! I think people on these forums have made some better wallpapers.

    As for the Marshmallow man, HILARIOUS!! Unicorn, not so much. I'm actually curious what the rainbow is covering up. I think it's a WD, but there is just so much blood and residual magic (AKA purple stuff).

    I just realized we haven't recieved any new info since OCTOBER!!! It's been 3 full months since anything!! The next one better kick ass. It better have 1 new class reveal, some more WD and Wizard skills, and at least 20 new screenshots of something other than Act 1 Quest 1. I'm talking cities lush with people, caverns full of demons, and maybe even a screenshot of a Boss. Fingers crossed.
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