Thinking of building a Diablo 3 fan site? Blizzard wants to help!

For those of you who have been thinking of starting your own Diablo 3 fan site, Blizzard wants to help you get started. They've just unveiled a new Diablo III Fan Site Kit which contains a variety of goodies:

"The assets in our official Diablo III Fansite Kit are a potential bonanza for those who wish to build their own Diablo III related fansites. This downloadable package contains the following content, including some exclusive assets:

  • Art assets including concept art, hi-res logos, and wallpapers
  • Site design elements including borders, backgrounds, fonts, and stylesheets
  • Exclusive content: Forum avatars / Messenger images
  • Diablo III fact sheet and FAQ
  • Site building tips"
Visit the Official Diablo 3 Media page on Blizzard's site to download the 35mb fansite kit.


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