DiabloFans Live Blog From The Diablo 3 Class Panel.

Thanks again to all of you who were logged in and chatting up a storm during our live blog of the Diablo 3 Class Panel today. Wish I could've included ALL of your comments, but there were just too many of them and the room would get flooded instantly. Besides, I figured you would rather all hear the latest news from the panel at BlizzCon heheh!

Anyway, you can rewatch that live blog on the Diablofans.com homepage until later this afternoon at 4:30pm PST, which is when I'll be doing another live blog - this time for the Diablo 3 Gameplay Panel! So make sure you all stay tuned for all the latest news straight from BlizzCon!

Also, I want to thank Re (Strangepuppet) and Silver for both assisting me with the coverage of the event. They could've been playing the Diablo 3 demo, but they wanted to help me ensure that you guys got the news as soon as it was announced.

Will have plenty of pictures and footage to show you guys later on too. For now though, I gotta grab a bite to eat and play Diablo 3 for the first time today! See you all at 4:30pm PST on the homepage live blog!



  • #1 DesmondTiny
    You did an amazing job!!!
  • #2 XXLaw
    Thank you so much for all your efforts ,it is greatly appreciated ,your the best guys! ;)
  • #3 RaMsHs
    You are the best guys!
    You passed as the vibe of Blizzcon.
    A big ... no ... a HUGE "THANK YOU" for you all.
    We all wait with anticipation for more news.

    PS: If possible take one of the D3 demo PC with you ... Rogue style! ;)
  • #4 mockery
    Considering this live blog wasn't even announced until I got it working at the last minute, we had a REALLY great response to it. Check out these stats:

    Reader Information

    * Total Unique Readers who pressed 'Watch Now': 1030
    * Total Unique Readers who watched for over 1 minute: 869

    Published Entries

    * Writer Comments Published: 102
    * Reader Comments Published: 120
    * Reader Comments Sent: 1222 (told you there were a lot, hahaha)

    Media Counts

    * Images: 4 shown


    * Replays Viewed: 1048 (so far)
  • #5 DSquared82
    Awesome job on the coverage guys; lot of good info there. I was jonesin' so bad at work since I work at a school and all my game site access was blocked. Thanks mockery, Re, Silver...will have to get all your impressions on playing the game. Hope you guys are having fun out there.
  • #6 silver_wings
    You guys are the best!

    Keep having fun, and see ya later :)
  • #7 Ody
    So is this all the D3 we can look forward to beside the Lore and Art panel tomorrow?
  • #8 mvm199
    Thanks a lot, you guys are great. D3 is turning out to be quite simply marvellous
  • #9 cheebalover
    when is lore panel?
  • #10 SilVerSurFnStud
    I def had an awesome weekend at blizzcon!! 10/10. Def glad i got to help out too, I think i sent Mockery over 300 text messages(he will be receiving my cell phone bill haha) Glad you guys enjoyed our live coverage and I'm glad the live blogging worked out so well

    Mockery Worked his butt off for you guys this weekend, so thank you for showing appreciation.
  • #11 Thrasher
    Thanks for all the info.
    I can't wait to play DIII with you guys!
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