Diablofans.com BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Ok, the wait is over and it's time to announce the five lucky winners of our BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Giveaway. And the winners are...
  1. Djinn_690

  2. FingolfinGR
  3. Vadoff
  4. Eldius
  5. Pwnubis
Congratulations to our winners! Hope to see all five of you at the BlizzCon. Please check your Private Message inboxes ASAP and reply to them with the requested information. We need to send your information to Blizzard right away so you can get your BlizzCon tickets. To those of you who didn't win, sorry guys... I wish we had enough tickets to give away to ALL of you. Better luck next time, and don't forget, we'll be posting plenty of reports from BlizzCon 2008 right here on Diablofans.com to keep you right up to date with all the latest news from the event!

Amusing side note: I actually had to run the randomizer twice because it picked my own posts in the thread several times haha!


  • #1 Corn_Flakes
    What's a randomizer?
    P.S. If someone from there doesn't want to go or can't.... I got dibbs.
  • #2 mockery
    A randomizer is a program used to pick random numbers. I set it to choose random numbers based on how many posts were in a thread. Once it generates those numbers, I go to those specific posts to see who made them. Shazam!
  • #3 mgcemir
    GZ to all who won ! bring pics !
  • #4 Kwic
    Yep gratulations :) I didn't sign to contest coz i knew that even i had won i wouldn't be able to go.
    But for those who won, well, we count on your photos and especially MOVIES. Record all you can related to Diablo 3 :P

  • #5 zech04
    5 bucks said atleast one of em isnt going. And is a 10 year old who just entered to resell the tickets...but if ur actually going congrats.
  • #6 Vadoff
    Awesome!! Thank you Diablofans, and thank you Blizzard!
    I've never really won anything before, I was surprised when I saw my email =P.
  • #7 Dimebog
    Quote from "mockery" »
    A randomizer is a program used to pick random numbers. I set it to choose random numbers based on how many posts were in a thread. Once it generates those numbers, I go to those specific posts to see who made them. Shazam!

    Does MF help the %?
  • #8 orlandu63
    Grats :D Hopefully all of them genuinely needed the tickets, not to just resell.
  • #9 biff_exploder
    hehe congratz to you all crazy bastards! HAVE FUN THERE! and bring some exclusive video content :P
  • #10 PlasticComplex
    forget the randomizer, did you guys even read the posts? i think reading everyones reasons for wanting to go should have decided who gets picked instead of going completely at random.

    grats to winners.
  • #11 Red_Panda
    Gratz :)

    Have fun!
  • #12 Eldius
    Thank you once again, Diablofans.com!
  • #13 SteelVelocity
    Note to MedievalDragon---

    Bring your dentistry set with you on your trip to Blizzcon!!! No more toothaches :P
  • #14 FingolfinGR
    my god! i'm still shaking! thanks for giving me the chance! i think i'll have to get a loan now, lol!
  • #15 Thrasher
    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    Does MF help the %?

    ROFLMAO! No just your char level.:D
  • #16 mockery
    Congrats again all! Four of the five winners have already replied and confirmed that they will indeed be attending BlizzCon. I've already sent their info off to Bashiok over at Blizzard. The only person I've yet to hear from is Pwnubis.

    Also, to the person who asked earlier if we read the posts, of course we do... that's part of the fun of doing this whole thing. But, as I stated in the original thread, this was a giveaway based purely on luck... plain and simple.
  • #17 DarthKarnage
    Hey, if your randomizer is pulling your name up multiple times chances are its not actually random, and you are starting on the same psuedo random numbers produced by your machine. If you want your number to be truely random and not just picked out of a list you should involve time into your programming statement, so that it is sure to pick a different starting point out of the algorithm every time. I'm a Computer Science Major, if you want help designing a new random post selector I could program a better one for you, Message me if you're interested
  • #18 Lydeck


    I didn't even enter, but I think it's a real shame that older members, as well as newer ones who actually have some pretty good reasons and stuff for going get looked over through a randomizer.

    I distinctly remember people winning Tyrael pets that had like ... 3 posts in all.

    Like I said, I wouldn't have been able to go, so it's cool with me, I just feel sorry for the other members who have been here a long time that are getting shafted by randomization. lol
  • #19 milanv
    congratz to all the winners. have fun, we know you will :)

    I just wanted to say to all those guys complaining about something to please keep quiet. You haven't won the tickets!!!! live with it. don't try to organise another "randomiser start"... I didn't get a ticket but I'm cool. you always gotta remember that if you play a game of chance, you can also lose.
  • #20 Gregormi
    Congratulations to all the winners. Have fun at blizzcon!
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