Diablofans.com BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Ok, the wait is over and it's time to announce the five lucky winners of our BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Giveaway. And the winners are...
  1. Djinn_690
  2. FingolfinGR
  3. Vadoff
  4. Eldius
  5. Pwnubis
Congratulations to our winners! Hope to see all five of you at the BlizzCon. Please check your Private Message inboxes ASAP and reply to them with the requested information. We need to send your information to Blizzard right away so you can get your BlizzCon tickets.

To those of you who didn't win, sorry guys... I wish we had enough tickets to give away to ALL of you. Better luck next time, and don't forget, we'll be posting plenty of reports from BlizzCon 2008 right here on Diablofans.com to keep you right up to date with all the latest news from the event!

Amusing side note: I actually had to run the randomizer twice because it picked my own posts in the thread several times haha!


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