Top 10 Coolest Moments in Diablo

The prolific Project XII has written a new entry in his blog at Hellforge featuring what he thinks are the Top 10 Coolest Moments in Diablo and Diablo II.

The Diablo games are renowned for their cool moments. Quests, scripted events, cut scenes and skills: all offering a plethora of fun things for us to oogle and yell “Holy crap!” at.

Time and graphics may have diminished some of them now, but we still have our fond memories. Not to mention a few new ones coming our way, if the D3 gameplay video has anything to say about it. Let’s look at the Top Ten Coolest Moments from everything Diablo related we’ve seen so far.

And remember, if you think you know cooler ones, you’re wrong, and probably thought Transformers was a good movie.


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