Diablo 3 Won't Have Locked Chests

Bashiok informs of the importance of chests in Diablo 3, which may encourage thorough exploration of dungeons. Chests won't be locked, and will be of varying qualities, some rare.
Bashiok: There have been a few discussions about chests, what they meant in the previous game, and what they'll mean in Diablo III. Currently there are no locked chests, and it's not something we're looking to reintroduce for now. We have discussed varying chest quality and types, adding randomness not only to the appearance of a chest but also the value of items it may drop or possibly specifically what types of items it's guaranteed to drop. Mix it up a bit and make finding a chest exciting, but make finding a special chest something even rarer and more exciting. It could certainly make exploring the entire floor of a dungeon more compelling before moving on.


  • #1 Zeyphon
    Sounds good, I like the fact that they are trying to make exploring and clearing out areas more enticing. Also, I found locked chests to just be more of a nuisance in Diablo II, so good, get rid of them.
  • #2 InvincibleEMP
    nooooooooo!!!!!!!! locked chest w/different key grades ftw. at least they are keeping superchests. YaY!
  • #3 WhiteHawk
    Sounds good to me, varying & special chests are a really good idea. Gives more value to exploring the dungeons more which I like, so it's not always just rushing to the uniques and special monsters that you'd be most likely to get the good stuff from. Instead, you could also do some dungeon exploring and treasure hunting as well, which could also get you some good drops.
  • #4 Rumina
    No pots, no life leech, no locked chests, no randomized outdoor maps. Hmm, well it doesn't necessarily sound bad but it's definitely a departure from D2. Recent flood of info has left me a little interested in how this will all play out but I still have high hopes.

    None of these were game elements I particularly loved to begin with but I do admit part of me will miss roaming the swamplands completely lost while downing potions like a junkie in desperate need of a fix.
  • #5 Sagaroth
    Sounds really good for me too.
    Chest run :)
  • #6 FingolfinGR
    Steps in the right direction. Removing the less fun elements and/or trying to introduce/make them better. There was no particular use for locked chests since you bought the keys from the merchant whenever you wanted.
  • #7 skywalker
    No locked chests sounds good to me.

    I still have this memory of going back to play the game a few months ago, finding a locked chest and being confused. I forgot there were locked chests in the game! :D
  • #8 pernunz
    No locked chests is definitely good.

    Like the idea behind random chests being randomly good (I'm guessing finding a "rare" chest would have the same effect as having however much MF)
  • #9 Michoco
    This sounds great. The more random, interesting, valuable and fun elements they'll put in the world, the more it will mitigate our tendancy to rush. IMO
  • #10 Robiwan
    locked chests had no point in d2. Cuz you always had a full stack of keys in ur inv. Any good Dplayer would have at least one full set, and it took up a charm's invspace, so good move in excluding them.

    We need more D3 info! Roll on blizzcon!
  • #11 DiabolicFire
    yes locked chests were just irritating that you didn't have a key when you saw one.... but keep going with difficult to get into a chests ( like the gameplay) and traps...
  • #12 Turnip
    As long as their guarded, like those abaddon ones in act 5 arreat summit.
  • #13 Kwic
    That's definatelly good step. Locked chest was some kind of joke in D2 lol. Especially that there was nothing good inside them. I like idea of looking for some good chest in the dungeon :) I liked clearing up, when i had a possibility to find a good item :P Besides i always liked to open some big, shiny chests :D And here, if they make them even better, it would be fun. Definatelly.

    Damn, can't wait for D3. I hope it's released on next holidays :P

  • #14 permaximum
    What an idea huh?They must be geniuses
  • #15 diacriticals
    Chests (locked or not) should contain something valuable, in D2 i did not find anything valuable ... I don't care if they lock them or not, just put something good inside
  • #16 Spaz.
    That's brilliant, I never bothered to bring keys with me anyways so I might just have lost xx godlies because of it.

    now I can just open all chests :P not because I think its usually worth it in the second sequel of this game, but I just can't stand the thought that in one of those fuckers there are this Godly, Insane, Friggin burning 1 of a kind item..!

    and yes, adding more and important chest is the only wise thing to do, I mean in this sacred realm there must be hidden treasures all over. would certainly make magicfinding more exiting, no more "glitching" the maps as fast as possible to get to the certain boss, maybe?
  • #17 milanv
    yeah, definitely good news. as most people here I wasn't bothered to carry keys around since I did that at first and I don't remember ever getting something that good from it to keep me carrying the keys so I just dropped the idea. this is great :)
  • #18 tenaciousg
    right on, d3 is gonna be the shit.
  • #19 Holyknight3000
    I love this change to be honest, will make for more chances for something to drop, the higher quality of a chest type will make for MF runs to be far more worth while for one lol
  • #20 Vadoff
    Nice, keys cost nothing to buy and were just a frustration when you didn't have one on hand for chests.
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