Game Informer - Diablo 3 Interview

Game Informer got a three-pages interview with Jay Wilson. Most of it is stuff we have heard often. However, one snippet might be of interest to diablo fans. The special effect sounds composer in Diablo III was who did them in Diablo II.

Jay Wilson answers how they approach character roster when creating new classes for Diablo 3.
GI: People who played Diablo II obsessively acquired a Pavlovian response to the drop sounds—are you keeping those effects, or are you rerecording them?

Wilson: We’re probably going to rerecord them, just because the quality isn’t as high, but the guy who’s doing them is the same person from Diablo II. He’s going to do them justice, for sure. The main thing I actually want to get is a little more distinction, where higher-quality magic items have a more distinct sound.


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