Diablofans - WWI Card Tyrael Pet Contest

Diablofans.com has twenty (20) orphaned Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals (WWI) Cards to giveaway courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. These cards contain:

- A Tyrael pet code redeemable for one of your current World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade characters.

- A World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Beta Key Code

Europe and USA players are eligible for as long as you play on servers in these regions. How can you become the foster parent of these orphaned Tyrael pets?

Simply be creative and post one or more detailed suggestions or your personal wishes for the Diablo 3 Team ... What do you want to see in Diablo 3 concerning Trading features and PvP features. Post them below.

These suggestions will be forwarded to the Diablo 3 Team through Bashiok (Diablo 3 Community Manager).

Only one entry per forum member and household. Anybody who makes more than one post in the contest thread will be disqualified. We will PM the winners and ship the cards to the winners' homes.

This contest will close on August 25th at 11:59pm EST at which point the forum thread will be locked.

Thanks for being an avid member of the Diablofans Community! Good Luck!

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  • #1 journalofintegrity.com
    For some reason, I always thought it would be really cool to design and name your own weapon. I used to imagine that the coolest way to do it, would simply be by having a big sheet of metal ingame, and just hammering away the bits you dont want with the cursor, like deleting parts off a block of colour in photoshop. That way, the very creative could make really interesting designs/shapes colours/textures, and come up with personalised names etc, and those who werent so good could just pick from a few dozen templates.

    Or else being able to upload your own gif file to use as a sheild emblem or on a flag or tabard. Encouraging creativity and personalisation is always really interesting i always thought.

    I dont care if i win anything, i just want to create artwork/designs to personalise my character.
  • #2 Equinox
    It seems like they are giving a contest opportunity to every fansite or something. Diablo-source has one on skills, and Diablo-Armory had one on Characters I think, and so on. Perhaps it would be a good idea to list all those different contests?
  • #3 dawgma
    Skill animations should evolve as you add more skill points to them. This way you can visually determine the approximate strength of a players skills. It would also add another layer of uniqueness amongst character who have similar skills but have distributed their skill points differently amongst those skills. And finally from a lore perspective it makes sense that skills with more points in them should look like they are executed better, as this would be a reflection of the characters experience.

    EDIT: I'm confused about the parameters of this contest... is it strictly limited to suggestions about trading and PvP features? If so, that could be stated clearer in the OP.
  • #4 MijnWraak
    Diablo III now has a clean slate as far as trading goes. While 'hardcore Diablo fans' probably think it should stay the same as past Diablo titles, i believe there is a large place for improvement. I think trading should be an intergral part of the game, just as it was before, but the way that things are traded should be different. There could be an auction house where you put your item up for sale Ebay style - or maybe even have a craigslist for items/runes/gems/etc - and anyone searching for that item can type it in, or browse for it, and place a bet. The winner will be awarded it and it will instantly be put into a special bag to be picked up at an in-game location. For this to work, Gold would have to actually be worth something instead of being useless like before. Also you should be able to place offers such as "2 hrs, and a Hoto for this and an ali baba".

    There will have to be an efficient anti-hack / dupe / etc for it to work, also. I am confident that the devs will find a way for this, so that should not be a big problem.

    Hopefully this will be put into the game as I think it will be a very useful system of trading. :)
  • #5 Umpa
    I would like to see a pvp ranking system with titles, and possibly loot rewards for being high ranked. In order to do the ranking I think a personal record would be great. A great way to judge by percent. Maybe you wouldn't get direct loot reward but rather points for the new Battle.Net system that will be similar to Xbox live gamer points. Example, you win one duel against someone your own level you get 5 gamer points, against a higher level, say 5 higher, you get 10 gamer points to use towards some cool stuff.
  • #6 Bubbinator
    As was suggested in the above post, a pvp ranking system would definitely bolster the longevity of the game, as would a reward system for rankings. Player trading will hopefully be an extremely important element to the game, as such a redundant trade confirmation system would be nice. I'm sure thats already planned, though.
  • #7 deathbysnusnu
    If I could see one change in the Diablo PvP system it would be the addition of organized PvP. Not to say it should be like Battlegrounds in WoW, but something more old school. I remember when my friends and I would gather in D2 and set up our own tournaments amongst ourselves, outside challenges were welcome of course. I'd love to see something official set up like this, an arena of sorts, I don't even think rewards are a important part of the system, because I don't want to see Diablo become all about PvP rewards, but it would be nice to have a safe arranged system, without the fear of a third guy rushing and crushing the others with two fists of the heavens.
  • #8 timmatahii
    Suggestion - Let the barter system of Diablo2 be the means of economy in diablo3. reasons being is the community as a whole work on what they think is importain at the time. Also leads to less people abusing the games code to make money in the real world. Gives the economy a diverse ability to be very different.

    For example.... One day runes might be high prices (meaning you better show gold *Uniques* ) to get them... But then the next day the market it flooded with them because they have been farmed.

    This give all player low and high the expected Highs and Lows of being the best and being behind the curb. Hard core player will always lead the edge in best gear and best amount of items to barter.

    While casuals will not be ahead of the curb they can still have a chance later on at behind ahead say if chipped gems become importain. Or all the sudden a cheap rune word because importain.
  • #9 tepnomus
    I would like to see something like long distance trading. For example, in WoW you can paste your item to a chat channel and others can see it by clicking on the item name. What I would like to see in D3 is, when you post your item in the trading channel and someone clicks on the item name and like the stats of it and want it, they can open a trade window instantly with you to trade for it no matter where they are in the world.
  • #10 crowman
    Hello, I would like to just make some suggestions and I hope you atleast take a look at this even if I don't win the contest. Some of the things that I would like to see stay the same in the Diablo franchise are the items being BoE (bind on equipt for all of you non-nerds out there), class skills being very unique, and it being a very fast paced PvP. Trading and bartering for items is much funner then having a set currency. Although certain items in Diablo 2 happen to become the currency anyway, it's good to have the options open. I'm not too worried about the classes, you guys have always been good about it. I hope pvp is still as fast as it has always been, where a duel usually doesn't last any logner then 30 seconds. I also hope that PvP is still very disorganized and more like a royal rumble then a game of capture the flag. I think pking is more suited for diablo then a friendly type of duel. I hope that the random prefix and suffix generators are still active in Diablo 3 as well as monsters dropping random items. I saw that you were thinking of changing the item layout so that things were only 1 slot and im not quite sure i aggree with this. I think you should make the inventory bigger, maybe with tabs, and let you rotate items on the grid to fit. O ya, and make a necromancer. And bring back the cow level :P

    There are some things that I would like to see be different in the game also. Personally, I would like it to be 1 long game that gradually gets harder instead of 3 difficulty modes. But thats just me. I would also like to see more things that are very difficult to do and impossible to do alone with very valuable rewards. Uber Tristram was a very good start but unfortunatley thats the only thing in the game like that. I would also like to see more little easter eggs in the game :P I always enjoy finding these and having a little laugh. (One idea is at some point in the game have Reziarfg as a boss :D). I would very much like to see more class balance. Lets face it, pallys are the best class, have the best skills, and are much more versitile then any other class. I would also like to see more bosses which I think you guys are planning to do. The thing that I would like to see the absolute most is more bannings. The hacks/bots/mods on Diablo 2 have gotten way out of hand. As for mercenaries....im not sure If I was too into it. I say if you bring them back, give them AI/commands like stay, follow, attack, don't attack etc etc. I have seen people on this thread post about maybe having PvP awards and I think it would be cool but I don't know how I think it should be done. I think it would be cool to use ears or another type of pk trophy as currency for PvP rewards, maybe like if you land the killing blow you get that ear instantly put in your inventory (in a special place that cant be filled by other items.) However, I don't want to see gear distributed through PvP. I think you should be able to buy character titles or other things that are useless but cool. An account stash would be nice but not very logical or reasonable so i'm nit expecting there to be one. I would hope that there is a mailing system. This would really solve alot of issues with the account stash. A mailing system similar to WoWs is one of the few things that I think Diablo can successfully steal from WoW. Another thing you can steal from WoW is being able to link items. Why not? What could go wrong?

    There are alot of things that I would like to comment about specifically to the demo video. First, I like the idea of no more potions. I think that this will make 1 less annyoyance in PvP also it will make boss fights more interesting since you have no way to heal (unless you make a healing class and please don't). I very much liked how in the boss fight how he ripped that guy apart. I'm not sure if this was something real in the game or just something cool for the video. Either way, it would be sweet to see in the game. I like the idea of the whole environmental interaction thing but I hope this isn't class specific because frankly I can't picture a witch doctor being able to knock down a wall with a wand lol. I know in a recent interview you guys said that you are sticking to isometric view. Which is cool. But, why is it during the end of the video you changed views to a more head on view. Can you change the view? Or was it only a video thing?

    I know theres alot of arguement over the color and general look of the game so far and heres my opinion on it. Its 2008, everything is 3D and thats what 3D looks like. I can't see how some people are going bonkers over the game even though all thats out is a 20 minute demo video. I'm not saying you should like Diablo no matter what I'm just saying bite your tongue until the game is actually released or you have played it. Im sure the game will be very diverse in the environment as was Diablo 1 and 2. There were still lush green areas in Diablo 2 none the less a super-sunny desert.

    In Diablo 2 there were "cooldowns" but they were'nt as advanced as WoWs or anything. Only a few things actually had a cooldown and if they did they were no more then like 2-3 seconds. Lets face it, it would suck if you could cast FoH or Blizzard like Hammers. You guys knew what moves needed these and acted on them and I dont think there is any need to change this much in Diablo 3. Since it has very face paced combat cooldowns would just slow everything down and change the general gameplay alot. I think you need to leave the faster cast rate as a base and use cooldowns on moves if you need to but still make them just a second or two.

    I'm going to dedicate this entire section on teleport because I have very strong views on it. First of all teleport was the most important move in the game without a doubt. I think there is no reason to change it at all. However, I think it should only be exclusive for the Sorceress-like class in D3. The inclusion of enigma made sorceresses pretty obsolete. However, I think every class should have it's special way of faster transportation or atleast something cool to lean you twards that class.

    1 more thing. As iv'e been reading other peoples posts about that they want to see I see alot of things that are referenced to WoW or very similar. Although WoW has some things that would contribute to the game positivley, I also think that Diablo is Diablo and WoW is WoW. If I wanted to play WoW I would play WoW. When I want to play Diablo I play Diablo. I'll repeat this one more time. PLEASE do NOT make gold the currency. At that don't make any real currency. Let us barter item for item. Alot of people are saying to get an auction house which would be impossible since d3 will be run through battlenet it cant remain a constant. Also if there was an auction house there would have to be a set currency which I expressed my opinions above about that.

    Yup, thats my opinions so far on Diablo 3. I hope you guys read this. I'm sure Diablo 3 will be great no matter what you do though. Bye!
    (seriously there is too many people saying it should be like wow in this post. lost count of how many times ive edited this now :P)
  • #11 bubba3081
    Suggestion for trading/items:

    I would like to see some truly rare items; such that only a certain number drop (world drops) or the item is only able to be dropped for a certain amount of time. The items could be changed on some type of basis so that its not possible to farm all items in the game. I feel this would reward long term character play and encourage trading rather than MF runs.
  • #12 Nooblet
    Hello Heres my suggestion for Diablo 3 player vs player.

    Have you ever played Nox?

    Instead of having players choose their single player or battle.net charecters for player vs player they would simply create a character for this game mode where you can pick up items,spells,skills and abilities on the battlefield.

    Lets make the arenas or level maps interactive with switches to open areas, activate traps or activate power up areas.

    There can be team game modes as well, like team death match, capture the flag type game modes.

    The maps won't have to be relatively big like the single player game world to better suit the fast game play of this new player vs player system.

  • #13 VladDracul
    Here is my take on these issues:

    We need to have auction houses! For a new age game to not have an auction house would be mind blowing. An auction house in which players can post their item(s) and use buy it now prices otherwise people can bid on the selected item of their choice like on eBay and winner wins the item via mail much like in WoW. As far as general trading via person to person, I feel we should have to be in town (Who would trade outside of town while there are 1000000000 demons around you?) and it will open up a nice interfaced trade screen much like Diablo 2 except make it more fluid, in Diablo 2 when you went to trade it unequipped all of your gear to trade and you couldnt take your belt off if you had potions in it, fix this make it so you can take your belt off and trade it to the guy if you so desired since we wont have potions anyway this shouldnt be a problem. Also make any item tradeable, why have items that you cant trade that would defeat half of the value of that item.

    Wow, this needs to be done right or like I have stated before ALOT of people are gonna be pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My take on it is mixed. I feel people should have the option to select if their game should have pvp enabled in their game. I feel they should be able to select tho if they want open pvp (Like Diablo 1) in which no hostility would need to be declared and they can die anywhere (including town) or selective pvp (like in Diablo 2) where they have to hostile and find you out in the wilderness to attack you. Now if you select no pvp in your game then a simple command in the party menu to ask for a duel would be implemented in which if you wanted to take time off from killing demons and test your might with eachother you have the option to. PVP NEEDS to be fast paced, fact Diablo ruins and I mean RUINS all other games in pvp is because it is so fast and real time. In Diablo you can dodge attacks and actually have to use skill to really duel well (People say items make the character, a well skilled player with worse items can destroy any kid who has the "godliest" gear simply because they know how to really duel). Give the player the options to be able to dodge attacks, use block chance still, make it so you can attack the air that gives you the option of aiming as a skill in itself. You limit the skills to attacks like in WoW where they all lock onto the person you are fighting and auto hit pretty much that destroys pvp in general to me and pretty much any good dueler. Make it so players have to aim their attacks, implement namelocking of course so you could still lock onto targets but its not gonna always hit that target because fact noone is gonna sit there and say hey hit me all of your stuff im not gonna move. Make pvp about skill not items.

    To sum this all up:
    - Auction House much like eBay and WoW with mailing system
    - General trading person to person but make it more fluid

    - Options when creating game on which PvP you would like in your game
    - Ability to dodge attacks, don't make this game seem like WoW where you are stuck with hit for hit
    - Ability to attack air, let aim be a skill that players can develop upon themselves. Include name locking but still have every skill the ability to attack where and when the player wants not what you feel they should do. This keeps PvP in real time and not GENERIC!!!!
    - Ability to use actual skill to win, just because you got best gear doesn't mean you are gonna dominate all implement the others I stated and this will just come with it.

    Thank you for reading I know it is alot, but it is stuff I feel really really REALLY needs to happen.
  • #14 zomgowen
    There are a few basic things from WoW I would like to see ported, many people have mentioned an Auction House, but seeing other features, like a dressing room, inspection, and the ability to link items in chat would be fantastic for the trading economy.

    If the auction house is to really work, however, gold needs to be worth more in the game than it was in D2. There need to be some sort of NPC money-sinks to make this possible. What I would like is to see vendors supplying, at high cost, "enchantments" that players can apply to their weapons. This would raise the value of gold, making an auction house possible (or just freeing up inventory space, even if the AH doesn't go in). Other sinks could be increasing the capacity of your stash or respecing.

    With PvP, you have to be careful it doesn't turn into just a damage race. What really would be nice is a limited amount of control abilities, to offset the innate chaos. Not necessarily effects that incapacitate you, and nothing that causes you to lose control of your character for more than a second or two. Fast and chaotic are the keys, with a sprinkle of control. Even so, I'd think PvP would do better as a side game, though perhaps some gold could be wagered or won/lost on matches. I don't think gear should come from this, as Diablo has always been about dungeon crawling.
  • #15 Deac
    I would like to give my thanks to Blizzard and the whole development team for bringing me (ok us), the most anticipated sequel of all time. I really appreciate all the hard work I know you are putting in for us fans to make a game that will most likely blow every game out of the water and take a greater part of my future away. I really like the current art in the game and really hope that you don't change it.

    A quick Side Note: Something cool I thought of as a Barbarian skill the other night was to give them chains that they can throw out and pull the enemies close to them. I thought it would be really useful for a melee class to get close to and kill the summoner type enemies. Basically it is the opposite of leap, but sometimes jumping into the middle of 20 monsters isnt the better choice. Of course it wouldnt work on a enemy like the hell siege engine.


    I really hope that Diablo 3 doesn't keep changing every month so every class has to be constantly adjusted because they are too strong against another class because of pvp. The constant tweaking of classes and not having complete knowledge and control of your character as soon as you start playing can become quite aggravating. On a different note, I think there should be different pvp modes. I also think pvp should be a completely different zone/server than the pve zone. Maybe you could create pvp ways of getting loot (Games Completed, etc) and pve ways of getting loot (grind baby, grind) and keep the pve and pvp characters separate. This would allow you to keep rare cool enhancements on armor (1 teleport :P) in the pve realm and more pvp (damage reduction) type enhancements to the pvp realm. People would then be able to gain items better to their suiting.

    A few pvp game types I thought of:


    Dungeon Master - Matched with a character close to your level, first person to clear an identical dungeon wins. Dungeon randomly generated. Destroy the enviroment for powerups/opponent attacks, in the form of orbs.

    Team Dungeon Master - Teams of 2 or 4, same concept as above but larger and harder dungeons. Maybe focus on teamwork strategy.

    Puzzle Master - Randomly Generated Puzzle Dungeons that holds the same concept as the Dungeon Master, with no enemies, just a set of 3-5 puzzles with 1 boss monster at the end.

    Town Siege - Destroy more of the town then your opponent, once the entire town is destroyed, the player who causes the most damage is the victor. Randomly generated towns. I saw the collapsable wall and dont know if you are making any buildings the same way. But if you are, rock on! Powerup orbs that stun your opponite, or other powerups. Also, since they are in the same town, the ability to attack the other player! Longer respawn times the more times you die.

    Team Town Siege - ^ with teams of 2-4

    Gem collector - Compete with another player and find the most gems throughout a dungeon. Gems are seen by both players and can be found off enemies, chests, bookshelves, behind walls, and anywhere else you can see. Players can attack eachother.

    Boss Master - Defeat a random 3 bosses before your opponent to win. Destroy the enviroment around the bosses for powerups/attacks.

    Hells Coliseum - Fight to the Death. Randomly generated fighting stage. Straight PVP. Best 2/3 or 3/5 and so on.

    Team Hells Coliseum - ^

    Heavens Coliseum - Defend the Sanctum longer than your opponent: Demons spawn in a effort to destroy heavens sanctum, destroy the demons before they get to the sanctum. First they get stronger and then they overwhelm you. First character to die/have the sanctum destroyed loses.


    These ideas were actually thought of because of Warcraft 3. I remember playing warcraft 3 online and having to do deathmatch over and over. Then people made tower defense games, hero games and others which added a lot of fun and creativity to an open slate. To have these ideas in at the start would be amazing. Straight pvp becomes repetitive and can often get really boring for a lot of people. I think it is important to offer many different ways for people to play a game competitively. PVP does not have to mean: Lets attack eachother and see who wins. It should mean, lets play competivly against eachother in whichever game we choose. These type of games also open up the flood gate on an achievement type system.


    Make everything tradeable. Although if you go with my pvp idea, not on the pvp realm :cool:. I feel that a complete trade system is vital to a game and one of the greatest parts of any game is researching the market and trade values. That usually comes around to a gold based economy. I am against a gold based economy because if the system is around gold, then there has to be little gimmicks that have to be added to the game consistantly to keep gold at a value and something people want so they can use it. (Although this might not be if the ladder system is kept, then I am for the gold based economy). So I came up with this idea:


    Bartering Floor - You can go into any town and it will be linked to the bartering Floor. The bartering floor is viewable from any game and players can see all offers on their selected realm. Players can put an item up for barter, with absolutely no requests (or requests if they prefer) on what they want on the other end. This item leaves the inventory and goes to the bartering floor, it can be taken out at any time on the bartering floor screen. Items remain on the bartering floor for 24 hours or less depending on the creator.

    Players who want to trade for a item simply have to put up the items (as many as they want) they want to trade into the bartering system. This also takes their item(s) into holding. When the first player logs in, they can go to the bartering floor and see which items have been offered for their item and choose the best offer, or most suitable offer. All the player would have to do is accept an offer and the trade is completed automatically and both players can pick up their items at the bartering floor. All other offer items are refunded to the players and they get to see what items were traded for that item. This can give other players an idea of how good of an item they are going to need to offer to get the item they want, or what the value of an item is.

    I believe this system is completely fair and solves the issue of people being in the dark about item values when they can see what items they need are actually going for.

    Thank you for your time.
  • #16 ladranas
    I would like to see a more in-depth PVP structure than that of DII. I believe that the DII PVP structure was the only part of DII that was a little unfair. Duals ended too quickly, and it was too easy to get "ganked" by other players, simply by them choosing to be "hostile" towards you. I believe the duel system in World of Warcraft was fair and comprehensive, and would do well to transition into the third installment of the Diablo franchise.

    Both characters would have to agree to a dual, perhaps even more than two characters can dual, i.e. a three versus three. Also, DII had a spell system that focused on characters using mostly two skills, whereas the spell bar in WoW gave the option to readily have more spells at your disposal during the duel. The quick duels in DII simply did not leave much time to switch between spells quickly efficiently.

    The synergy system in DII was great in my opinion, and would transition well into D3, seeing as how WoW has a similar concept in terms of added spell damage and other improvements to existing spells.

    I have full trust in the development team behind Diablo III and trust they will do no less than give us exactly what we expected to see in such an epic sequel to such an epic franchise!
  • #17 HealEarth
    For Trading

    -I wish for an auction house type system for the realm e.g. all us east players have one global auction house to buy and sell items as they please this auction house npc/vender could be located or called from a special portal/item or transmute(wirts legs for instance) if an npc in town is not a viable option.

    -Trading should be streamlined as items are always going to be going to the wrong person in the party. D3 should have a different "in feild" small trade window coming up on the corner of the screen(unhindering combat). So you could have a person and item selected and type /trade and you will automaticly be trading with the player with the slected item in the trade window. Another comand could be /tradefree and you would automaticly give the selected player the item you have selected ,a command box for the reciever may be necessary e.g." "so and so" sends you "itemblah" do you accept?". Just in case someone decides to fill u up with quivers/junk before a boss fight.

    -Clicking on players wouldnt not automaticly trade that was annoying in diablo2. Possible trade options: /trade while person selected and/or clicking on trade button then person.

    -Not really trading as such but if a quest reward was made, much like the personize, would be an offer to soul bound a item to the player the only way to soul-bind items? just an idea. (Would also decrease hacking somewhat due to the most rare items being soul bound on perfect characters)

    -I liked the copper silver gold in wow, its saves having gold numbers exceeding 50,000,000 etc though it is a minor issue.

    -Gold having value. Kind of necessary.

    For PvP

    -If you could encourage players to fight on a map with a random teleport wp (no town camping and decreasing jumping). Where players would speifitcaly only drop an item of pvp value. Again this idea is trying to move away from wow to separate the games you just as easily implement a wow arena type system but would you want to?.

    -Special Events computer/program generated games (different color from normal games in list) where hostiley is automaticly toggled permentily for all players and you didnt know what kinda special event it was untill entering these special events would viary from:

    I: One to find a key/item of value in a (scary)pumpkin patch by attacking the pumpkins to open them up.

    II: First one to chase down a mutilated bunny and kill it/talk to it gain reward.

    III: Everyones teleported to a random place on the map and have to destry walls to reach treasure chests only one of which carrying an item of value the rest spawning traps/monsters.

    IV: Death match type game last player to survive games a chest that appears out of the ground much like the one in the gameplay trailer.

    Etc the games wheren't really meant to seem like holiday events but kinda come off like it. The events rarity would make them more unique of course. To common would lead to a downfall in interest and flavor. Also people to low lvl to duel/hostile could not enter.

    -Impliment dueling system where as soon as a player reached death they would be put to 1 hp and kept alive and unable to attack or be attacked untill they entered town again. To enter a duel with another player you could click the duel button then player or /duel on selected player. A visual indication of loss would be good aswell.

    -Ears could carry the cash value(when sold to a vender) a player lost apon death to entice pvp. Therefor no gold gain on the market only transfer meaning no exploits. Just a thought.

    -All attacks/spells/skills cast/used prior to hostiling would not turn into attacks players could recieve.... tppk ruined hardcore can't really have that happening
  • #18 freodo
    Master skills.
    What I mean by this is if a character is a master of one of their skill trees (only spends skill points in one tree) all the way up to level 80, a master skill is unlocked in the corresponding skill tree that may only be learned through a difficult solo-only quest.
    For example, in D3, instead of paladins being able to learn blessed hammer (Please make this weaker! It's learned at level 18, for Christ's sake!) only by spending one other point in the combat tree, one would have to use all/almost all of their skill points in the combat tree for them to unlock the skill. Of course, this would be the same for all classes, such as ice-specialized magic-wielders being able to learn blizzard or frozen orb at 80.

    I know many of you will think this is too much like WoW, and I admit, it is similar, but it isn't the same

    Edit: AWW CRAP I didn't see the part of OP where it says suggestions about trading and PvP...
  • #19 lordincc
    Maybe a respec for attributes points would be cool, more realistic loots Example: When you see a centaur "or any other creature" wearing the "Apocalyptic Sword of Eternal Doom" =P you have a better chance of dropping that item or any other, like armors and other things, sure the creeps with that items are tougher than normal.

    Not losing money from your storage box when you die is a good one too =D, the addition of a bank with a lot of free space.

    The ability to enchant your weapons/armors with scrolls and reagents that can both be dropped from creatures, you can use the scrolls and reagents to enchant with trade, a friend weapons/armos.
  • #20 XXLaw
    In PVP:

    Make an Duel option - if you choose this ,before you fight you would stake items/gold , would be able to choose different kinds of options – like no weapons ,no spells ,no armor ,no potions, and the winner gets everything! This would make PVP even more rewarding!

    Also: Not only for PVP but what would be great ,when your health is critically low (around 1/3) your Health Orb WOULD CRACK ,and you’d hear a glass cracking sound that would warn you ,and would make you be more careful and use tactic to survive and succeed in the fight.

    Another one: I know the tradition is when you defeat somebody you get his ear: Now why wouldn't that be random? (This is a random game after all ^^) For example: If you defeat somebody you get a random drop of a body part from the opponent ,like Right arms index finger ,or left legs toe or a nose ,or right eyeball! And you could collect them ,for example if you defeated X and got his nose ,the nose doesn't drop anymore ,now you might get his right arms thumb and so on ,until you collect all his body parts!

    In Trading:

    When trading items ,while holding Ctrl click on an item to see how would it look on you (Like in WoW ,which I think is a great thing that the Diablo universe could use)

    Gold:(If gold will be a useful currency in Diablo III ,but I think should be) Seeing how much each item is worth in the trade screen and a little box that would show the sum of all the items put up. So if it wouldn't be a trade item for an item then you could have a number to determine how much would you pay for the items.

    When trading ,being able to highlight items that you need ,so the person offering the items sees what you want, doesn't have to ask ''Need anything'' every time he trades with someone.

    Not having to click on a person to trade ,better would be to right-click and choose to trade or any other option.
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