PC Gamer's Diablo III Cover Story

The latest issue of PC Gamer that's currently only available to subscribers of the magazine is featuring a cover story and preview of none other than Diablo III.

The issue of PC Gamer has yet to hit the shelves, but BlizzardGuru managed to get their hands on the issue and take photos of the pages, which they've uploaded for viewing.

The magazine doesn't contain too much new information, however and goes through the typical questions that most of us have asked and had answered by Bashiok on the forums and Jay Wilson in various interviews online.

However, the issue also contains some interesting reading, such as a fanboy vs hater op-ed piece, a column regarding the color/art petition and a Q&A section with some new information about the game. The article also contains a feature on what we know and what we don’t, with some very detailed speculation on the matters.

Thanks for the tip, Sp3tsnaz!


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