BlizzCon 2008 Coverage by DirectTV Pay-Per-View

Blizzard Entertainment and DirecTV have partnered to deliver fans of Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft a whooping 16 Hours live HD video coverage of BlizzCon 2008 via Pay-Per-View. This is historic. Blizzard fans for the first time have the opportunity to watch a Blizzard Event via TV.

The great news is that for those fans who subscribe to DirecTV ONLY through the BlizzCon website's special offer will watch the live coverage for free. The current DirecTV subscribers who already have the service will pay only $39.95. That beats paying airplane tickets, hotel and extra costs -- that if you ever get lucky to buy a BlizzCon ticket in the first place. Those are sold like hot bread ... very fast. The offer is not yet active, but will be soon. Keep alert for updates. wants fans to offer feedback:
- Who is going to BlizzCon 2008 on October?
- Who is gonna watch the BlizzCon 2008 Pay-Per-View Coverage?
- Who is gonna watch live streams online?

Remember Blizzard visits from time to time. Share your feedback.

Blizzcon 2008: Available on Pay Per View in HD

Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11, 2008. Live from the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California

DIRECTV Package Includes:

* Over 16 hours of crystal-clear high-definition coverage

* Exclusive interviews and commentary

* Main stage presentations including opening ceremony

* Select panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers

* Tournament coverage and team highlights

* BlizzCon 2008 World of Warcraft in-game polar bear mount with mounted, flag-waving murloc


  • #1 DesmondTiny
  • #2 Dirtyness
    Where's the Uverse love??
  • #3 shelledfade
    That is a lot of money if your basically going to get all the information online anyway. I mean, if you could actually get a beta key if they had them there and you could get one if you paid for the pay-per-view, then i'd do it in a heartbeat.

    Other than that... I would not pay for it when I can see it all online anyway.
  • #4 Stena
    Behave! Blizzard might be watching us.... sneaky
  • #5 Lord_de_Seis
    Quote from "Stena" »
    Behave! Blizzard might be watching us.... sneaky

    Blizzard is always watching us
  • #6 DesmondTiny
    Quote from name="Lord de Seis" »
    Blizzard is always watching us

    Vary true

    They see you when your sleeping
    They know when your awake
    They know when youve dissin there game are pwnin some noobs
    So pwn some noobs for goodness sake
    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better now pout im tellin you why
    Blizzard is releasing Diablo3 in town!!!!
  • #7 LarryNC
    Awesome. Blizzcon 08 on tv! count me in, especially cus you get that awesome mount =P
  • #8 Kenzai
    Ill probably not watch it at all. :P

    Ill read the info directly from the net.
  • #9 Umpa
    will it be live streamed?
  • #10 Thasador
    I am going to blizzcon. Took the days off from work, told my boss that this is more important than programming phones for Hewlett Packard United States wide and already got the car ready for the 18 hour road trip.
  • #11 SteelVelocity
    I'm not going to pay money to see any of this. Unlike some, I have the patients to wait a day to see the highlights. I also know how to read and how to look up the reviews.

    I disapprove of how Blizzard is going Microsoft on us. Nickel and Dime all the way :(
  • #12 LarryNC
    I never could get enough of Blizzcon/WWi - this is going to rock. I wonder if Blizzard will be doing the live streams this year? probably not, and that is why I don't mind paying.. plus you get the awesome Blizzcon mount with the murloc waving a flag! :)
  • #13 Pinkzeppelin
    I'm going to be working in San Diego during Blizzcon, so I will FINALLY be able to go, but I was really hoping that selling the mount would offset the cost of the ticket. Now that anyone can get the mount and it's not really "limited" as long as you have 30 dollars and DirectTV, it won't be worth much. =(
  • #14 akse
    Live streams probably work better for me as I live in Finland and have no satellite dish.. if that would even be possible to get the signal here or pay for the channel or whatever :=) Loved the WWI08 live stream.

    Going to blizzcon or WWI at some year would be extremely nice. Just have to wait until the school is over and I get some job so I can afford it :)
  • #15 Medievaldragon
    Quote from "Umpa65" »
    will it be live streamed?

    Unknown at the moment. I gotta ask my contacts because with a deal such as this one with Directv it is possible they may have a contract of exclusivity.
  • #16 12eaper
    eh imma just watch the streams
  • #17 Enty
    id love to watch in hd on my 50 inch but i have io digital cable not DTV although i loved DTV when i had it went oout during storms so lets hope for all you who have DTV that there is no storm that day or you wont have anything to watch..... so i will be watching live stream all day waiting for the announcment of the release date for wotlk and sc2 release dat and the announcement of third class ..(it has to be announced its a huge event and if it televised then i think theyll announce a new class) most likely the mage caus eit is like the most common class in fantasy games
  • #18 Zoltrix
    I am going to be there myself I personally Can't wait to see all the Zerg stuff for SC2 and getting to see and maybe play Diablo3 (not getting my hopes up) will be very cool.
  • #19 ApplePie
    I'll wait until it's available for free on a torrent tracker.... and it WILL be. Screw DirecTV.
  • #20 Freak_of_Nature
    Sigh team marketing strategies for the lose. I'm a Dish network subscriber, I actually approve of this company over direct tv. They're just nice folk. Been subscribed to them for a few years now. Sigh... I'd love to get ahold of that polar bear mount an watch this coverage on my 42in 1080p lcd hdtv..
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