"The Internet Hates Diablo III" Writes SomethingAwful

One of the Internet's most well known websites, SomethingAwful, has commented on the recent upsurge of hatred against Diablo III's art direction with a humorous article entitled "The Internet Hates Diablo III".

Here's a snippet:

After watching the Diablo III gameplay footage, I was really excited. The visuals were fantastic, a lot of small improvements had been added without seeming to get in the way of what makes the series great, and by the end of the video I found myself moving my mouse around the screen as if I was playing. That's sad, but what's even sadder is that I'm not a big-time game journalist so I can't come up with a term like "gamesturbation" to describe the lonely and desparate act while making myself cool and quotable.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my positive impressions were irrational and baseless, while most of the internet saw the game for what it truly was: A personal insult to them and a serious threat to all they hold dear. If you find that you've mistakenly become mildly optimistic about the game, read on to find out where I went wrong so you can adjust accordingly.

The article actually manages to delve pretty deeply into the subject that's been making headlines in the recent days. Yes, it's actually serious. Some of you may not agree with the article, but if anything you should check it out for some good laughs, even if it means having a good laugh at yourself.

Thanks for the tip, Vacorsis!


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