Looking for Graphic Artists

Hey there, I'm currently looking for a graphic artist to join the Diablo3.com and an upcoming network of gaming sites. You must have past experience and of course, artist ability. The position will be voluntary until the network begins to grow so the last requirement is to have a passion for Gaming.

If you are interested please contact teamnexus AT hotmail.com


  • #1 darkjay
    lol... heres a sample of my work
    note the lifelike flames
  • #2 Maestro
    man, you make piss darkjay
  • #3 darkjay
    :( thanks... ahole lol
  • #4 Carloseus
    darkjay i saw this and decided to not post my art on this site. imagine that but five times worse.
  • #5 phantom_X

    just whipped that up in 20 minutes i could have done better had you given an artistic direction and a purpose, this is just one thing i imagined. what would you require for the position? thank you...
  • #6 phantom_X
    guess my previous post didn't work, if it did, i apologize.
    did this in 20 minutes, i could do better if you tell me what you want.
    what would the position require?
  • #7 ThatDude
    Thats pretty good for 20 minutes Im sure Umaro will contact you soon
  • #8 Corn_Flakes
    Insted of the swords and the III i would have the III but as swords or arrows or something
  • #9 Corn_Flakes
    but anyway, what program did you use for that?
  • #10 phantom_X
    photoshop, nothing but the finest
  • #11 phantom_X

    here is another try less than 10 minutes the hardest part was the III slashes which look dumb up at the top, i guess ill do better next time
  • #12 Carloseus
    dude i need this program.
  • #13 Carloseus
    ok i got photo impact like three days ago so i will be posting stuff. right now im working on a diablo 2 background just to get used to the program. on friday i will release my first every project so you guys have something to look forward to.
  • #14 DX_rulez
    oohh.... i cant wait to see your first project carloseus... lol
  • #15 phantom_X

    This is my third attempt took slightly longer because of the diablo face, took maybe 2-1/2 hours maybe...
  • #16 Obsolete_hi
    That picture is great, but the face looks to "cartoonish"
  • #17 phantom_X

    There thats better, well it looked cartoonish because i made the face using layers upon layers of color cells and shading styles to come up with the form i didnt add much texture or depth which is what i added to this version, hopefully you can see the difference. btw thanks obsolete for the constructive criticism it really helps to have another perspective.
  • #18 AcidReign
    I admit, the face is somewhat cartoonish, but the rest is awesome.
  • #19 DX_rulez
    awesome... well the face is cartoonish i agree but it is very cool!... good job man!...
  • #20 Lightray
    I agree I like everything else alot. The face looks out of place from the bg. As a suggestion, have you tried implementing the effects and slashes onto the face as you did for the title?

    I really like how you did your title....it reminds of blair witch, messy and raw, but in a very primal, corrupted way.
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