Forum Upgrade

Looks pretty good to me.


  • #1 MilanTepic
    you shud make it so that people can just cut and paste pic's (thas ma gurl)
  • #2 WhirL
    Quote from Umaro »
    After a lot of work, I finally managed to get the forums updated. I hope the database transfer went alright.

    A lot more soon to come.

    Yep, it looks good to me as well. Nice job on the update Umaro!
  • #3 cynicalpulse
    cool update dude keep ur the good work
  • #4 deano_mama
    yeah site looks great! awesome job.
  • #5 darkbeast
    Yes, very good job, its going to be interesting to see what happens to this site in the next 3-6 months, im glad to be here
  • #6 Airton
    well good that avatar problems are fixed!
    gl guys!
  • #7 brute
    i dont notice anything different....but i was gone for a long time. so. good job?
  • #8 GhostZ
    this site looks great, im really glad that someone finally decided to make one for this game
  • #9 Maestro
    I cant believe that this site has been around for 3 years! I've been hanging for a diablo 3 ever since I passed the normal difficulty in Diablo 2
  • #10 Elfen_Lied
    hey umaro when will the next update go down, the rules need to be updated lol

    and there is a few things people what to see added/come back
  • #11 darkjay
    yes umaro when will it be :)
  • #12 ThatDude
    Quote from "Maestro" »
    I cant believe that this site has been around for 3 years! I've been hanging for a diablo 3 ever since I passed the normal difficulty in Diablo 2

    Wow this site has been around for 3 years!! I discovered it in feburary lol
  • #13 Maestro
    Yeah it says so at the bottom of the page in the forum home
  • #14 Elfen_Lied
    i didnt even know that diablo 3 rumors were that old, i knew they were old but not that old
  • #15 Maestro
    nah its just ever since d2 came out they have been cravin d3

    Thats the way these things work....when one comes out the geeks who buy it straight away want the next one
  • #16 Rayne
    god knows thats the way it should be...its not the nature of the geeks to be satisfied. otherwise we wouldnt have all these 'next gen' consoles, ya?
  • #17 Elfen_Lied
    hmmm that is true rayne
  • #18 Maestro
    I know that dont you worry...dis you think that the blonde thing hugging the tv everytime the ad for Diablo 2 came on! I was electrocuted six times for kissing my computer when Diablo out! It is just people like us don't get enough recognition these days....i just wanted to get us out there!
  • #19 darkjay
    lol... ever pee on an electric fence???
    yeah i found this site in school a while ago but nevr joined... kept forgeting to at home. but one day i remembered lol
  • #20 Elfen_Lied
    yes that fun when is the next upgrade there are some changes that need to be made;
    either bring back the shoutbox or some institute some kinda live chat a form of msn, we faithful members miss the shoutbox bad, you could have shoutbox or live chat on a seperate page only accessable by members of this site, that way guests would be able to read whats in it, that and spamming why the shoutbox was taken away wasnt it

    inactive account deletion after 3 months or so, coz something really needs to be done about the abundance of inactive accounts here (sorry if it seems a little harse its just how i feel and im not the only one with this point of view)

    different names other than junior member, member, and senior member (prehaps the ones i suggested in my new post names poll and if these names are choosen, a link to a page that says, what each name is and how many post you need for each (people keep asking it gets annoying, [this kind of things really should be in the FAQ, im not sure if it is])

    an area for people to post introductory posts, you know a seperate subsection like 'd3 chat' ''polls and surveys' also in this area should be posts detailing things new comers need to know, mostly posting rules and the like (even though this kind of info is FAQ material)

    if it doesnt already do so, and we just dont know about it, i would like reputation to actually do something, yeh its fun to spread it around but what does it do? also does the 'X is on a distinguished Road' (mousing over the green dot in your post profile) meaning anything, coz it seems like everyone is on a distiguished path even new comers

    the 5 or so things on the 'portal home' page in the top left corner that dont work either need to be deleted, or be made to work, esp the gallery and downloads

    a gallery thats full of screenshots from all the diablo series games, and a subsection of submitted char builds with pics, oh and a gallery/subsection for non diablo related pics

    instead of just 1 top poster, show top posters, maybe 5 or so, currently one would have to go the the members list, then clicks posts to see this info,

    if you change the colour/font of your posts, it should stay as the colour you choose instead of reverting back to the default

    also those 4 spinning stars in the post profile, do they mean anything, i think newer member should have less, and older members should have more, i dont know maybe 1 star for every 250 posts or something like that

    your mouse icon should be a wepon of sorts (sword or axe) from d2, or prehaps the classic gauntlet like in diablo

    a link on the home page diectly to the information in the first post in the Silversurfnstudism post it is important people learn who Lord God Silver is

    if the new names i suggested are rejected, still have a link that says how many posts are required for each level JNR member, member SNR member (people keep asking) or at least have in the FAQ

    a link from the front page to the back story of diablo 1 and 2
    i am sick of posting that the prime evils can all exist without their soulstones, baals soulstone is smashed, and the other crap that people should know, and any other point from the storyline that has a difinite answer, eg tal rasha is dead, warrior/rogue/sorcerer from diablo are all dead

    not really sure if this can be done, but would be nice, to have the diablo 2 soundtrack play in the background of this site, and of course you can turn it off if you want

    Not sure if its just me, but the 'contact us' page at the bottom of the home page doesnt work, it really should

    not sure if it exists, a link from the home page detailing how to submit pics in posts, create signatures, put a pic under your accountname in your post profile (i get tired of people asking), or alternatively put this info in the FAQ

    not sure how successful this would be, but some kind of insentive to stay active, other websites have points that count towards downloads you cant get anywhere else, its really annoying to see that out of the 2000 accounts on 500 are active and around 20 or so of that 500 post on a regular basis, now i know people can post everyday like some of us can, but it does seem like a waste to create an account then never use it

    also it seems a lot of people are quite fond of the idea of Sliversurfnstud and i (elfen lied) to be made administrators, we seem to know our stuff (but thats your guys call)

    the ability to merge 2 of your posts together, it should be an option not automatic like on some sites

    newcomers to this site, should either be automatically or manually(by someone) PMed a 'hello welcome to this site' message, the should include a quick rundown of the posting rules (the important ones) and the age old 'we hope you enjoy your time here' line

    somewhere on this site, there needs to be these rules;
    -if you view a poll vote
    -dont reply to a poll you havent voted in
    -dont spam in polls and surveys
    -stay on topic in polls and surveys

    -and do try to stay on topic

    a link somewhere to the diablo font and other cool fonts

    change the post profile
    currently it looks like this

    Elfen Lied
    Senior Member

    i suggest it look like this now

    Title Elfen Lied(with new names)
    Paladin (with new Names)
    Administrator (if it applies)

    just because someone is an administrator doesnt mean they should have they hard earned post names & titles removed
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