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    Thanks for all the comments guys!
    Now that yo u mentioned it, it definitly reminds me of the D2 character selection screen haha. good times.
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    This is a fanart I did based on the male wizard concept art by Wei Wang (Whose art I am a big fan of).
    When Blizzard first announced the concept for the wizard I fell in love with its design immediately. Despite the initial controversy surrounding its design, I found that the snobby expression, the whole far-eastern influence, the mixture of ornate metal armor and fine robe really sold the upper echelon spell caster image to me. I went about to re-create the character in 3D, please let me know what you guys think!

    There are a couple more images that can be found on my website at www.cobolyu.com
    You can also check out the Diablo fanart I did earlier at the gallery section too. Thanks!

    Model and Rigging: Maya
    Sculpt and texturing: Zbrush
    Render: Mental Ray
    Composite and touch up: Nuke/Photoshop
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    amazing detail and atmosphere!
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