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    posted a message on The Game to ease your Boredom: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
    Hi guys! If you’re into Torchlight or Diablo, or you are fans of quality ARPGs, always on the lookout for new stuff, I might just have the thing for you! It’s a game set in a cool gothic-noir universe called Borgovia, where a mad scientist has gone havoc and created all these freaky beings that threaten peace between monsters and mortals. You can become a monster-hunter, the son of infamous vampire hunter Van Helsing and restore order to this magical land, with a badass sidekick who also happens to be a ghost lady (also a tireless source of snappy dialogue and wry humor). Besides the steampunk visuals and some amusing easter eggs, the game also has a unique power-up system for your character and companion, plenty of chances to learn alchemy, forge weapons, trade with your loot, and it also comes with a fancy underground lair that serves as your hide-out (but you occasionally have to defend from hordes of intruders with varying number of limbs). The game also offers a multiplayer option, so you can gather your friends for some serious monster butt-kicking hack and slash. It’s called The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, and I strongly recommend you take a look on Steam!

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    posted a message on Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)
    Thanks for the tips!
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    Fixed it, thanks guys!
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