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    First...they'll never make another expansion to D2. Not that it necessarily needs it...as long as a person doesn't hack it or overtrade till it becomes a face roll, it can be pretty engaging and fun Solo.

    That being said, I think I've been on battle.net for D1 all of about 30 seconds, and didn't even get in a game for more than a couple. Would've love to try it out, and if I knew a way to do so present day, I'd give it a shot.

    Sorry you're having trouble getting in, though. For nostalgia's sake, I installed D1 with Hellfire a few weeks ago and got through Normal with a warrior in not too much time. Still pretty fun. Working on Nightmare now.

    Good luck getting it fixed.
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    There is certainly a difference between playing through the story 1001 times, then facing the possibility of doing it another four or five times through...and starting a new season and having to do it once more. I really wouldn't mind, especially since they implemented first kill legendaries on act bosses. Maybe they're not endgame level, but just starting over with a new Monk today, making it to the mid hundreds briefly on the achievement ranking, building my artisans back, making use of literally any legendary and skill I could...pretty fun.

    I'd be fine with it if they required one more trip through the campaign, but doing Adventure Mode from the get og feels great, too.
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    Hey OP. Let me briefly counterpoint your argument here. You say you're are HC veteran, and I believe it. Well...in the bigger picture of playing ARPGs hardcore, I'm a little new to it. Mostly started because of all the people in this community whining about how hard or disappointing it is. Ultimately, it's just slower, more careful play, and I don't even play on Normal difficulty. Hard, bare minimum.

    But I feel like that's where Greater Rift leaderboards and Seasons will push this game from being just stat crunching in Softcore to a place where a bit more skill is involved. Sure, the lucky folks who Rift and gamble their way to a full T6 quality set or two will likely leap up those leaderboards real fast. However, the people with gear that isn't well known to be T6 facerollable? They'll have earned way more glory.

    Ultimately, I think it goes like this...before, being unique or doing something different in D3 was a personal choice. Now...you can put together the same old boring builds as everyone else and succeed, or you can put your reflexes, skills, and planning to the test.

    To your point about some GRs being unpredictable...kinda the point of them. Though, I wouldn't be worried about people leaving hardcore. They'll chase th notoriety and fame like everyone else will.
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    I think the addition of this item makes a lot of sense in context of the presence of the mystic. A lot of times, people will find a great legendary. But throw on a sad face if it doesn't have either mainstat or a socket. With the ability to add a socket, and thus a fifth primary, even if reenchanting an existing innate socket is an extra step to ensure that fifth primary, keep in mind...it's often far easier to roll something like mainstat or life on hit or attack speed on a weapon than a socket, which can sometimes take forever. I'd rather have rerolling a socket off as an extra step, and wait for an RG, than bemoan a weapon I can barely use because I can only enchant one thing and not turn it into something great.

    This item being added to the mix adds more options to peoples' gearing, and even if it's not ideal, it's still a great idea.
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    The only thing I don't like so far is that if dex will work for dh's basically the same as strength for barbs and crusaders, how will that factor into how strength works? Will we perhaps be seeing more individuality in how core stats work per class? That would be pretty nice.

    As far as OWE, I like it. It still means having lots of single resists in your secondary affixes is worth something without it being impossible to upgrade a slot. It also means the monk keeps that ability as a fairly unique aspect to that class, like OWE has been, but it doesn't shackle you to a single element. All in all, the result will be simple...

    OWE plus more armor = more room to buff damage over toughness. You'll see monks with an abundance of defense, and some people will build pure tanks. Others will see where they can take some toughness away with such abundance and build more offensively instead.

    Very healthy change.
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    At first, I thought the change was really bad too, but then I started to see the bigger realities...

    1) While I personally had a blast cherry picking bounties to collect the special materials, when I wasn't crafting with them, guess what...they took up half a stash tab and just sat there doing nothing. Now, I look at the pile of Rift Keystones and my learned crafting plans and see options open to my characters that aren't geared as well as my others. In an indirect way, the devs are empowering players to gear their characters in more ways, however they can, rather than relying on others to have to carry them through Torment 3+ runs or "rifting it forward" to get gear upgrades. Which I know, seems like another nail in the multiplayer coffin, but keep in mind...Seasons are coming. I'd be willing to bet this change is in line with that factor as well.

    2) One person made the comment that Aughild set is endgame? Not saying it isn't a good set, but honestly, a little damage reduction and some increased damage to elites is insanely easy to upgrade from. Hell, you get one good Stone of Jordan and the right armor piece, you've just upgraded from it. It's good, not great. Same with the Ashaera set...fun to have Followers running with you, especially in multiplayer, but even the 20% life and 100 all res isn't impossible to upgrade. Which brings me to my next point...

    3) While I've had great luck collecting both mats and plans, other people haven't. And when they try insanely hard for a mat to craft an item of average quality, it can be a little disheartening. The devs said many of the leg and set plans are meant as stepping stones, and they are. Many are just higher stat rolls for a slot...like Mantle of the Rydraelm. Basically a level 70 version of the special archon chest from 1.0.7, without the guaranteed mainstat, but with smart drops, you'll likely get mainstat anyway. And that's fine. The Utar's Roar axe for cold skill damage, the Devastator mace for fire skill damage, those are pretty good...not as good as the Azurewrath or Burning Axe of Sankis (respectively), but two of my favorite leg weapon plans and perfect examples. If you're running a fire build and you hit 70 and need a good fire weapon, you could craft a Devastator until a better fire skill weapon comes along. It's good, but easy to upgrade from.

    4) Without the need to farm special materials, the Ring of Royal Grandeur, which is usually a necessary for people looking to cash in on set bonuses, is at least not as necessary for crafted pieces. Long as you have enough souls and breaths, you can get those set bonuses without the Ring.

    I'm not saying removing content is a good thing, and I'm not saying they made the game more fun by removing an interesting reason to kill unique monsters. I sincerely hope they add some other reason to hunt them in the future. However, their philosophy here is sound...leg and set crafting plans aren't epic by any means, and they don't need to be...but if they aren't, forcing people to jump through hoops for not so epic results is, ultimately, a time consuming pain in the neck as well as a strain on storage space that most would rather use for gear that's actually epic, instead of a pile of junk used only for stepping stone pieces you upgraded from ages ago.

    Should they make some insanely epic crafting plans? I'd be okay with it...as long as 1) the mats took insanely long to farm or were really hard to get, 2) there were options for every class, 3) it wasn't a "mandatory" for high difficulty, and 4) those plans were appropriately balanced against other gearing options so as not to throw the gear diversity curve into chaos.
    I'll miss the funky mats, but I look forward to the possibilities I now have for my characters who could use a temporary boost to get just far enough into Torment to get some real endgame gear.
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    Overall, since the patch/overhaul, vitality has been on a lot more gear, diamonds are being added to sockets to increase All Res, and Wizards have a lot more defensive skills to protect them, like a variety of runes that build shields. In other words, I'd say that Wizards could be seen as much less glass cannon-y now.

    Then again, due to smart drops giving Wizards so much more Intelligence and Vitality, and itemization overall seeming to hand out slightly less crit chance and crit damage, when the expansion comes out, I'd be interested to see how many Wizards out there choose more defensive SKILLS, but on gear, choose to enchant much of the Vitality and +%Life and perhaps even All Res off their gear in favor of more crit damage and attack speed and offensive based affixes.
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    Yeah, this has been around a while.

    To add to some of the other comments, I think one of the reasons the devs don't hotfix or patch this out is 1) because it presents a fairly annoying hassle of changing skills just to take advantage of this, and 2) what you're actually getting out of it is fairly minimal. So ultimately, the benefit likely doesn't warrant immediate action.

    I mean, if people want to go through the trouble of using the Circle of Life passive to summon three standard zombie dogs (not even special ones like Leeching Beasts or Rabid Dogs), and switching the passive out to keep the dogs, unless they've got other passives to keep those standard dogs alive, they're not going to amount too much, and then they would have to reapply the Circle of Life passive again, kill more mobs, then switch it off again, to "exploit" this.

    I want to say it classifies as an exploit, but eh...there's worse out there probably. If they were summoning 20-30 dogs with this, then yeah, massive exploit. But it's only 3. I can let it go, :-)
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    The stuff datamined months ago from when the F&F beta started already had all these "ladder" references. They obviously want to have it and want it to work, they just didn't know how exactly.

    It's hard to do it, because some people want the "fresh start" with characters all level 1 and renewed economy (though we don't have an economy anymore), some just want a type of "race" without having to play with non-geared low level characters, some want Paragon levels and experience to be reset...

    And then you have problems with the rewards... some want specific rewards, exclusive ladder legendaries, some want higher drop ratio for ladders, some want cosmetics and ladder achievements, some don't want any of that crap because they don't want to be left out of content because they don't want to compete...

    Everyone talks about ladders as if it was so obvious to implement them, and how... but they don't take into account the other types of players. From a dev standpoint, it's a nightmare finding a good middle ground.
    You make a lot of valid points. Though I think it comes down to "more features is better." As it stands now, and when RoS launches, the main "goal" for play is to experiment with builds, progress your character to high paragon levels, upgrade gear, change/tweak gear with the mystic, etc. For some, like me, that's all I really want. However, a lot of people want some competitive aspect to that. Ladders are kinda like the most basic PvPvE format possible. The game doesn't change so much as the context. As far as I've heard, the devs aren't hot on the idea of ladder exclusive items, I could be wrong...I'm not big on that idea either, as it makes people who play Ladders exclusively look at "casual" play as being worthless or not as enjoyable because those items aren't available.

    As much as Ladders aren't a big priority for me, I'd really like to see them added. I may even partake, despite saying I probably wouldn't. Though I do think the devs want to fine tune how they work so they aren't a massive free-for-all, like D2 was.
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    I think it all depends on if you want to live without it. Personally, with Barbs and Crusaders out there being slower and more lumbery, I'd rather my Monk be speedy and nimble around the battlefield. Then again, there are ways to build a 2.0 Monk without Dashing Strike. Stack lots of All Res, lots of Life Regen/Life on Hit/Vitality, take skills like Serenity and Inner Sanctuary, and you can build a tougher Monk that doesn't need to be as fast or escape danger as much because they can tank more.

    I do agree that DS is definitely addictive. I remember before 2.0, Serenity was pretty much mandatory because Monks were just a different kind of Barb in the sense that they were both melee but one dodged inherently and the other soaked damage with armor. Now, Monks can stand a bit more uniquely in the melee department dashing around the battlefield and dodging blows. Makes for a more engaging playstyle than mandatory Serenity did.
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