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    I currently run something similar on live, and i have to say the fire aura of the garg dog with TMF is really nice with increased fire damage!!! As you stack more fire damage, our fire dog hits much harder, just like your Wrathful Protector. I have been scoffed at by skilled players because I was stacking fire damage instead of physical damage with Fetish Sycophants Passive. I found that a garg hitting for over 200 million and a TMF dog hitting for 86-100 mil with some buff stacking is very nice on t5-t6 elite packs. Just sharing....I think FS passive would be great to have on the HF ammy because you can max your fire damage and spec and still get the tankiness of the FS passives.
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    This looks interesting. I am getting quite bored with my pet build, and have yet to get my jade boots. Unfortunately, the community tends to drive a BIS mentality, so if you are running something different than the BIS gear/Spec you are considered a substandard player and thus a liability to a group. It is clear when you sit in various communities, and see requests for specific specs, not specific classes, as people are more focused on clearing rifts in 4 mins, instead of having fun clearing them. Just my 2 cents!
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    Seriously, the elitist attitude in this community is ridiculously frustrating. It is RNG, what is the issue with making it easier? What is skillful about grinding a specific key type for weeks straight. Not sure about you, but i do not find mindlessly repeating the same quest for a chance to farm an item fun. You said so in your statement, that grinding for keys in boring, So why institute a mechanic which is ridiculously boring? To make it harder. This is a game built on RNG which makes things solely random. Isn't that hard enough? I have been playing my WD since day one of D3 and since day one of RoS, and have yet to get a full jade set, because the boots elude me, yet there are folks that have less than 50 hours of game play on a WD with a full jade set, SMK, TMF, and all of the other fancy acronymns. That doesn't make them more skilled, or any better at the game, it just means that they were lucky enough to get the drops they needed. Chill out and let blizz make the game fun! Isnt it fun to finally get that item that has eluded you? I know i will throw a party if I am ever able to get the jade boots!
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    I have been playing WD since vanilla, and 95% of my deaths have been because i was doing something wrong. I truly believe the game sometime decides that you have to die, (perfect storm of affixes, mob density, map configuration, and cd usage) and nothing you can do will prevent it. Each of the mobs have specific mechanics you must avoid, and it is specific to the class you are playing how you do that. Proper character movement allows you to utilize Soul Harvest and save Spirit Walk for a defensive CD. I agree with everyone here, link your profile and we can actually help other than make assumptions based on our opinions.
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    Quote from drizzt_
    One last question (I will go with MoJ, TMF, SoJ, Totd).

    Is it better to feed the FS passive with Physical Damage or Fire for the Mega Zombie Dog and the Gargantuan?

    If I have enough fetishes, Physical >> Fire?

    Or maybe split the elemental damage between both?

    I think there's a crafteable weapon with +Fire damage...
    I have very similar gear as you. It really depends on which direction you want to go. I personally prefer the +Fire Damage, because the Wrathful Protector rune lets the Garg hit like a truck. With BBV, Pirahnado and +63% fire damage, my garg is hitting for over 160 mil a crit. and my big dog hits for 70 -80 million, depending on how many dog passives I have equipped. For lower level speed runs, I run with Midnight Feast and Fierce Loyalty (dropping FS passive) for the speed, which makes the dog hit harder. I run Explosive toads to nuke the white mobs and pop my cooldowns for elite and champ packs which basically melt with one or two garg swings. Higher levels, I drop Fierce Loyalty and run with FS, for more meat shields as the fire aura of the dog and explosive toads melt stuff.

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    My recommendations are with the expectation that you are looking to improve damage and survivability to move into higher Torment Levels. First thing here is that you should have the Midnight Feast Passive as that is a flat 50% damage increase to your dogs and garg. Not playing with a SMK, I am not sure how quickly you are resetting the CD for BBV, so if you are rarely on CD, then I would look at swapping my gem to an Amethyst and reforging CDR. Depending on how often FA is off of CD, you may consider switching to Fetish Ambush as that is a 250% damage nuke, just an idea. You should work to get Crit Chance on your bracers, with a balance of Crit Chance & Crit Damage on your Ammy and rings. Not sure about your paragon level, but a general rule of thumb is to max out movement speed through paragons not gear stats. Finally, with the damage Garg - Wrathful Protector does, you might consider stacking some fire damage because he hits very hard with +fire Damage. You could even transition everything over from +physical to +fire and change the runes on your Fetish Army and Zombie dogs to compensate for that. Hexing pants are nice as long as you are constantly moving, which shouldn't be a problem with this being a pet spec and very little casting.
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    I have been playing around with several versions and was totally against Wrathful Protector Garg. Someone mentioned in a different thread that Garg placement is critical, which lead me to trying it out again. I started stacking +fire damage with a RoRG and TMF so i use big fire dog too. I run +49% fire damage with a MoJ. When I drop BBV + Pirahnado, Spirit walk into the pack, drop my garg, I am seeing 140 mil crits from my garg and 40-60 mil with my dog, which damn near 1 shots elites and two to three shots champs. As a side note, I am using the Harringtons belt which works on bodys, rocks, and armor/weapons racks, so that is +128% damage increase, which I strategically use to boost the damage of myself and my pets. Hope this helps.

    PS - When a mob is surrounded with fetishes, the heavy hitters have no path to attack. The fetishes are great for shielding you from mobs, but they also stop your big boys from getting to their target.
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    Love this idea!!!! Please Blizz make this happen!!!
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    I have been playing with my RHF for about a week now, and this one item pushed me from dying in t3 on certain mobs, to facerolling t5. The combination of TMF, Pirahnado, and FS passive makes t5 feel like t1. This is because of the amazing crowd crontrol that RHF provides with addling toads. I was rocking with Garg, but he is an idiot and stands there to much, so I use Soul Harvest with the Grave Injustice Passive paired with a Thing of the Deep. GIO and Thing of the Deep makes it so you can cast Pirahnado constantly in high density areas. So I roll with some hexing pants and run around in my BBV and watch my doggie and fetishes melt stuff while I toss toads around. Any deaths I may have are because I am watching tv or looking at porn, and dont move from a frost pulse or molten explosion.

    Doggie hits for 40m with hexing pants and fetishes hit for 7-12 mil! I'm not uber focused on min/max just on survivability and efficiency.
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    So I got a Carnevil the other day and had the fortune of having a few set pieces drop, which allowed me to make the change for this spec specifically the 4 piece Zuni set which lets fetishes last until they die.http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Soulsthief-1481/hero/1410121. I was previously running a firebats spec with dogs that I really enjoyed because the fetishes are badass! I tried out that spec with the new helm and was frustrated because of the ramp up time, so I dropped dogs, and ran with Fetish Army - Legion of Daggers for a conistent amount of fetishes. This spec relies heavily on Locust Swarm, which is my favorite spell in the game, Acid Cloud - corpse Bomb for aoe nuke, and Poison Dart for a ridiculous amount of darts from my fetishes for single targets.SW for escapes, Pierce the Veil, Gruesome Feast and Soulharvest for damage increase.Grave injustice is nice because it reduces the cd's on SW, Soulharvest, and Fetish Army. The belt i have provides a slowing effect with locust swarm, so that is my cc, and for harder difficulties, Using the Snake to Face rune helps with CC as well. I am nuking t3 and can farm t4 as well. This spec has a little bit of everything with slows, single target nukes, aoe nukes and plenty of meatshields.
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