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    posted a message on [TOOL] Diablo 3 Farming Assistant
    Here's what I'm getting with the newest version (1.0.2Test) running .Net Framework 4.5

    Test 1 (No punctuation):
    Start Run Input: 10
    End Run Input: 12
    XP Gained Output: 2m
    Expected Output: 2m

    Test 2 (Decimal):
    Start Run Input: 10.5
    End Run Input: 12.5
    XP Gained Output: 20m
    Expected Output: 2m

    Test 3 (Comma):
    Start Run Input: 10,5
    End run Input: 12,5
    XP Gained Output: 20m
    Expected Output: 2m

    It appears to me not to be parsing the decimal/comma at all. So it's reading 105 start and 125 ending. Figured I'd provide another data point for you.
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