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    Its kinda hard to say.

    Without info on.

    Deminishing returns
    Effects of Armor and Resists on player as opposed to versus monsters.

    Question should rather be.
    How will they make dueling a non, 1st hit wins kinda deal.

    PvP effects? such as larger healthpool in PvP? or massive boosts to all of the above?

    Without this info, noone can say what will work and what will not.
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    Quote from Vooodu

    Quote from overneathe

    Introducing the RMAH removed the huge issue of just otherwise buying items on forums. But you could always also just buy stuff for gold from other people. Diablo 2 was pay to win as well..

    WRONG. D2 was not pay to win and anyone who did pay real money for anything in D2 where mostly mocked and laughed at.

    In D3 they took it to the next level and shoved the RMAH right into players faces. Also, everything that drops is crap and the whole game revolves around crit, crit, crit. Making the AH even more of a MUST than a fun gimmick.

    In Diablo2.
    If you could pay real money for items other people have to farm for a LONG time to get. it is by "most people's" definition.... Pay to win.
    But so what..... if people who dont have that much time to play, but do have the extra cash. why not let them do so. The buyer wins. and the seller wins. Win Win in my book.
    Its not like diablo is a competitive game in the same sense other games are. like "yes im referencing THAT game" World of Warcraft. where you would get an unfair advantage if you could buy items for real money and use in a competetive scene.

    And as for AH & RMAH in Diablo 3. do i think its a mess atm. Yes... But about them shoving it up peoples faces. Thats just silly, there is such a thing called personal freedom. Its the players choice. Just use the gold AH instead.

    I actually think its good that its there. anything that puts a thorn in the side of pirate sites is good in my book. So many people got ripped off in D2 that it is not even funny. Be it accounts comprimised, scammed or otherwise fooled.
    You might argue, that it was their own fault. maybe. but not everyone is equally internet savvy. And this protects those people and gives them a safer alternative.

    And if it was not there, im pretty sure the number of people crying over the game being too hard, would be much larger than the number of people crying about AH. Not to mention the flooding of a trade channel or millions of forum posts about ppl selling gear would get staggering high.

    But i also believe if the stat system were more diverse, and gave players more options on customizing their gear to builds. i truely think both the gold AH and RMAH would be so much better.
    With a greater variety in the usefulness of items. more items would be bought and sold. and the AH wheel would turn more smooth. unlike now where the demand is very pigeonholed into certain stats.
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    Ooo im really looking forward to blizzcon. i always like those shows :) great with the panels and such.
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    I tried a bunch of various weapon throw builds on my barb for a while. but it just felt wrong to me. IMO barb are more fun when they are up in melee getting smacked around :)

    and Happy new year guys :)
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    Quote from Azidonis

    If the players need to inform Blizzard how to create PvP for their game, then the players should be getting paid for it, and the design team should lose its job, in my opinion.

    Yeah,. because there is nothing worse than a company that uses customer feedback. Those bastards.

    I wonder where SC2 balance would be if they would only listnen to player feedback........
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    Well, im happy i bought D3, I certainly got my moneys worth.
    Would i like it to be even better..... heck yeah. wouldnt we want this for everything in life? to be just a little bit better.

    I think alot of people have too high expectations.
    Expecting every single game to be released to be as good as what they remembered as a child, when the gaming world was much much smaller. and the wow factor was much easier to achieve.

    Just deal with the fact that not every title will give you that same sensation you once had. Every now and then, a title will come along that has that. but not for everyone.

    Did i have fun in D3? yeah.
    Will i play it in 2 years time? maybe.

    The thing is. Games always evolve post launch. They might not get it right all the time. but they try.

    All i know is, blizzard made quite a few games. and i enjoyed almost all of them.
    I would love if all blizzard titles gave me years of playing, but even if i only play a game for a month. I'd say i got my moneys worth.

    And we still dont know where this game is headed, some of you might argue its going into the toilet. But if that was true and you didnt care, you wouldnt take the time to come here and post about it.
    Almost all games start out at point x, but over time they get better as patches and fixes are implemented. thats just how it is. there is no such thing as a perfect release.

    Happy new year to you all, and may 2013 be an even better year.
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    Ladder would be really sweet. lets hope they find a way to implement it next year
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    Im wondering if there arent any other viable options for wizards other than archon builds. :)
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    That barbarian with the santa hat is awesome. and the demon rudolf isnt too bad either :)
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    Quote from le0nkun

    The budget guides are starting to get old tbh.
    But I do love the fanart/fancreation posts on the the newpage.

    i agree, there are so many of them. Im pretty sure most people are aware that they can get somewhat decent items for not that much gold. and with the gold inflation, 1m budget builds just gets a little bit stronger everytime someone posts them. but hey its not rocket science.

    when it comes to the fan art. there are a quite a few talented artists hiding in the gaming community. awesome stuff
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