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  • posted a message on 【INVIS】Monk, RoS 2.1 PTR Greater Rift 100 Solo Cleared and the Problems
    Quote from Shinna1989

    As always great stuff invis. Impressiv gameplay +1 for you sir. ;)

    Thanks Shinna for the support as always, I have send you a PM, if you ever need any help on anything on this wonderful site, just let me know, I am here trying to help out as always.
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  • posted a message on 【INVIS】Monk, RoS 2.1 PTR Greater Rift 100 Solo Cleared and the Problems
    Hi, it's INVIS here

    I would like to show a video of me clearing Tier 100 Rift on the PTR without what a lot of people assume is absolutely needed: Furnace (Gear-swap at town) & Empowered Shrine (Worship Glove). Whether I am able to do so it's not really the focus, of course if the rift is more difficult, I will die more, if the rift boss didn't summon minions, I will need to port back to town and gear swap (which is another issue in current rift system). This video is intended to demonstrate the problems we have in higher tier rift and the design flaw in some of the skill and gear combo.

    I get one shot by anything that touches me there, so it's all about position and my skill rotation. I absolutely don't think this is what BZ intend us to play higher rift. (although it's actually kind of fun for me). This is also a particular good video showing the current issue of monk skill and gear combo. I will be writing a more detail report to BZ addressing this issue. My concern is BZ tend to "delete" things that's overpower or not intended without considering the impact of the overall balance. I sincerely hope they can give some more thought about it.

    Whatever I have achieved in video will not make it to the live server, watch it with an open mind as there are still lots of changes coming. Have fun~

    Spotted any other problems you feel BZ should notice and make adjustment? Feel free to report and discuss below.

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  • posted a message on 【INVIS】Monk, RoS 2.06 Raimend Set DS only T6 5m30s Demonstration
    Hey Manner! have another cookie on me~

    I am still playing actively, just staying quiet and enjoying the ladies and wine more :)

    To All trying this build, illusionist boost is pretty useful, so you don't get stuck behind the wall or a whole bunch of monsters. I tried this build in a group setup today and it works pretty well, dealing similar and more damage than the barb and DH, even in small dungeons, but i provide pretty much nothing to the group apart from DPS, so i would still say a support monk is better (and actually do more damage) in a group setup.

    It's also worth pointing out my rift clear video is nothing special, it's just there to show a different type of game play, i would most likely clear it faster with my other setup. The build is indeed depending on situation, your gear needs to be decent so pretty much one shot all whites and elites kill can't be too long. Also the map is important too. With various of different map type, my solo clear time with this build can go up to 10mins, but very rarely will go over that.
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    Hexing pants is not good imo, because you need 6 piece for this set, if you have Royal Ring, then it's 5, if you use hexing pants, it means you must use the set helm, but looking at all the non set helm options, EOTS 30% lightening is a very good option compare to hexing pants.
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  • posted a message on 【INVIS】Monk, RoS 2.06 Raimend Set DS only T6 5m30s Demonstration
    Hi All Monk Lovers

    INVIS here, Just a quick video showing a pure Dashing Strike Build to proc the 6 set Raimend (Lightening Set), certainly a very different playstyle, 5m30s Rift Clear.

    I am gathering some idea to improve this setup, will evaluate and test all of them and if a better setup could be achieve, will then make another video. Feel free to drop down your suggestion below. Keep in mind there will always be two ways to play the 6 set bonus, either use it as your only damage output, or use it as a bonus whenever you could (so your LTK or Pillar will still do most of the damage). The discussion will be focusing on the first, so only using the 6 set bonus as your main damage output.

    Possible Gear Idea:
    Harrington for insane more damage,
    Warchesian bracers (Credit to syldiivh)

    Possible Skill Idea:
    Epiphany if you need either more damage or survival.
    LTK for knocking away the monster.
    EP for Blow up or Slow down the monster

    Monk <3
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    It's actually not exactly the same for 1.5 years, because before ROS, we were not able to buff our EP to this much, our EP in 4 man group were doing effective explosive at only 10% of monster HP , with MOC and breaking wave and fresh is weak, you can of course buff that 10% by a bit. But compare to how much we can buff EP in current ROS, that's just a joke. Current EP in 4 Man group received a buff to 20% in ROS (yup, hidden buff not a lot of people knew about), on top, with ALL the physical skill % along with Damage Against Elites Gems, Ring and Amulets, and StrongArms, Mystic Rhythm, EP fist, Forbidden Palace....etc, our EP explosive is no longer low at 10% in 4 man. It's not even 20% in 4 man, it's can go all the way up to 200% or even 300% if you wish. That's just madness imo compare to before :) Not saying I am not loving it, i have always been a huge fan of EP, but I hate to see the game this easy when you have a EP monk in group.
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  • posted a message on [Guide] The Guiding Palm (GP) Support Build for Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immune
    In order to use frostburns and rimeheart, it's best to use it with WOHF (Fist of Fury), combine with 2 weapons that's cold damage giving the chill effect, you will have a much higher chance to proc the instant shatter. However this combination is only good if you are able to proc that effect before your team mates kills the trash. In our group setup, the trash die instantly that we really don't need to use this setup to try kill them. Beside you will of course loss something if you go with the rimeheart setup, either you will lose mantra/dashing strike/forbidden palace, for that FOF generator. It's just not worth it when you are already in decent geared group.

    However it's a very solid build for solo monk. The majority of the damage is still coming from exploding palm, but now you will also be able to kill trash monsters doesn't matter on your dps.

    Speaking of which, I would express my feeling that BZ needs to do something about exploding palm. It's one of the reason why Monk is at its current state. EP is the only skill in the game that scales with monster HP, that means if it's still powerful like it is, the monk playstyle will never ever going to be much different. Torment 6 vs Torment 60 will be the same for us, we are exploding the same white and trash monsters to kill elites. And the game will always be easy as long as there is a monk in the group. Gives us something harder to do!
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  • posted a message on [Guide] The Guiding Palm (GP) Support Build for Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immune
    Quote from Hayvanadam

    Quote from Lesall

    Is it possible to gamble Fist of Az Turrasq from Kadala with lvl 70? Or do I have to join a lvl 60 game to be able to farm/gamble it?

    Yes, I got my FoA from Kadala, in a lvl70 T6 game. I second Tombosaurus that dont gamble for weapons unless there is absolutely nothing else that would benefit you.

    @Shinna: Tbh, I would say that support builds require your teammates to be actually geared MORE than you are. Since they need to have both relevant DPS and toughness to survive the difficulty you are attempting. In my case, my group consisted of 2 crusaders 6p akkhan and the Fell mace along with a 4p Vyr WoWoh wizard. The guys can do T6 on their own but its a bit too slow. Comparing to those gearsets, a bunch of craftables are I think easier to come by. Of course we were near the speed of Karma in his video, so I still have a long way to go.

    I would like to ask a question to Karma or INVIS or anyone that uses the build at a high level. When you are using Epiphany - Soothing Mist for healing your group. Do they specifically forgoe healing/sustain in their build so you can heal them better? So that they can have more dps output?

    I think it's important to point out DPS buff from Guiding Light is just a bonus, due to the group setup we are playing, we don't need extra defense or mobility, so a little bit of DPS buff is better than nothing. Your team don't get the guiding light buff if they are at full health, and it will overwrite every time you heal them again. The main benefit of Epiphany is actually the healing part, plus the CC immune and mobility. Therefore I do not really wait until they are super low health then cast my heal, i heal them pretty much all the time, you should get used to watching the heal bar on the left for your group. If any of them fall below a certain mark, start your bust heal by casting dash or EP.
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  • posted a message on [Guide] The Guiding Palm (GP) Support Build for Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immune
    Quote from Beastlyqt
    INVIS or Karma, can you tell us on what to gamble first ? I tried this build for some hours with items I threw together from different classes.


    I am thinking about gambling Head first for Kekegi, bracers with more def, belt for String of Ears.

    As of now, I can do T6 pretty well with a decent group but I still lack a lot of secondary resists which is pretty hard to do since most of the time I need to reroll a primary stat, then I have to get more CDR (Weapon, Ring, Head, Amu are missing CDR).

    Ingame stats: 15mil toughness(8k armor, 1.4k all resist, 600k~ hp)

    I don't actually know what you should gamble first, i pretty much got everything I need through loot drop and craft so none of my items i am wearing are gambled. My advice is you need to look at what's most difficult for you to get. To me, it's the royal ring, and since my royal ring got Fire Resist, I gear up fire becos of this.

    I would also suggest you to catch Karma on his stream as he will be doing gear check on this build and he would be able to answer you more by looking at your gear. Have fun~
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  • posted a message on [Guide] The Guiding Palm (GP) Support Build for Ultimate Healing/Buff/CC Immune
    Very nice feedback Shinna.

    Indeed the build isn't for beginner monk, I would like to emphasis that the build is for END GAME support monk with maximum buff and heal/support to the group. If you just want to pull the monster and put exploding palm and take care of your own survival, you could just simply go for the traditional support build with generator. The build outline here requires decent gearing up. If you have your Epiphany CD time longer than a few second, you will run into spirits problem. You do have your chance to get your spirits back by strong spirits however.

    I would suggest people work on the gearing up towards that 70% CDR, if your CDR is too low, use the reapers bracer to help you. If it's still not enough, use the spirits generator until you can comfortably take it away.

    Paragon LV is a nice point, you do need the points there in order to have the required CDR.

    Lastly, it certainly isn't for beginner monk, when you first using it, you will constantly spam your EP too much because it's now on your left click. So it takes a bit of practice to get used to. But once you master the skill and have the correct gear setup, with the benefit of STR for real toughness. It will enable you to provide maximum support and buff to the group. Hence one of the reason why we are playing this build, to be future proof for the upcoming more difficult rifts.

    Passive Question: The passive choice here is to provide max DPS buff to the group, indeed the guiding light overwrite each time you trigger it, and when your team mates are in full health, they don't get the benefit. But that's one of the DPS buff we can provde, you can of course chose Unity if you are using some other mantra. Unity benefit from MOC (Annihilation) is too small that's why I don't suggest it. Fleet footed is decent but you will mostly dash around which is faster than walk around. Then there is resolve which is also good but it's a defense buff not a DPS buff. Momentum does not increase your EP explosive, the same as Blinding Flash (FITL) doesn't buff it too. It only increase your profile DPS. Common mistake here.
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