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    Thank you!

    And what is this "Any%" added to the streams?

    A run with no additional completion requirements; anything goes. The "default" category for speedrunning a game. The term comes from the old school Metroid speedrunning community. Metroid has a percentage counter, while other games may not, but the term stuck around.


    Most games are any% these days. 100% would be if you finish every quest and don't just skip the optional ones (like Bloodraven). It's not popular in most games, and especially not in D2.
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    on a side note. what are the good d2 twitch/youtube channels to check?

    I recently watched a lot of Ryu: https://www.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl

    He's been running hell any% HC sorceress lately. The nice thing is that he just plays to play - he doesn't reset but just keeps going, trying to finish the run (getting the record is less about being faster but more about staying alive for 6h+).

    There's also Teo (https://www.twitch.tv/teo1904) who holds the speed records in all 4 brackets (!), but recently he's doing normal runs which is quite spammy and repetitive and reminds me of D3 GR runs ;-)

    @sick4slayer: Arguments are okay, but I also just uttered my opinion and you took it to a personal level by calling me a "D3 fanatic". I'll just call you a D2 fanatic once here and then we're settled, okay ;-)

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    Diablo 2 is and will always be the best game of the 3 for me. And no speech of D3 fanatic like bagstone is never going to change that :)

    I recently thought about starting D2 again, because of SDGQ (watching Lama) and more recently watching Ryu a lot. I'm a fan of Diablo, because this website is called Diablofans. What turns me off about D2 though is that many of the D2 players are toxic and have nothing but hatred. If you love D2 that's fine, but recently you've posted ~5 comments on the Diablo 3 section of our forums to stress how much you dislike D3 and how much better D2 and PoE is. You know, that is fine, but you don't need to go around and make everyone's life miserable just because of disliking a game. I don't go around to CoD or other FPS reddits and tell them how shit their game is. We enjoy D3, you enjoy D2/PoE. I'd ask you to think positive - post your positive comments in our legacy games section, or even in some other PoE forum. But please don't just make it a habit to tell everyone how "fanatic" they are just because they like a different game than you. That doesn't bode well and is the same kind of criticism I have towards Brevik: Lately he's on a "D3 sucks so much" interview tour and spills nothing but hatred, but in 16 years he has not managed to deliver any positive outcome of his grand vision of what D2's legacy would be by actually developing a game that lives up to his promises of "I could do better than Blizzard".

    Enjoy your stay at Diablofans, but please make it not un-enjoyable for others. Thanks.
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    Just posted this on Reddit because there are multiple "what's the next meta" threads every day. But I thought I'd post this here as well. As the title says, I compare the "final meta" by the end of PTR to that by the end of the respective season.

    • Season 1
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, Serenity monk, cold DH, fire DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH

    • Season 2
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, EP monk, fire/mark DH

    • Season 3
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, perma-stun crusader, 2x Hydra wizard (1x DH + 1x wizard was more common but double wizard was best)

    • Season 4
      • PTR: Pull barb, heal monk, HotA barb, gen/U6 monk
      • Final: Pull barb, heal monk, support crusader, SC monk

    • Season 5
      • PTR: Pull barb, LoN crusader, WD/DH, Twister DMO wizard
      • Final: Pull/globes barb, globes monk, support WD, STICKY Twister DMO wizard

    • Season 6
      • PTR: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister Tal Rasha wizard
      • Final: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister+Archon Tal+Vyr wizard

    (All of this is just from memory, so there might be small mistakes, please point out if you find any)

    The correct DPS class combination was predicted two times: S1 and S6. NEVER was the correct top DPS spec publicly known by the end of PTR!

    The correct support class combination was predicted three times: S2, S3, and S6. Note that those were the seasons in which the support classes stayed the same as in the previous one; NEVER was a *change* in support classes completely predicted by PTR leaderboards.

    I hope this sheds some light on how utterly useless it is to look at PTR leaderboards. Also, there has literally been zero testing on high level GRs on PTR; all the top players who have the knowledge and ability to pull off even semi-accurate meta predictions that could top PTR leaderboards are *pushing on live*. So please stop asking "WHAT IS THE S7 META". You might as well ask if we're gonna have snow on Christmas and get more accurate "predictions" now.

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    My brain apparently wasn't working this weekend. Took me 2 days to realize there's a barb thread in General Discussion. Moved to barb forums ;-)

    Also, this is absolutely amazing, I love that people are just like "meh meh meh meh I don't like the current #1 meta spec" and then someone shows that they were all following the wrong white rabbit. I wonder what other builds for other classes we didn't see. I have a feeling that monk could've been much higher and much better this season, but there are hardly and monk players left who really push the boundaries. Or DH. Or Crusader. But that's the wrong forum for that ;-)

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    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with almost everything in there.

    First of all, what he doesn't say in his "OMG they closed Blizzard North" statement is that the "3 key people", Brevik and both Schaefers, had left Blizzard North in 2003 already (yes, just one year after the development started - though it conceptually even started a bit earlier). So Blizzard North was already sort of dismantled for two years and Diablo 3 going nowhere when they closed it.

    Second, the video starts by telling us that Diablo 1+2 sold 6.5 million copies and then quotes Brevik that his idea would've sold well. To be honest, Diablo 3 already has a cumulative number of 30m sold copies, almost 5 times as many as "his" earlier games. He, on the other hand, has produced basically nothing since leaving Blizzard. I worship him for the amazing games he created, but I don't like that he's just going around and giving interviews everywhere, trashtalking Diablo, but if he would've done such a better job, why in those 13 years since he left hasn't he created anything like it? Anything at all that recreates the feeling he's missing from D3? It's not really good style to talk about your former employer like that, and it's especially strange to do it when you have nothing to show to back up the claim that you would've done a better job.

    The rest of the video is pretty much the typical story and "darkness" rant. He's comparing random D3 campaign areas to CS and the Throne Room... really? Please compare Westmarch to Lut Gholein and tell me which is darker. Also, he's complaining about the lack of Tyrael's post-Diablo speech, but probably forgot that that was moved into the cut scene. I'm not saying it's better, but it's really comparing apples and oranges. I agree overall that the story of D3 wasn't as good as D2/D1 (actually, I think it was really rather weak), and of course I agree like everyone that the way Cain was killed off was ridiculous. It might've as well been an accident while cooking pasta. Nevertheless, his assessment is very subjective and oftentimes not fair.

    Another thing that makes me rage is the class comparison. "A wizard is just a wizard and casts spells. A paladin in Diablo 2 has a variety of different playstyles, such as being a smiter tank or casting holy spells." Holy crap, what a piece of BS? Let me turn this around: "A sorcerer is just a sorcerer and casts spells. A crusader in Diablo 3 has a variety of different playstyles, such as being a thorns tank or casting lightning spells. Or having an army of Bowmen. Or searing the enemies with holy fire from above. Or ride to Valhalla on his horse. Or pulling mobs together in a group." Seriously, are you kidding me?

    And of course I expected the "no trading, boo-hoo" rant. This is just so ignorant of the history of trading in Diablo, and all the explanations of Jay Wilson, Josh Mosqueira, and others. We've been there, done that, the AH killed the game, and it's good that it's gone. And trading with it. I'd kill the fun for all my friends if I'd just hand them full sets and ancients when they come online.

    I'm gonna have to watch some cat videos now to calm down. What a piece of....

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    Quote from giovaxgo-next

    it is funny how apparently they weren't able to fix it, so they just applied a workaround ^^

    I think this is no workaround, this is exactly the fix that is needed. Only the Wicked Wind rune should allow twisters to stay in place, otherwise Twisters travel, as the tooltip says. It was always more like an "unintended mechanic" that certain corners were keeping the Twisters in place, and using that in combination with Energy Twister made it so powerful.

    I can think of many workarounds (nerfing the damage, removing the rune, messing with collision boxes) but this is exactly the fix.
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    As part of further FAQ because it comes up a lot:

    * Does it always have a socket? - Yes, it always comes with a socket, even at level 5. This is very unusual because usually helmets get sockets approx. 10-12 levels later (there are some exceptions but nothing that early).

    * So, should I just start running Campaign to get the crown as early as possible? - Absolutely most definitely NOT. The helmet is useless without a gem, and when leveling you usually don't get a ruby before level 30 (you might get lucky and find it earlier, or not until you're 40; I've done several test runs and have never found a ruby before 30). However, the lower the crown the bigger the stats loss - which can be quite significant, if you're wearing a "useless" legendary for 25 levels. If you want to get the crown, get it when you get a ruby. You can run to Leoric and "set up the waypoint" or have a friend do that on season start, but do not make the mistake to run around the first hour of S7 with a terribly underperforming item with a useless legendary effect.

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    AT LAST!

    They finally fixed it. No more sticky Twisters. Rejoice everyone!

    Full patch notes for current PTR patch: http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/62657-patch-2-4-2-ptr-patch-notes

    And the exact quote that matters:

    Energy Twister

    • Twisters (excluding those created with the Wicked Wind rune) will now despawn if they stop moving
    • This applies only to the PC/Mac version

    No other changes really, but it'll be interesting to see what becomes the top DPS group now. I personally think it's gonna be an interesting battle between HT Garg WD, generator monk, and Archon wizard. Maybe those three +x?

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    Don't know why NS will be dead now. I only play season for the stash tab, then back to NS. Why should I farm all the paragon on season, especially now that it takes longer? Why should I get all those augments again and again? Why should I farm all the gear which I already have?

    Season for the stash tab, then go NS and try all the different builds with the gear that I already have, and just play whatever is fun. Also, all the gear I have on NS allows me to do lots of testing. NS isn't as dead as people think; I recently checked the leaderboards rank #1 and rank #1000 on Diabloprogress. #1 is usually 1-2 higher on NS than season (excess paragon), #1000 is usually about the same or a bit lower (about 1 tier on average; wizard is the exception with ~10). While the top competition is very tough due to those paragon 3500+ guys, most other high paragon players play season, so when you're just looking to get on any leaderboard (and you're fine with rank 10-1000) NS is the way to go.

    On NA NS is pretty much dead, not sure why, but for some reason NA players really love season (and even there competition is ridiculous, you can probably get some top 10 season ranking within a week if you really push for it, like monk or DH). But on EU both season and NS aren't that far apart, and many top clans like ZE are going strong on both. I have no doubt that's gonna continue. Especially if more high-level players are removed by further banwaves, the paragon argument will be invalidated.

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