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    posted a message on Forum Guidelines (August 2014)

    Forum Guidelines (August 2014)

    In addition to the rules below, we also abide by the Twitch Community Guidelines



    Reporting Posts

    Administrators, Managers, and the Moderation Team try to patrol as much of the boards as possible, but can't read it all. If you find a post that is inappropriate, report it and they will look into it as quickly as possible. Do not involve yourself. It's simple and keeps you out of flame wars and out of trouble.

    Do not, under any circumstances, publicly discuss moderation about threads, members, social groups, visitor messages, albums, and/or blogs in any public venue. PM moderation manager Zero(pS) if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

    Site Guidelines

    Staff Discretion

    We operate on a basis of staff discretion, what this means is not all moderators or staff members will act exactly the same to certain situations. We are not machines and for the most part are volunteers. These are the site guidelines, they obviously cannot cover every situation, but if you post something not directly covered here and we still feel like it's against the spirit of the thread or the forums we can and will remove it.

    However if you do feel that it was wrongly removed then PM Zero(pS) about the situation and he will review it.

    Warning and Infractions

    In general most offenses will either issue a one point infraction, though not limited to, or a warning which doesn't add to your infraction bar, it merely serves as a notification to you that it's not okay to continue the action and it is kept logged for staff to view when dealing with you in the future.

    Automatic actions will be taken at certain amounts of infraction points:

    • Four points is a three day suspension.
    • Six points is a week suspension.
    • Eight points is a two week suspension.
    • Ten points is a permanent ban.

    Trolling & Flaming

    This section should be very self explanatory, DiabloFans operates on general common sense netiquette. We will not tolerate threads made solely to complain or any kind of ridiculous trolling (posts made to provoke a person or a group of people).

    Do not make personal attacks against another user based on anything and do not flame. Personal attacks will not be taken lightly.


    Sometimes discussion steers threads into a different direction than the original post. That is fine. What is not fine is purposely entering a thread and steering it in a different direction to derail it. If you enter a thread about how great kittens are and start telling everyone kittens are terrible and puppies are better, that is derailing. On the same line of thinking though, if you enter a thread about how bad a puppy is and you wish it would stop making messes in the floor and someone comes in and says puppies are fine you're a moron, that's also not okay.

    Remember to not take part and report it instead, it will keep you out of trouble.

    Videos and Streams

    If you want your stream to be added to the Streams section, post in this thread. Do not create a thread to advertise your stream or attempt to advertise your stream otherwise - we will delete such threads/posts without a notification.

    If you have created a video about any Diablo 3 content, be it a class guide, footage of you killing monsters, or a discussion about the game's features, feel free to post this on our forums. However, please note the following rules:

    • A user is allowed to post a video, only if the video is used to to start up a topic with a meaningful and constructive discussion.
    • The post that contains the video must have all the important information in text form as well, such that members who can't watch the video can participate in the discussion as well. In particular, if you're showcasing a new build, make sure to post a link to your build (for example by using our Build tool or the official build calculator).
    • The video and its contents must be in line with the forum rules as well as Blizzard's Terms of Service.

    Video threads that we feel are just about advertising your channel and do not provide basis for a constructive and meaningful discussion will be deleted without a notification.


    In general, we do not allow advertising on our site. For Youtube, Twitch, and similar websites special rules apply, see the subsection Videos and Streams in these guidelines. If you have inquiry that might be related to advertising your content please contact Zero(pS) about it first. It will then be discussed with other members of the staff and a decision will be made. We reserve the right to refuse for any reasons we choose and are not obligated to explain them. We will never allow advertisement to sites for monetary gain, only ones providing meaningful discussion for our members and relevant topics.

    If anyone posts any links to any leveling, gold, auction house, or economy guides of the sort that are not free and have any sort of strings attached or monetary gain behind them, you will be banned without warning. This includes links in posts, links in your profile, links in your signature, links in reported PMs, or anywhere else. This also includes linking to your blog, Facebook, MySpace, a Youtube video or anything else that provides links to where someone would be selling a guide.

    If you are making a guide to help people or just to show friends, whatever, that is fine. I repeat though, if you're charging for your expertise on the matter, you will be banned. This is not a site to advertise on.

    Vote Manipulation

    Builds in our builds section can be upvoted or downvoted, and you're free to share the link to friends (outside of Diablofans) and ask them to upvote your build. Note however that we have a close watch on potential issues of vote manipulation - i.e., attempts of any kind to artificially inflate (or lower) the vote count on any given build. Vote manipulation will result in 2 infraction points, removal of all associated votes on the build in question, and a ban to accounts who have been identified as being abused for the purpose of vote manipulation. We cannot reveal the specifics on how we go about identifying acts of vote manipulation - but rest assured that such actions will not go unsanctioned.


    A "bump" is a post in a thread with the purpose to bring this thread to the top of a particular forum list. We do not allow excessive bumping, and while in most forums (e.g., General Discussion) we might be lenient from time to time, please give forums users some time (a few days) before you bump. However, in the clan forums we have a strict 7 day rule. That means if the last post in you clan thread is more recent than 7 days, you are not allowed to post there (even if you have updated information - update the first and/or last post then).


    The use of videos and excessively animated (read: seizure-invoking) images within signatures is prohibited. Do note that you are allowed to use animated images, just not ones that are obscenely animated.

    Language Barrier

    Note that this is primarily an English community. Posting in public forums (as well as status updates) in languages other than English is considered spam and will be removed. Private manners, such as PM's and wall comments are allowed, as long as both parties are in agreement.

    Illegal Activities and Violations of the Terms of Service

    Although those are not the official forums, we do not allow any threads or posts that are against the Terms of Service of Blizzard or their games either. This includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

    • Do not post about trading Blizzard accounts or CD keys.
    • Do not offer to sell items or services.
    • Do not post about Blizzard or Activision piracy, we will not tolerate either. As far as other games go... Don't ask, don't tell.
    • Do not offer or ask for account sharing.
    • Do not post links to third party software that, when being used, might get you banned.
    • Do not post exploits, or links to videos or threads showcasing exploits.

    Any such violations will be moderated without a warning (threads/posts will be locked or deleted and infractions/bans might be issued).


    Staff Guidelines

    These are the behavior guidelines we intend to hold our staff members to. If they violate these, please contact the staff member's manager or an administrator. If you are interested in being a Staff member, please understand that you will be held to stricter standards than the rest of the community.

    • Staff members are official representatives of DiabloFans and should act accordingly. For this reason, staff members must never be found threatening the integrity of the staff team by breaking any of our regular rules.
    • Since staff members are representatives of the site they are entitled the respect that comes with that responsibility. If any user shows flagrant disregard or disrespect for a moderator performing their duties please let an administrator know.
    • Staff members should never carry out personal agendas with their privileges. If you feel there is a conflict of interest, please report the post or contact a manager or administrator.
    • Reported Posts should be responded to as promptly as possible. Staff members should try to follow reported problems back to where they started and take the appropriate actions.


    If you have any further questions, please post a thread in the Site Suggestions and Questions forum.

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    posted a message on armory
    Quote from Umbrasjggo-next
    So best to create an Armory "Default" set to switch to at the end of each play session with no Gems and drop the other stuff back into Stash for the next build.

    OOOOOOOH that's a brilliant idea. Now I'm gonna make a first armory entry called "empty" on all my characters! Yes!

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    posted a message on Conquest: Boss Mode

    We've discussed the conquests before, and I think many are straightforward. Boss mode is often left out and considered to be hard - when it's actually relatively easy and by far the easiest for any well-coordinated group. And in my opinion, it's by far the conquest that's most fun.

    Time to KILL a Boss: Estimate your Power

    First, we need to understand the relative difficulty of the bosses. There are four bosses that have animations and take a bit longer to kill:

    • Malthael
    • Diablo
    • Urzael
    • Belial

    All the other bosses can, at least in theory, be a one-shot. Test how long it takes you to kill Malthael on TX, and after that any of the others (e.g., Azmodan) just to get a feel for how long the boss fights will take you. Can you kill Malthael in less than a minute (including all animations) and Azmodan in less than 15 seconds? Then your DPS should be high enough.

    Time to FIND a Boss: Make an Ordered List

    Next, we need to look at the difficulty of getting to the bosses. For that, we create an ordered list. The one we used for our run was this:

    1. Urzael
    2. Adria
    3. Diablo
    4. Izual
    5. Butcher
    6. Aranae
    7. Malthael
    8. Siegebreaker
    9. Cydaea
    10. Ghom
    11. Skeleton King
    12. Azmodan
    13. Rakanoth
    14. Belial
    15. Maghda
    16. Kulle

    Basically the list can be split into two halves (top 9, bottom 7). The first 9 take a bit longer, either because the way is so long (Malthael, Siegebreaker) or the pathing can be difficult to find (Izual, Aranae) or both (Urzael, Adria). Also, as aforementioned Malthael, Urzael, and Diablo take a bit longer because of animations and transitions and stuff, so it's good to get those out of the way early (only Belial being on the bottom half).

    Gear and Spec Requirements/Advice

    In terms of gear/specs, you obviously need great mobility. That means:

    • Wizards need Teleport and Aether Walker. Also get some arcane power regeneration. You can switch out Aether Walker before the boss fight to some DPS weapon of your choice. Alternatively, you can try Illusionist+Teleport, or even In-Geom, but it won't be as fast at all (and quite dangerous as well).
    • Witch Doctors are strongly recommended to have Manajuma's set + Angry Chicken. Again, switching to some DPS for the boss. You can also use In-Geom and kill elites on the way to get Spirit Walk up in combination with the Zuni set and lots of pets; it works, I've tried it, but is a lot slower of course. But it's a great synergy with a boss spec (lots of pets) and can be done with the starter set (Zuni) and requires no gear switching.
    • Demon Hunters have Vault, enough said. Vault alone is crazy, with Danetta's it's a joke. Again, switch weapons out for boss.
    • Crusaders absolutely need Swiftmount and Steed Charge. Again can be done using In-Geom and then killing elites on the way, but will be significantly slower.
    • Barbarians don't need anything for running as the Raekor set is great for constantly charging, so they're basically set up from the start to do this. Remember to use Boulder Toss for the bosses!
    • Monk can be really fast with the Thousand Storms set or Jawbreaker to use Dash, or even In-Geom, but it's not as easy to get there as for other classes I'd say.

    Can I Solo It? Yes You Can!

    I think for doing this solo, WD is probably best because it has a great mix of mobility and insane boss DPS. But any class can do it. If you're solo, start from the top and keep in mind that the last ones can be done super quickly. You could probably do the bottom 6 in 3 minutes including going there and killing them, so if the first 12 take you 15 minutes you'd still be more than fine! It might take a few tries, but it's absolutely possible.

    Group Play - Coordinate and Celebrate

    Now to my favorite part: How to get this conquest done super easily - in a group. That's how this was done super early on in the season by some groups, and why I advise some people to try it out. This conquest was completed just 5 hours after the start of the season (by a group of paragon 200 players of ZE).

    The preparation is that everyone needs to agree on an order to kill the bosses in, as well as an assignment for the early bosses about which players take which bosses. Depending on if you're 2 players, 3 players, or 4 players, you should have this list either printed out, on your PC, or even best just write it down on a piece of paper and put it next to you:

    http://imgur.com/a/UotMl (pic a bit outdated b/c of old Malthael pathing)

    It's arguable if setting up bosses makes sense for 4 players in round 3; we did it, but you can also just start running together. For 3 players, after Ghom there's no potential to run into dead ends and no super long walks anymore, so you should definitely not split up anymore but just run all together, because setting up bosses takes some time.

    Now the reason why this list is so important is because you set up bosses in the group. You do this by putting a Town Portal in front of the boss area, join the others to kill a boss, and then use the MAP (not your town portal spell!) to go back to town, use your town portal to go back to the previous boss you have set up, and then all the others join. Is this confusing? If you think so, let's do a walkthrough of an exemplary Boss Mode run in a full group. The four players are called Adam, Beth, Carol, and Dan.


    Adam takes Malthael, Beth goes for Urzael, Carol starts looking for Adria, and Dan searches Diablo.

    Dan arrives first and teleports back to town - and waits.

    Adam gets to Malthael and teleports back to town - and waits.

    Carol finds Adria and teleports back to town, and waits.

    Beth finally get to Urzael, starts the teleport - and realizes (by looking at the chat) that all other three players already have found their bosses. She cancels the teleport and just clicks on the boss fight area to start the fight. Everyone accepts, and Urzael is put to rest.

    The remaining three bosses are to be tackled in their respective order, which means Malthael is next. Therefore, as soon as Urzael is done dying, Adam presses "m" (NOT "t"!) and clicks on the Enclave to go back to town. There, he clicks on the town portal and everyone joins in to fight Malthael.

    After the fight, Carol is next. Again, Carol uses the map and not the town portal to go back to the town hub, and then proceeds to use her town portal to go back to Ruins of Corvus and start the fight with Adria.

    Last but not least, Dan does the same afterwards to set up the fight with Diablo. After Diablo is dead and the seemingly endless animation of his death is over, Adam teleports to Silver Spire level 1, Beth goes to Halls of Agony 3, Carol heads to the Aranaea Caverns, and Dan makes a run through the Bridge of Korsik. Round two starts!


    A few notes:

    • The first round will take you 6-7 minutes, and that's totally fine. If you're over 8 minutes, you might consider restarting (though you can still make it). If you're anywhere below 6 minutes, the rest will be a breeze. The first 4 bosses are by far the biggest issues in terms of getting there and time required to kill.
    • If one player in group has particularly long loading screens, Cydaea is the one boss that has an additional loading screen and might be assigned to someone else.
    • Some bosses are easier to get to if you can teleport rather than just walk. For example, wizards (teleport) and monk (dashing strike) can just "skip" the small way enclosed by two iron gates on the way to Skeleton King by teleporting across the area. On the other hand, teleport/dash doesn't help a lot on the way to Ghom or Adria because usually doors are closed, making teleporting through walls impossible.
    • Every class: I strongly recommend to use Homing Pads, and if possible also a spell that increases toughness for the teleport (e.g., Energy Armor - Force Armor, Desert Shroud, Iron Skin, and so on).
    • On hardcore, you also need a bit more toughness, obviously. That's why HC players tackle this a bit later (in group); if you're only 2 players and on Teamspeak, you can also just establish a rule for an "emergency accept" where you just go into a boss fight if a player absolutely feels like he's not making it out to town. Obviously not dying is more important than success of a conquest.

    Good luck everyone! I know this is a lot of text, and I could've probably made it shorter, but I didn't have time for that. But I hope this helps some people.

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    posted a message on Q:New Meta for S10 (4-Man)

    This is a screenshot from 4 man leaderboard on PTR; taken a minute ago:

    Wiz/DH/double crusader is the new meta. You heard it here first. Made top 20 on PTR, so it must be meta, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?


    Maybe not quite. It's only GR40.

    No one is playing PTR. There's simply not enough testing to give any definitive answer about the S10 meta. And there won't be until PTR goes down, because Blizzard recently started to make meta-impacting changes post-PTR. You can ask about the meta a few weeks into the season. But: IT DOESN'T MATTER. In the first few days and weeks, the meta is *not* the same as the final season push meta. You're not pushing on day 1 or in week 1 of the season; you're speedfarming.

    Pick any class you like, or whatever your group wants you to pick. Be prepared to change classes. That's it. Same every season.

    Currently it's assumed that the meta is sup barb, sup monk, WD for trash, and either monk, wiz, or DH for the RG (all three seem to be viable). But anyone who will now tell you "THIS IS THE S10 META FOR SURE" is an absolutely bloody fool. Don't ask for them, don't listen to them. If anyone of the top players tells you what the S10 meta is, they'll be trolling you; they know better.

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    posted a message on Season Journey Tracker

    Every class can do Bossmode - easily. It's just about the question "when". With Marauders being the free set, I think WD and DH are basically on par - the only difference being that WD is about an hour faster at level 70. But once you are farming T6, WD is one of the slowest classes, so the DH will take over here. It's funny: WD is the best class for the first 3 hours of the season (level 1-70) and the best at the end (main damage dealer in high GR clears). But for everything in between it... sucks. (And I say this as someone who has played most seasons as WD).

    As for the conquests, all of them are infinitely easier in groups. Unless it is anyone's passion to "play solo", I urge everyone to group up with others. It will make the 6x GR55s easy as hell. I personally am only playing S10 if at least one of my friends is playing. This season solo is gonna be a terrible experience, but in a group you'll get the 6 required sets very soon - as well as get the conquests much easier. This is a non-solo player season. Last season was for solo players. Unless a solo player fancies the portrait (which is freaking ugly) or doesn't have the stash tab yet, sitting this one out might not be the worst thing to do.

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    posted a message on Season Journey Tracker

    If you just want to go for Conqueror, definitely go for Boss Mode and the rank 65 gems. Those conquests are BY FAR the easiest and least time-consuming in S10. Going for Guardian and doing any other 3rd conquest will definitely take a bit more time this season (unless you're super experienced with Sprinter and can one-shot this one; but for anyone who has never done this, Sprinter can take up to an entire day if you make mistakes and/or get unlucky). Of course doing the set dungeons or 6x GR55 is simply time consuming due to the fact that you need 8 or at least 6 sets, respectively. It's not about leveling the second class (that takes 10 minutes of powerleveling) but getting all the gear, changing build, doing the dungeon/GR and so on.

    As for the tracker update, I definitely intend to update the tracker - but I don't have ANY data for the conquests past chapter 4. Not sure if I have time to do the season journey on PTR, so if anyone has screenshots of all those up to Guardian that would be great. I'll prepare the new version then (it'll go live once S9 is over).

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    posted a message on Patch 2.5.0 = Minor Patch?
    Quote from guretego-next

    We have gotten to a point in the game life where adding 1 new item per class (or adding a legendary power to an useless legendary that it's still useless almost 5 years after the game was released) is enough for some people to consider a patch as meaningful.

    "Adding 1 new item per class" has never been a major patch (please look at previous patch numbers).

    If you personally consider that a feature should've been in the game from the start, that doesn't mean the programmer doesn't have the rights to ever increase the major build number. That's simply not how programming works. Patch numbers and the decision of minor/major is not decided by how significant *you* think a patch is. It's the developer's decision. Diablo could receive some huge back-end changes that would bump up its patch number to 2.6 but you wouldn't notice any difference in the game.

    The crafting mats storage and its implementation alone was probably enough to warrant so many in-depth code revisions that justify a major version number iteration.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.5.0 = Minor Patch?
    • New feature: armory
    • New feature: crafting mat storage
    • Primal ancient items
    • Several items and sets changed

    Not sure how you can argue for this being a "minor patch".

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    posted a message on Hex code for colors of classes

    Nah, he might just want to use them for a website. I've been wondering the same a while ago, to be honest. Was too lazy to find out.

    You could use the one that Diablorank uses:

    #b52615 for barb

    #b52615 for crusader

    #735289 for DH

    #e5d34d for monk

    #46c230 for WD

    #5fc6e5 for wizard

    Maybe if you click on the official website there's a page with all the colors where you can get them from. Or maybe just datamine from the client's code.

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