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    I tested a few DB builds recently, including wizard builds, see here:


    Note that a Sage's build is pointless on T12/T13. The Sage's set doesn't *double* the amount of DBs but just adds +1, so the additional DB drops on the highest difficulties are basically a waste for this set. T11 is the highest difficulty that is reasonable to run with a Sage's set, going higher is just inefficient and will not increase your DB/h.

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    60% is 60%. It does not fail "all the time", it fails 2 out of 5 times on average. However, you might sometimes fail all 5, or succeed with all 5. It's RNG.

    You mention three upgrades; that makes me wonder if you're playing at a too high difficulty. If you don't die, you get another upgrade, so always try to run a GR tier where you don't die. Also always empower (unless you're not sure if you can finish the rift). There's no reason to ever no empower. If you don't have money, run a Vault (just put a Puzzle Ring in the cube). You should always have 5 upgrade chances for gem upgrades when running GRs with the goal of upgrading gems. It's essential and everything else is a waste of time.

    Higher GRs net more bloodshards. I don't know the exact numbers, but I think it's something like 120 for GR25, 250 for GR50, and +3 for every next rift level, so approx. 400 for GR90. You also get more legendaries; again, no exact numbers, but I'd say roughly about 1 more per 10 GRs.

    There is no difference in loot however. You can find the best-rolled item in the world in a GR1 rift, and you can get absolute crap in a GR100.

    Farming for gear: Yes, blood shards (for armor) and cubing weapons/amulets is the way to go. Rings can be a pain in the ass and both cubing and gambling for them is fine. Generally Torment rifts are a bit better for loot in the early stages since you get also DBs and materials to upgrade stuff in the cube; GRs are mainly important or your gem levels (always make sure you get 5x 100% ugprades as long as possible on the lowest rift possible, so for example GR34 if your main gem is rank 20) and paragon (the higher the better as long as you can reliably finish the rift).

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    @Da_Trauko: Yeah, I actually found an ancient AW somewhere on a mule and tried the build and so far it looks like the strongest of them all. Quite squishy though, so decent killspeed+Goldwrap+Boon of the Hoarder might be better to make it easier.

    @Umbrasjg: Not sure if I have a WoW good enough to try that; if so I might, but it obviously needs quite some gear to work.

    @Beotrix: Interesting build. I'm not really into Jade and Chicken, but might give it a try once I've tested all the others.

    @Mad_Tom: Yeah, but elites don't die from just "riding through" on T13. At least not with my gear (I think 280k thorns). So you have to time bombardments for that. Besides - it's not a Sage's build ;) If I'm not running Sage's, I think monk LTK or UE DH on T11 would be best DB/hour.

    @ol_baid: From my experience, Inna's can't really keep up in terms of damage - but it looks interesting. I'll give it a try!

    @PTXAA: WW (Wastes) can't be combined with Sage's, so it doesn't fit into this topic ;) Also, as someone who absolutely *loves* the WW barb, Raekor is better in every regard. WW is the most brainless build, but Raekor is just orders of magnitude stronger once you got the Charge timing right. Unfortunately. :(

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    After some testing and re-rolling and cubing on non-season I all of the sudden found myself with almost no Death's Breath. Since I have literally thousands of GR keys, I want to maximize the DB rate and therefore started looking for builds that includes the Sage's set. However, Torment rifts are really boring, so I usually like to watch something while running them and not pay attention to resources or CoE cycles and so on, so I'm looking for the most brainless build known to mankind. Suggestions? Here's a collection:

    This monk build was my go-to because the basic LTK is one of the fastest Torment builds overall and adding Sage's doesn't decrease its damage too much, so damage gets an 8/10. I think it scores a solid 5/10 on the "brainless scale"; In-Geom is the cornerstone of almost all Torment builds but this one really *needs* it to be up. Also, I find the SWK interaction clunky to get into at first, I liked the old SWK better.

    For DH there's actually two I found, but I think going non-Sage's UE would be faster while going higher (and netting the same amount of DB/hour). I don't know, for some reason those don't really look like they can hold a candle to other classes' Sage's builds in terms of damage, so probably a 3/10. Not sure how easy to play they are since I can't test them (lack of DB, catch-22!), but it looks like a 7/10 I'd guess.

    Of course barb can't be missing. Most Sage's+Raekor's builds rely on Boulder Toss which I really dislike (it's a 1/10 on the brainless scale), but this one is close to a 8/10 (only issue is if you lose Charge charges). But I'd assume it's damage would be mediocre, probably 5/10.

    I love Zunimassa. So looking forward to next season, when it's going probably to be starter set. This one is definitely a bit slower in terms of movement speed, but damage should be 8/10 and brainless scale is easy 10/10. Let the pets do all the work!

    Crusader had Sage's builds before thanks to Invoker's, but they weren't really *that* great (correct me if I'm wrong and post builds). But with Akkhan's getting an amulet, there's finally another option. This one is what I wanted to test when I started playing NS yesterday, but I'm missing just so many items that I'd like to know if it's worth it. What keeps me from going for it though is the bombardment delay. My LoN bombardment crusader wrecks T13... but in the few seconds between bombardments, he does nothing. That's a bit annoying, and I guess this build will have the same issue? But anyways, I guess this might be 9/10 damage and 8/10 brainless.

    This one I found just a few minutes ago, and it looks super exciting. Unfortunately my last DBs all went down the drain to get an Aether Walker (I can't believe I salvaged all of them, I'm an idiot) so I can't test it yet. The Explosive Blast wizard was a lot of fun, but kind of capped out at TX. I never liked the Archon speed farm builds as that seems to be about every wizard build these days; but this one looks like a nice change of pace. Anyone can compare those to the other builds here? Looks like 10/10 damage and 7/10 brainless.

    Other suggestions? Post your thoughts on the previous builds or your own builds! I'm especially looking for thoughts from people who play more than one class and can as objectively as possible compare. Thanks!

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    "Maybe it'll get a record for downvotes" - you can't get anymore troll than that. No further comment. Build renamed, please stop such inappropriate, childish behavior.

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    Please buy the game if you want to play past the trial version's content. We're not providing assistance for cracked versions for obvious reasons.

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    *Sigh* why do we have to have this discussion over and over again?

    Group play will always have a slight advantage. If it was the other way around, or there would be a separate "solo only" mode, it would incentivize people to play solo (like Archon wizards in D3V). It's just really bad if the game makes you tell your friend "go away, I want to play alone".

    That being said, you can absolutely compete by playing solo only. Every now and then there are top players/streamers who play solo only and rank high on the leaderboards. Two prominent examples I can think of are Alkaizer, who was rank #1 for 2 weeks a few seasons ago and then quit D3. I think that was the season *before* he grouped up with Quin and Philos. Interestingly, in that season each of those players did *worse* than in the seasons before (when they played mostly solo, or as in Alkaizer's case, 100% solo). Another example was NA streamer Michael who played a monk and was constantly among the top 3 of the leaderboards, although he played a "non-meta" build (Uliana's when everyone else was playing gen monk, I think) and he was playing no group GRs. He did occasionally group up for farming GR keys because it doesn't really matter - but he had rank 90 gems (at a GR93+ clear record!) and didn't do a single GR for XP.

    Most groups are simply better because they PLAY A TON. Like 10+ hours a day. And if those players were to play solo, they'd most likely still be top. What's holding most people back is not group vs. solo play, but simply lacking knowledge of the game, mechanics, and especially playing efficiently (like not wasting a single second in between rifts, constantly pushing yourself to the limit).

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    1) Is for GR keys.

    2) Is for upgrading low-level gems.

    3) Is for XP. Run higher GRs, which you can still clear fast enough consistently.

    Yes, this can very much be done solo, and no it doesn't require "14 hours a day". You won't get there with a few hours a week, I'll admit that, but let's please not pretend people don't get to paragon 1000 because they're not playing in a group. What's more important than to group up is to know your class, know the game mechanics, and play efficiently. Then paragon 1000 solo is perfectly doable.

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    Nice guide indeed!

    Just one addition - I'd put M6 over UE, maybe even over LoN. UE is better for Torment farming, but for GR farming and especially early pushing you definitely want to go M6. It's so powerful, and I expect more grenade builds coming up as people experiment further.

    Quote from PTXAAgo-next

    It's really sad Diablofans didn't put any guide on front page this season.

    But... but... Angzt did? Before the start of the season, he featured Desolacer's guides, which can still be found on the frontpage as most recent news.

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    Ah yes, a caching mistake, but also fixed now; CTRL+F5 and it should work.

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