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    Again: You don't count the CHARACTER's hours, you count the playtime of CLASSES in the seasons tab. We know that character's playtime is meaningless because of rebirth.

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    This is not a "Path of Exile" thread. Leave PoE out of this. Any further post mentioning PoE will be deleted without notice due to being off-topic. This is per request of the community by the way - we get a lot of reports from people who are sick of being rubbed in their face that PoE is the best game ever and why they're still playing D3. Just stop this.

    On topic: I personally think the issue is not that solo is inherently better than group play - with one exception, and that being bounties. Solo bounties are just stupid.

    But in terms of rifts, whether I do T13 solo or in a group does not have a huge effect. Similarly, group play is not inherently better in raw numbers. I believe there are two different issues that need to be addressed in order to close the gap between group and solo play:

    1) Area damage. Because area damage is so insanely strong right now, "meta groups" with WDs can clear much higher than any other group composition or solo players.

    2) Monk healing. They nerfed it once after season 4, but it's still a bit too much; I think the numbers should be reduced a bit and Soothing Mist needs to change.

    If you take those two things away, solo players would probably be farming just as high as groups. I've done a lot of solo, 2p, 3p, and 4p "non-meta" play in the last 5 months or so (because until 2 weeks ago we had no one in our group playing WD), and it really didn't matter how many of us were online, we were doing about the same thing (only made sure we were at least 2-3 people for bounties).

    That's my opinion. Look at the true cause of the "group vs solo" gap and address that instead of just treating the symptoms.

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    No, account sharing is a bannable offense. Also, "I'm sharing an account with a friend of mine" is where all this brother Chris meme thing started (a famous streamer who shall not be named here said he wakes up to so many rift keys in his stash because his brother Chris is playing on his account at night). At paragon 700 though no one will care I guess. But to be honest your friend should get his own account and you should play together.

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    Quote from Lorrrggo-next

    I think you keep your playtime if you rebirth your character.

    2k para is another topic...

    You don't check playtime by looking at people's characters, you look at the playtime in their seasonal profile and sum up all the hours played of all classes.

    On topic: Yes, botters still bot. I've given up on it. I'm expecting full primal people soon, but to each their own; I at least know I've farmed them myself and not got them handed over by my brother Chris who was running rifts all night. I play to find primals. If my bot finds primals, what am I playing for? I don't get it. But whatever.
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    1) This has not personally happened to me and I will keep using the armory with my gems. If I lose a gem... I'll have to level it back up. Sucks, but I don't want to give up on the flexibility and most desired feature that the armory provides.

    2) To people who doubt this or even call it a hoax: read the bug reports provoss linked. As I said, it hasn't happened to me - but there's actually too many people who reported this bug to make this a hoax. I think the title is misguided (I'll edit it to something more appropriate and less misleading) - but it's a nice heads-up for everyone who wants to take precautions for potential bugs. If you got a rank 120 Trapped gem through some crazy upgrade luck I'm sure you'll appreciate the extra safety warning by the community.

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    Gamble for armor pieces, cube weapons/amulet. Rings are a tough one because both gambling and cubing can take forever and is expensive.

    Leeching takes forever and is lame and only makes sense if you want to do a full class switch and need every single item (e.g., you want all 4 class sets of WD to do the conquest).

    To just gear up a WD for group rifts, play on any class that can clear GRs fast and gamble using the blood shards. Best is a wizard since you can get rings/amulet on a wiz as well (except for Ring of Emptiness which you can cube), so the only difficult thing to cube is a Sacred Harvester+the staff and all other pieces can easily be gambled. The items are all common except for the belt, so start gambling that. Note that helmet and chest are way more expensive than other set pieces (shoulders being the cheapest), so it might be worth it to just gamble for 6 shoulder pieces and then use the convert recipe in cube to get all 6 different pieces.

    Of course the fastest way is to just group up with 3 WDs and ask them to drop pieces they don't need. Once you have someone who will share their loot with you on T13 gearing up an alt is by far the fastest; it took me 2 hours to switch to wizard this season because I had friends who just powerleveled my wizard to 70 in one T6 cow level, then we did some T13 (me on my monk) and an hour later I had enough set pieces to re-roll everything to have the build ready.

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    Magic find only affects legendary drop rates by 10% effectiveness. So your 50% more MF would result in 5% more legendaries (i.e., primals). But you'd lose way more than 5% damage, which means you get less overall loot.

    => Magic find is useless.

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    Moved to Crusader forums.

    There is no consensus because the general consensus is that support crusader is dead. It's mainly because of the CC changes: most of the crusader's abilities have cooldown, so can't be spammed, but you need to spam skills in order to get applied because of the ridiculous CC resistances in groups. This is even more so the case for the crusader as many of his skills have no effect at all if they get "resisted" by the mob (especially talking about Judgment here).

    The question is: how fast is your group. If you're regularly going over 8-10 minutes, fights are more stationary and you might try using Gathering Sweep to create nicely stacked groups. For any other occasion, or in general, I suggest Condemn-Vacuum. The Steed Charge - Draw and Quarter rune is unfortunately more gimmicky than anything else because the mobs will resist a "pull" in 19 out of 20 attempts when they have max CC resistance.

    Besides that, just the usual group buffs: Critical for DPS or (more likely) one of the defensive laws to buff toughness. Of course stack CDR like crazy. Regardless of whether you use Sweep or Condemn, you should definitely also stack lots of wrath regen and RCR to be able to spam those skills indefinitely and therefore proc Obsidian A LOT, which helps even more with CDR.

    The exact choice of skills depends on your group's needs, composition, and speed. It's like the monk: the #1 spec that the top players use is not the best one for speed farming or GR65s, you'll have to improvise and take whatever you think complements your group best.

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    Quote from Kenseigo-next

    For example my wizard and crusader both using goguk and striken so each time i want to use the other i have to remove the gems manually and drop them into my stash.

    What I have is a profile called "EMPTY" as the #5 build for every character. It's just a profile of any of the builds minus legendary gems and "shared items" such as jewelry. Every time before I switch character or log out I quickly select this profile and then put the gems from my inventory into the stash. It's my workaround and it works pretty well.
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    Yes, we all know this, but there are two caveats: 1) 1000 int is a lot of stuff and rolling that off means you expect having A LOT of paragon and A LOT of augments. Since I don't intend to farm either of that and hate solo pushing, it's pointless. 2) If you have vit and int, vit is the more expendable stat.

    This "get rid of main stat" tendency has gone a bit too far, I see people with non-ancient gear, 2-3 rank 70 augments, and paragon 800 rolling off main stat. Which is stupid; the reason why top players roll off main stat is because at 20k or 25k main stat adding 750 more doesn't give them a lot of benefit anymore. A lot of players just copy builds and gear decisions from the #1 players but don't understand that at paragon 4000 your decision-making process can be very different compared to paragon 800. "Vit and int is pointless" is, honestly, a very very stupid statement. It's not stupid, especially int is never pointless (or are you telling me augmenting int is pointless?) - it's just that at a certain gear level there are better choices to be made. But to be fair, once you're at that point, you should know your character well enough. For the Average Joe, telling them to skip int/vit altogether is not good advice.

    Anyways, this topic is about discipline on weapon. And that's a no-brainer.

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