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    • There could be some build for DH or monk similar to Carnevil that turns a primary spell into a main damage spell.
    • You might need to hit a breakpoint at some point and would kill for 7% IAS.
    • If you're not only playing solo but also in groups, 4% more CHD would probably be the "biggest gain" if you desperately want to re-roll it now.
    • 5% chance to freeze a lot? Equip Azurewrath+Frostburn and try to perma-freeze anything, and see what 25% freeze + 50% on gloves do. 5% freeze is a gimmick and offers no reliable crowd control at all.

    => Everything but keeping it as-is and waiting for what you really need in the future would be a huge mistake. As a general advice to anyone: please do not destroy good items by re-rolling them right away. As a rule of thumb, whenever I get a well-rolled item I don't touch it for at least a night. Even if it's obvious. A WH like this won't drop for you again (most likely), so there's no hurry at all.

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    Quote from st0rmiego-next

    Bagstone, would you agree that we would all have been a lot better off if Blizzard had handed out bans and rollbacks for exploiters a long time ago?

    Of course, absolutely. The majority of people that abused this exploit only did this because Blizzard had completely ignored previous exploits, only fixing them afterwards and never punishing the actual exploiters. Those exploits were even made public on the official forum with comments like "use it as long as it's not fixed", and there was no moderation of such threads. It was a pretty clear message: we don't care if you exploit your way to the top.

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    He did not ask for respect, he did not say he was forced, and he did not know about the exploit on PTR. I can clearly see now that you did not read his post.

    Just one last thing: what you suggest as the perfect solution (do it once on stream, report it to Blizzard, and hope for a fix) is EXACTLY what was done with all the previous exploits I mentioned. And there were never any repercussions, and the people who abused the exploit (including streamers that went offline to repeat the exploit a million times) retained all their benefits in terms of gear, paragon, and rankings.

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    No, I would not blame the police if I get a speeding ticket (in fact I got a ticket and did not blame them). So didn't MannerCookie, he said the the ban was justified and he doesn't plea to get unbanned, he only elaborates on why the ban came somewhat "random" and unexpected. I really feel you did either not read or not understand his point of view.

    I was gonna respond to your post in detail, but comparing someone who cheats in a video game with someone who allegedly shot someone in cold blood is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, sorry. But it kind of highlights what weird perceptions some of you here have, as if MannerCookie was some kind of divine figure to you and now it turns out he's the devil himself. Seriously... it's a game.

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    I've been following this thread, and usually I think the DFans community is kinda cool and spot-on with their response on controversial topics.

    Some of the responses here (let's just generalize them as "anti-MannerCookie") reveal a shocking ignorance though.

    Let me bring in my 0.02$ (and this is *not* the perspective of me as a supposedly neutral mod on this website, but me as a D3 player, so all what follows is my heavily biased opinion, honest and unfiltered).

    A bit of background: Me and my clan have moved more and more into the competitive scene; mostly on group leaderboards, because with a little bit of theorycrafting, coordination, and somewhat decent gear you can get pretty good rankings without playing 24/7. For example, we made several top 100 rankings at the end of era 2 while being below average paragon (I was the only paragon 800+ in our clan before the double paragon XP week, and our "competitors" that surrounded us on the leaderboards are paragon 1000+) and average gear (you obviously don't have perfect gear with "only" being paragon 700ish).

    However, in the past we dropped down significantly in rankings because of several exploits:

    • The trial key exploit in January. We always struggle with trials, so mostly played up our keys; people who used the exploits just got stacks of 60+ keys where we were playing for days just to get one shot at 55+ rifts.
    • Gear swap exploit for the RG: Gabynator even streamed it, getting his #1 DH rankings in season 1 by swapping out his gear for the rift guardian. It's still on Youtube, yet he never got punished and will hold his #1 rank probably forever. We have no idea how many people abused this for group rifts, where it's even worse (WD switching to full pet dmg, barb/crusader switching to some single target spam, both DHs switching to fire Impale, and everyone switching to immunity amulets turned a 7 minute boss fight into a 1 minute rampage).
    • All the paragon farming exploits. Sure, those guys also played significantly more than we do - but it's not too far fetched to assume that the gap between them and us would be significantly lower if it hadn't been for all the paragon exploits.

    None of those exploits was ever fixed in time to avoid leaderboard impact; none of the players abusing it were ever punished - no ban, no rollback, not even loss of leaderboard ranking. And those are only very few examples: Up until last week, Reaper of Souls has been an awesome game for a million of players, but for the few hundreds or thousands that are interested in actually getting good rankings on the leaderboards it's "wait until the next exploit, and either use it or drop from rank #50 to #300" (and the latter is what happened to us time and time again). We sometimes managed to catch up after the exploit was fixed, but it was extremely nerve-wracking to see that Blizzard just didn't care at all about this. And with Wyatt's statement at the Tavern Talk ("we don't care about the leaderboards") the message was pretty obvious: "there's an exploit? we don't give a f*ck. abuse it or lose the game".

    I can totally, 100% understand why certain players feel why they wanted to cheat (and that should answer ruksak's question, although it was answered already before you asked 5 times again). Why did he cheat? BECAUSE EVERYBODY CHEATED. Does it make it better? Not at all. But if you're on a highway, there are 3 lanes, the speed limit is 60 km/h, and the speed of the cars on the 3 lanes is 100 km/h, 90 km/h, and 80 km/h, you don't slow down to 60 km/h (if you do you might be from a different country than me or a really good citizen). Especially not if at the end of the road there's a cool concert of your favorite band and the last one gets bad spots with a bad view.

    Honestly, think of MannerCookie what you will, but I personally respect him even more after this post, and I don't get all the hate. The rollbacks are still being processed, so wait a few days before condemning MannerCookie and cheering for your favorite streamer; they might take a hit at some point. But keep in mind that they're probably playing the game from a different perspective than you do, and what looks for you like a total loss of respect might just be a completely understandable action (to make this clear: I did not abuse this exploit, as I did never abuse any of the other previous exploits).

    So, now you have two people in this thread you guys can hate! But when you do that, please take a deep breath before submitting that and think if you really need to. I was about to lock this topic, but I hope you can bring this discussion back to a more civil level - or just refrain from posting here altogether. If this thread continues to be as toxic as it is though, it'll be locked.

    @MannerCookie: Props to the honest words in your OP. And I hope you come back eventually - your contribution to the community for barbs and crusaders was incredible, especially on 2.2 PTR you were like a one-man QA army.

    After all, all those cheating players did me and my clan a service: from now on we know that if a new exploit appears, there won't be many people abusing it because of the possibility of getting a ban. Every competitive player thought Blizzard simply had lost interest in banning people for exploiting (because there haven't been any bans). The only bans in RoS were post-season 1 bans, and it was never specified what those players were banned for (botting maybe?). But now the game has changed. Thankfully.

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    It's not about solo, you can get any solo key by doing groups (which is stupid, but okay). The problem is that to beat the highest 4 player rift you don't need the best performance in GRs, but even more important is to min/max everything in trials. Which is stupid and defeats the purpose. Sure, you can play up keys but once you get to 65+ or higher you'd need 2-3 dream rifts in a row which just isn't happening...

    Oh my god I'm so happy about this news, I wish they'd just bring 2.3 to live tomorrow, just end era 3/season 3, couldn't care less :P

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    Quote from Seifago-next

    Aaaaand, we will see posts saying that Trials are/were the best thing in Diablo 3 and devs are retarded to remove them!

    Look at this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16953845709

    This is a re-make of this thread in PTR forums, which had about 300 replies or so and 350 likes. I think in both threads there were less than 1% of "pro trial posts", and they changed their mind after we discussed the pros and cons. No one likes trials. They're just bad. Of course the new system needs to be good enough to replace trials and there might be edge cases, but for those of us who've done literally thousands of trials and are only blocked in progress further because of trial issues (we cleared a GR63 in under 10 minutes but have a hard time getting GR64+ keys, what da fuck?) this is the best change ever.

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    I fixed the link for you ruksak, it wasn't working at first ;)

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    Awesome! Finally. Get that internal build up for us players asap :P

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    A clan mate gambled an ancient Kridershot and ancient Calamity within 10 minutes. Both with max discipline and well-rolled.

    A few hours later this dropped for him:

    I guess you can't realistically upgrade this anymore. Did a GR58 in 11:30 afterwards - in 2 player...

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