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    Quote from Venaliter»
    I will say it is INCREDIBLY annoying to pick up all those goblin mats one by one. Gems are even worse.

    Yeah... they promised us a loooong time ago that materials would be moved to a currency and become auto-pickup. Very disappointed to not see any progress on that matter - picking up stuff, clutter in your inventory, lack of stash space due to ~20 stacks of each material, the need for specific "material twinks" or entire stash pages just for that stuff - all those are issues that are pretty high on my priorities list, but apparently not on Blizzard's. And moving materials to currency could solve all them in one go.
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    The PTR drop rates are obviously not balanced in any way, so this is something you can't evaluate at this point with the insane drop rates. There's a 2000% legendary drop rate but obviously no 2000% crafting materials buff, and therefore it's only natural that there's an imbalance. This is a non-issue at this point and testing on PTR is not about materials, but concerns class balance, new items, and so on.
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  • posted a message on L2P or L2 Gear?
    As Antyr said, your gear is fine, so it's probably rather a problem of getting into the Jade mindset.

    The Jade WD is all about doing the right things at the right time - otherwise the monsters don't die, or you die, or both. And obviously you want the opposite to happen.

    Besides the advice that Antyr gave you, here's something that helped me a lot in the beginning: get an Avarice Band, Boon of the Hoarder, and Goldwrap. You'll sacrifice some stats for that, but the toughness boost you get from killing smaller mobs around a pack helps tremendously on not having to focus on staying alive, so you can actually pay attention to learning the "how do I maximize my Jade damage output" part. Once you've internalized that and it's a natural process for you to Haunt/LS, go in, Harvest, go out, you can focus on the survival part (how to do all that without getting hit).
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  • posted a message on What holds this class back from gr 50+
    Crusaders don't get this "for free", it comes with a 20% damage decrease from the talent "Heavenly Strength". What they get "for free" is ~250 main stat and a bit extra damage more (1h weapon vs 2h weapon), and the 20% damage decrease of the talent makes up for that.

    Note that barbarians also can wear shields - people just have forgotten about it because the game is all about damage, damage, damage and there's no interesting affix for barb on any shield. Your comparison is flawed.

    Anyways, everyone please stay on topic... some interesting points being brought up here. I too wonder why Crusaders perform so weak in comparison (and have no answer), so interesting to read everyone's thoughts.
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  • posted a message on PTR: Show us your Ancient Items!
    Quote from Atare7»
    lol description...its not from ptr, its from normal game, does it say andcient in the picture ? i just said the ideea is that ancient items will be not so ancient...

    It doesn't say ancient in the picture, but you said they're ancient:

    Quote from Atare7»
    I have some Ancient Items already, not from ptr, but from normal game

    If you think ancient items will not be so ancient then that's your opinion man, but a one-handed weapon with a damage roll of up to 1940 is going to be quite awesome if your current max roll is 1490 - think about it. Just because no one has posted a picture with a Ruby in socket doesn't mean your items are better - because no one in their right mind sockets a weapon with a Ruby.
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  • posted a message on PTR: Show us your Ancient Items!
    Those are not Ancient Items, those are simple well-rolled weapons with a Ruby in socket to make the DPS look "ancient" (but the actual DPS range is totally non-ancient).

    We don't need trolls here on Diablofans, so please be careful with those kind of dumb posts. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on Curse Diablofans Forum Software
    The issue is caused by an external module embedded into the forum software and not the forum software itself. They're working on fixing it, but it's not entirely in Curse's software engineers hands, form what I've been told.
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    Blizz pleeeease give us graphics like this!

    1) Blizzard *never* created a game with top-notch graphics, due to two reasons: first, they want to ensure that many people can play a game, and sometimes FPS shooters with crazy new graphics engines require you to buy a $400 graphics card; second, there are more important things than graphics.

    2) Almost all Blizzard games in the past had competitors that were released at the same time and had better graphics, but the Blizzard games succeeded in the long-term and were the ones that not only "won" the competition but oftentimes went on to re-define the genre. You know why this is? Good graphics keep you engaged for a week, or maybe a months. Good gameplay keeps you engaged for years.

    3) After over 20 years of playing computer games I've noticed (well, not just recently but a long time ago) that my favorite games were never the ones with superior graphics, but those that kept me engaged in terms of mechanics, depth, story, atmosphere, gameplay. For example, Fallout (1+2) is probably my all-time favorite game - although it looked like "shit" from day 1 and got bad ratings because its graphics were not superior. For me, the atmosphere of this game is unmatched. Same applies to D2 that some people still play today. If graphics are your only "selling point", your game is obsolete and forgotten in one year due to the rapid technological development.

    As ruksak said, I'm very disappointed to see this coming from you, and I strongly disagree with your thread title - if Blizzard would design a game like this, they could not invest the time and resources into the departments that really matter to make games as successful and awesome as Blizzard games to date have been. I've watched the trailers and was like "yeah, graphics looks awesome, but that gameplay looks like crap and the constant screen shaking, effect overload, and slow fight mechanics would let me uninstall after one hour".

    TL;DR: No, thanks.
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  • posted a message on DH Solo Greater Rift 52 (PTR 2.1.2)
    Quote from Albatare»
    oh sweeeet ! more conduit pylon abuse videos, like there isn't enough of these threads already ..

    I wish we could stop with the "Conduit Pylon abuse" or similar notions. This is not an abuse or exploit, but what Blizzard wants.

    For everyone who still hasn't noticed: in 2.1.2, you'll get about 2-4 pylons per rift, and therefore about one Conduit Pylon in every other rift.

    For the hundredth time - this is not the player's fault, but Blizzard doesn't see this as a problem but actually wants to encourage this playstyle. If GRs in their current state go live (and there's a not unreasonable chance that's the case) you just always want one "scouting character", preferably barb, to look for a Conduit in a rift and use it to kill the RG (which saves you ~5 minutes since everyone can go full AoE).

    So many people always flamed the barbarians who used Conduits to kill the rift guardian and got high rankings - even calling it exploit - while it seems to be exactly what Blizzard wants. If you don't want this (I certainly don't!) stop flaming the messenger - address the issue upfront and use your voice to bring to Blizzard's attention that this situation is not "fun".
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