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    @Enterich: They should be in there, but the table assumes that class-specific items and other weapons are equally distributed when gambling, and I'm not sure if that's correct (there are 7 weapons a wizard can get but when I gathered data from gambling 1000 weapons back in May/June it actually seemed as if class-specific weapons roll twice as often, so the expected amount of blood shards would only be 50% of what it says in the table). Regardless, it's pretty low either way and I would not recommend anyone to gamble jewelry or weapons - ever. It's statistically just really really stupid.


    @BadLarry68: As I've pointed out in another thread, this "I need to get a Furnace to succeed" tendency is getting a bit crazy. There are totally viable alternatives that are just slightly worse than an ancient Furnace - and an ancient Furnace is an item you might not find even if you reach paragon 1000. Really, free your mind and stop looking for this imaginary item and rather resort to other ancient and readily available alternatives. Maybe one day a Furnace will drop, maybe not. Stop worrying about it and most importantly stop believing that a Furnace will help you to magically get 5 levels higher (because it doesn't).

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    Quote from huertgenwald jump
    On EU it's tier 48

    48 10m 2.633s 24-Jan-2015 04:02

    ON US tier 47
    47 14m 33.250s Jan 19, 2015 8:11 AM

    Keep in mind that everyone who cleared a GR48+ with a Conduit pre-2.1.2 has a higher personal record, so their clears won't show up on the leaderboards. Basically, the GR55+ guys *might* have cleared a GR50 already but it won't show up (unless they stream/record it). Not saying that that has happened... but there's a decent chance. So we can't really say for sure if there isn't already a post-2.1.2 GR50 clear. We only know for sure that GR48 has been done after 2.1.2... and if you look at the time, GR50+ isn't far-fetched at all.

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  • posted a message on Why The Furnace Is Imbalanced + Fix (Video)
    Eh, that's debatable though. [...] you will jump up 2-3 if Furnace is BiS for your build. [...] I just wanted to bring some more awareness to this particular item. Cheers.

    I'd rebut that that's debatable. 2-3 levels higher mean 28%-45% more monster health; but a Furnace will "only" grant you 10-20% more damage against elites compared to other choices (see Shinna's post). I have a hard time seeing how 10% more damage will get you 3 levels higher when the increase in monster health is actually 45%.


    It's nice that you want to bring awareness to this, but I don't see the point of this post besides discussing it. It's more like "let's bring this to the community's/dev's attention and discuss it" (which I'm doing here) rather than a helpful advice for the overwhelming majority of the playerbase. Many many many people watch your videos and may be completely focused on farming that one ancient Furnace and forget looking left and right at weapons that are just slightly worse, but actually within their reach. An ancient Furnace is so extremely rare that even if you get to paragon 800 or 900 (in a season, or farm the equivalent on non-season) there's a fair chance you'll never get one. Having in the back of your mind that you might get 2-3 levels higher simply because of one item (that might never drop) is not motivating nor helpful at all.


    I think it would be better to point out that a Furnace is indeed the BiS item for many classes/builds, but there are plenty alternatives along the way and people should look out for them. See, there's two kinds of advice: 1) "get an ancient Furnace!" and 2) "craft an ancient Sunder, then wait for an ancient 2h weapon drop (Heart Slaughter, Maximus, or whichever element you're using; Sledge of Athskeleng; ...) and if you get a ancient Furnace, it'll be BiS if and only if you don't lose more than 10-20% elemental sheet DPS". (Again, not every ancient Furnace will immediately be BiS, keep that in mind). Now, which of those two kinds of advice do you think is more helpful and motivating for 99% of all players? Because lets face it, all sub-paragon 800 players who will find an ancient Furnace are just extremely lucky. The majority will be fine with the alternative weapons. Heck, if you're paragon 600 and don't have a furnace the difference between paragon 600 and 1000 is much much higher than that between Furnace and non-Furnace.  The remedy to that is the same as grinding for an ancient Furnace: play thousands of hours.

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    Quote from Shinna1989 jump
    People tend to exaggerate the "powerlevel" of the furncae.

    This, this a hundred times. Unless you win the lottery and found the most awesome best rolled ancient Furnace ever, keep looking at other alternatives, they're not as bad as some people want to make you believe they are. This "I need a Furnace or I have no chance of achieving XYZ" is getting ridiculous, there have been so many instances of people playing successful (some even claiming #1 spot on some leaderboards in the past) without a Furnace. You don't automatically clear 12 level higher rifts just because you get a bit more elite damage bonus...

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    For a looooooooooong time I hated clearing rifts, always wanted to quit after the RG. Since 2.1.2 hit that has changed. If your group has a decent speed the RG dies after 1-2 minutes, so you'll spend 25%-50% of the time in town waiting for the rift to close. Of course you can go back into the rift and kill some more mobs but I really hate that because imagine a mob dies 30 yards away and drops an ancient Furnace... with 1 second left before the rift closes. You could also leave/re-join game, but it doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me to restart a game 40 times per hour. Another reason for restarting was to maximize blood shards and as Jamoose already said, this is not true anymore since most blood shards come from Blood Thiefs.

    The rift key fragment argument isn't really one - learn how to maximize Normal bounties and you can get up to 150 (or maybe even more) rift key fragment per hour (we've done this before 2.1.2, farmed over 1k fragments as a preparation for this patch and it was so insanely fast on Normal).

    I'd say it's mainly a matter of preference. A lot of people read too much into it without having collected real data... it'd be interesting to do a few hours of full clears and than a few hours of restarting rifts and compare all the numbers. But you'd probably waste most of your time writing down this data ;-)
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    Magic find does not have any effect on Keywarden drops. This was stated in a blue post a long long time ago (probably so long that the blue post doesn't exist anymore ;-)).
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    Please have a look at our rules:

    See our rules regarding advertising streams - there's a thread for it (pinned it general discussion), don't make new thread.

    Also, this is an English forum and please post in English. Thanks for your understanding.
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