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    Quote from udomsa33go-next

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like if all 4 peeps go all out on DPS build with no support. How far could they go? XD

    Of course much higher. In general an absolute number is nonsense. You could put 3 people with level 1 characters in Alkaizer's game and he's single-handedly finish a GR85 or GR90 on his wizard. Four wizards could more than easily do that; while some of them would occasionally die, the DPS would be insane. I don't think the question was meant to be taken literally, but if so, it's probably 10-15 tiers less (assuming the same level of fishing). Keep in mind DPS characters would then still use some group skills (e.g., wizards alternating Black Hole, using some defensive buffs like shield or bubble, and so on). People often forget that this GR120 wasn't a one shot but took a lot of attempts.

    Overall, the discussion in the last few posts has gone so much off-topic that I wonder if people actually understood the significance of OPs post. For weeks and months, the meta was settled and everyone believed there was only one possible combination for high GRs. Now out of nowhere those guys went out of their way and did a lot of testing to prove everyone wrong and find a dent in everyone's belief that the "meta is settled". And the fact that the Crusader was one of the most important support classes in the first four seasons and everyone knew it provided the highest damage buff compared to all support classes in the game just adds to the fact that this is not something that they're the first to try. I have tried this myself and argued about this with other people, although everyone convinced me that the Crusader is dead for support. The happier I am to see this revelation.

    Now, in all threads we currently have on this forum, come to the one thread that proves the meta wrong and complain about the meta completely baffles me. It's almost off-topic when it goes exactly 100% against what Chewingnom wrote himself here: "Remember that the metagame is never settled in stone and copy/paste builds from Rank 1 guys doesn't mean you are playing the best setup (Or the only viable setup). There are so many build-possibilities, so many group synergies that maybe nobody thought about yet, that you can't just say "If Rank 1 is playing this, it is the best build/setup, no matter what". No."

    Therefore, once again: Thanks, Chewingnom, for proving everyone wrong and not only discovering this, but proving what I'm trying to say for ages - the meta is never settled, especially with only a handful of people in Diablo 3 actually willing to change. And to everyone complaining about the meta: This thread is testament that the meta is never settled. I've said this a million times, but never ever forget season 3. Four month everyone thought the DH was the #1 DPS class, until the real potential of the wizard was discovered - too late even to top the leaderboards. So stop complaining but go out and do what Chewingnom did and prove them all wrong.
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    @OP, I missed this thread apparently: Boss Mode. Should be super easy for you, and is in general the easiest conquest.

    Guide here: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/179021-conquest-boss-mode

    @Wazza180, it's just you, it's as common as any other set.

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    Locked because of necro.

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    Please post recruitment threads only in the relevant forum, thanks. Locking this as it's a duplicate.

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    No, it does not.

    Iceblink never stacked. I think it's one of those misleading bits of information around D3 that everyone copies (incorrectly), like the BS about diamonds on support to buff Conduit Pylon.

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    Quote from hyperd0ggo-next

    Just once I would like to see the sader as a DPS roll in group meta. Sader is the only class to not have a moment in the spotlight for dps.

    I like the idea of having support characters, 3 of them...not so much. I would be happy with 1 or 2 support. Its a never ending battle. Current patch, you can have the best GG wiz but if the support can't do their job you fail. Opposite of that if you have the best support and the wiz doesn't have enough DPS you fail. I would like to see a good 2-2 ratio again like the wd DoD days.

    Just to highlight this - barb and WD also were never part of the DPS meta (end-game WD DoD was never viable enough). Only DH (S1-3), wizard (S3+5+6), and monk (S4).

    But with everything else I agree: Crusader should be in there, and potentially WD as well. Both are the best support classes in terms of DPS, so having those two as DPS (maybe crusader for AoE and WD for single target) would make it less necessary to add them as support. Then two supports (maybe wiz+DH, just for the fun of it and because we haven't seen them as support yet). I like the idea of supports as well.

    Of course, the dream would be that there's variety. Like in S3 when DH+wiz were both fine for DPS, and WD/crusader had similar roles for support (perma stun), so not every group looked the same, even in terms of high-level game play. I actually think that S3 in general was not too bad as a season in terms of balance overall, but of course the problems (TRIALS) overshadow everything in retrospective.
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    Diamonds in weapon don't do anything. Conduit does not scale with any player damage stats (like elite damage, elemental, DPS, and so on). For more on that read the pylon guide.

    I assume you're talking about the Twister meta, right? Conduit is good to kill what you are not good at - and that is single target high HP mobs. So essentially, like leftover yellow/blues. What you want to make sure is that you kill as much trash as possible, and if you have the choice to pull in an additional pack check if it's Illusionist. Illusionist is bad for Conduit.

    Conduit has a few little beams (I thought around 5, Michael recently said it's 3, not sure) that alternate between enemies. They're not hitting the same enemy constantly, but basically go back and forth, so optimally you'd have 10-15 mobs or so that are all high HP and no trash. The Conduit beams will then alternate between those and bring them down. Any trash or iillusions will "soak up beams" and reduce the efficacy of your Conduit.

    "Sometimes we kill 5-6 elites" sounds like a huge overstatement; the very top clear videos show people killing 4, sometimes 5 elites. 6 elite packs are 20% from the progress globes alone, probably around another 20% depending on mob types from the mobs itself, so that's a 40% Conduit. That usually only happens in Torment 10 rifts, but not when pushing. ZE had a Conduit and 4 packs in their first 117 attempt yesterday and probably made around 25-30% - and that was pretty good. (Failed the rift because of level 2 Sewers map and a few other things).

    Anyways: No, Conduit is not nerfed. To kill 4 or more elite packs, you need to make sure they are rather isolated (no trash, only few minions) and not Illusionist. As long as there are a ton of mobs on screen, especially when densely packed, the wizard's Twister+area damage will deal more damage than Conduit.

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    They clearly give a shit, but I'd argue that not taking action on accounts who abuse this bug threatens the integrity of S6 more than not doing so. And possibly for seasons to come, as it sends a dangerous message (i.e., "sometimes we allow the leaderboards to be flooded with exploited records").

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