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    Quote from Mad_Tomgo-next

    I guess, by the end of the season they will anyway give everybody that additional stash space.

    From what I've heard, if you don't play a season it means you simply won't get the stash - but you have to play one season more than everyone else to get to 10 tabs. For example, the earliest anyone will be at 10 tabs is in season 8; if you miss two seasons you won't get to 10 tabs before season 10, and so on.

    But of course they can always change that... however, that's how I understood it. Can't find source right now though.
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    What the hell... I'm speechless. Locked.

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    It might be easier if you include battle tag or at least region in your post ;-) I just took a guess and assume you're NA servers and moved this to the proper forums - if you're EU let me know and I'll move it again. Also, although it won't help with finding people, not sure if you checked out this thread already which might provide some help for how to do the conquest.

    Note that for the season journey you only need to do a TX rift in 3 minutes, as opposed for the conquest where it needs to be in 2 minutes or less. If you advertise with that (LFM for TX in less than 3 minutes) you might have more luck - I see that request popping up multiple times every day on various websites. People seem to not be interested in the conquest, just season journey, so articulate your goal more clearly. Even if you're genuinely interested in the conquest, maybe a season journey group will turn out to be so fast that you get it in less than 2 minutes rather than 3.

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    People asked for seasons specifically because they wanted a fresh start. For many seasons/classes the season-only items were pretty much useless, so that was never the main incentive to play seasons.

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    They said at Blizzcon that season 4 will end "late December". After that, they'll have a bit of a break in between seasons (not the usual 5 days, but something between 2 and 4 weeks). That means that season 5 is scheduled to start sometime January (probably mid-late January). Patch 2.4 will be released "when it's done", but most likely not this year anymore. Last year the patch after season 1 was ready before Christmas but they didn't want to release it before the holidays and stretched the season for that reason - I suspect that's one of the main reasons for the longer gap between seasons, to buy them some time.

    TL;DR: Patch 2.4 will go live some time January. Early December is not just unrealistic but absolutely out of question as they pretty much published their timeframe at Blizzcon. It's 99% gonna be some time in January.

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    Post was not deleted, but moved into your previous thread and the entire thread moved to the correct sub-forum:


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    Quote from Bumbacgo-next

    I dont see anywhere stated that season stash tabs will roll over to non-season.

    "Yes, stash tabs opened up via Season's Journey will also unlock them in non-season. Currently those additional tabs open up immediately, and do not require waiting till the end of the season to benefit non-season stash space."
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    1) Procs can't proc procs

    2) If there were no proc coefficients, you'd have to make procs boring and useless.

    3) Proc coefficients are necessary to ensure that your random low-cost, AoE spell does not outshine any other spell. That's why proc coefficients are constantly being tuned (e.g., WW in D3V for the CM wizard, Rain of Toads for the WD to proc Solanium, and so on). Tuning is an ongoing process and nowhere near perfect though.

    4) I completely agree that proc information should be available in-game as part of the tooltip, and so should many many other in-game mechanics that are just poorly worded or have hidden mechanics such as internal cooldowns. Note that there is a way to retrieve the current proc coefficients - looking at this list, though it's difficult and tedious to get all the info out of it, and will soon be outdated as it's for 2.3. For most spells, the old 2.0.6 list is still viable though.

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    Quote from rebjorngo-next

    It's great to see that the technology has arrived, however I can't help but think that requiring players to participate in Seasons in order to obtain those tabs isn't the way to go. We've waited a long time for this and for Non Season players to be left out like this is unnecessary and serves no good purpose.

    Now, I'm sure some would say, "Well, just play Seasons then!" - To that I have the following reply: No. There's no good reason to make Season participation a requirement for this. And it's the NS players that need the extra storage the most anyway.

    I don't mind at all if obtaining those extra storage tabs is a difficult and/or time consuming task to complete. The important thing is that it's at all possible. However, requiring players to participate in Seasons for it is probably the one thing that should not be on the table. Could you please look into finding other solutions? - There are enough incentives to play Seasons already.

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    There are already two existing thread about this topic - this one here being *exactly* the same as what your thread is about. Moved this in here.
    Continue discussing this, but don't expect anything. Blizzard wants players to at least test season. As a long-time non-season player, do I think this is fair? Absolutely not. But after 1.5 years of fighting against it I've given up.
    I just wonder what happens if you miss a season... you don't get the stash tab? Or you have to wait for the next one? Anyways, I think it's not the best solution they could've come up with, but it's just me.
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