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  • posted a message on Physical Cluster - The Ultimate Solo DH Build + Math + Video (Tier 52)

    Wow. What an intense run - "dream rift" in terms of mob type, but that were some bad elite affixes and a million close calls. But doesn't it itch you to be one level below this magic number 50? If you think you won't do any HC anymore, why not go "full yolo" on some 50 attempts? ;-)

    Congratz, and awesome editing. Amazing video!

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  • posted a message on Patch 2.2 Classes Overview

    This topic got pretty heated for no apparent reason... I did intentionally not reply to all points and accusations because I feel it would just drive the discussion away too much from the original point that OP was asking for. But since this topic seems to have gone down this road, just a few points and hopefully aiming to get the discussion back a bit more on topic:

    • My post only touched up group GRs, not solo nor T6. It was late and I forgot to clarify this, sorry about that. While 10 levels might have been a bit of an exaggeration, the Demon Hunter is definitely 5 levels (maybe more) above every other class in groups. High GR clears on PTR with other classes were all done before those classes got nerfed.
    • I do not "cry for nerf", and I also do not have "my class". I'm mainly playing support classes in GR, but in general I'm playing everything - all classes, all builds, just trying out everything. If balance is totally skewed though, that makes it less interesting for me to "try out everything". Just like on live there's only one class to experiment with if you want to have enough DPS to tackle 60+. I hope the gap in 2.2 will be smaller and we'll see more classes that can be a part in groups, simply because it makes the game more diverse, more enjoyable for me, and increases replayability. Just my opinion.
    • For solo, those numbers are off, as they are (again) pre-nerf, IIRC (can't log in to PTR right now to confirm, but that's what it was the last time I checked on PTR). For example, the crusader and wizard are much weaker then they were before; the gap between those classes and DH is (currently) not 4 levels or less. It's much more. Note: Blizzard acknowledged this and will fix some of that (Natalya set), though in groups the gap stems from the fact that Kridershot+EA works with the new set, and that is strange. We'll see. In general, solo GR clears might be pretty close once Blizzard has done its final pass, which they already announced (Natalya "fix").
    • All classes have several builds that will completely annihilate T6, so there's no big gap. The only problem might be mobility - since Spirit Walk was changed, the WD might have the biggest issues (lacking mobility to keep up with the other 5 classes). In terms of damage and clearing speed all classes will breeze through T6 though (assuming gear/paragon/gems are on a high level, of course).
    • The one thing that is completely open though and will take the longest time to figure out is group composition and builds though. And that's what I'm most interested in; optimizing one class can be a challenge already, but optimizing 4 classes with all the various possible combinations is even more challenging and it'll not be obvious on day one or week one what the way to go is.

    Note to everyone: OP asked about top tier classes/builds and the most efficient one. He specifically asked to neglect the "fun" aspect (which determines which class I'm personally playing; fun > efficiency whenever possible). But if someone asks "tell me which cake has the least calories and not which one tastes best" and I tell them to eat the cake that tastes best that's not really answering the question.

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  • posted a message on What's with the ads?

    Moved to the proper forum ;-)

    No, those are not ads as part of site funding. Advertisements are against the rules. We try to catch them and delete them as soon as they pop up, but it sometimes takes a few minutes. They're also not as easy to detect for the system as some other spam, so we need to do this manually. If you come across them do not post in those threads but just report them, that's it (you can see if a thread was already reported if there's a small flag on the top corner to the right hand side).

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  • posted a message on FoM: DH, 2Billion Damage Numbers. Screenshots and Video. Party Combo Build

    Don't necro. Locked.

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  • posted a message on Patch 2.2 Classes Overview

    The answer is so obvious: waaaaaaay too early to tell. If they don't change any numbers, the Demon Hunter is approximately 10 levels above the rest (well, maybe just 5 above barb but probably 15 above some others). Of course they can't push it to live like that, there'll be some number tweaking. On top of that, it'll take time until players find out what the most efficient stuff is. This is not something that is immediately obvious, and usually there's only a few players worldwide that actually do actively search for new builds to try out the most efficient ones. And not all of them necessarily share this, especially not group setups and trial combinations.

    Just think about 2.1: Including PTR it took 5 months before the lightning Demon Hunter was discovered as the strongest build, before that everyone ran ColdFire. It took even longer to figure out the zDPS Crusader. In 2.2, there are still people who think Cluster Bombs is not the best DPS in groups. And only one player was smart enough to use the Sever/Grim Reaper interaction, which was known for 3 years.

    Asking 2 weeks before release of the patch what the best class/spec will be is like asking who's going to win the World Cup 2018. No one knows. Wait. Test. Try it yourself. If you're lucky, the top players will share. If not, it's your time to shine and have fun in discovering new builds yourself. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most, actually.

    Edit: Oh and because we have literally no clue what groups in 2.2 will look like, I think it's a hundred times better to play non-season where you don't have to gear up all 6 classes from scratch to be prepared for everything, like if there's a mandatory tank wizard for trials or whatever and it'll take you a few days to farm basic gear. If your question is because of that - which class to pick in season 3 - good luck. No one will be able to tell you for sure.

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  • posted a message on Are you going to play season 3 or non season with 2.2?

    You're either a season or non-season player. If you're into seasons, what's the use of "progress being transferred over to non-season"? I don't see the point. It would only be useful if towards the end of the season I switch to non-season (why??) or I skip a season and switch to non-season for season 3, 4, or 5. Again, why play seasons then in the first place.

    I have new items in non-season as well: those of the previous season. Looking forward to the season 2 gems and Gungdo Gear, it'll make the 3 days between season end and new patch more worthwhile to play.

    Also, I know quite a few people that play seasons and they all agree that towards the end of a season you hardly find any groups (unless there's an event like this week or you're in the top bracket of 24/7 players). Seasons are for sprints, in the beginning there are a million players - or they are for 24/7 players, those that got to paragon 700-800 in a few days get the high rankings. I did the math and I'd probably be 650-700 on seasons at this point, and have 2-3 characters geared up. That's different to being paragon 835, all classes fully geared up, and being in top 100 on multiple leaderboards. There's zero chance I could've achieved this on seasons, absolutely zero (I can see this from some of my friends who went for season 2 and regretted their decision, turning non-season for season 3 again).

    To each his own. If you like seasons, go for it. It's especially nice for people who like the short sprints and also play different games, and not just Diablo 3 and nothing else (which is the case for me). I had to go through all the ladder resets over and over again in D2 and I have less than zero desire to do this again, there's even no point for me to "try it out". I just don't like seasons.

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  • posted a message on Are you going to play season 3 or non season with 2.2?

    Note that season 3 will be longer than season 2, probably about 5 months (just a guesstimate). Many of the idea we see in 2.2 have been pitched at Blizzcon already (and were already in some sort of playable state), and from what we've heard in the Tavern Talk they haven't even started developing 2.3 (at least nothing for the Helltooth set rework, for example) - so season 4 will definitely start a bit later this summer. Anything between 3-4 months (very optimistic), 5-6 months (realistic), and 7-8 months (pessimistic and way too long) is possible I guess.

    On topic:

    I dislike new starts. This is a game of progression for me, I want to constantly improve my character, and don't see how restarting from scratch every now and then should fit into this theme for me (I hated the ladder restarts in D2, but was kind of forced to play it as the low-level ladder-only rune words were just too good to give up).

    I don't want to commit to one class. There's almost no week in which I don't play every class at least once. Sometimes I play 3-4 different classes within one evening, just switching back and forth. I also like theorycrafting and testing out new builds, so I keep every item that seems remotely interesting to be able to test out everything whenever I want to. By the time I would have all items for all classes the season would be over.

    Therefore: Non-season all the way. There's more than enough interesting stuff to test on non-season anyways.

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  • posted a message on Could someone back me up please ? Tavern Talk made me dumber for having watched it

    We make a lot of fun about the "mistakes" from the developers on the last Tavern Talk. Heck, they even made fun of themselves ("we're terrible at our jobs"). But in the end, it should be understandable to anyone who has ever dug a bit deeper into game design and how it works. There are some nice retrospective videos about Blizzard's design philosophy which give you a hint why they made those mistakes.

    1) We have seen three iterations of the Raiment set. The most recent one on PTR, the one currently on live which is a year old, and the one that was released with RoS (thought exercise: who can still name the initial Raiment set bonuses? I for one can't, and I spend a lot of time with all the set changes and other things aruond the game). What Travis, Wyatt, and John see, however, are dozens, maybe hundreds (!) of different Raiment set iterations. They have meetings about upcoming changes, pitch a new version of the set, test it internally for an hour, a few days, a few weeks, and dismiss it again. Travis might just have been trying to figure out in his head "damnit, which version did we now decide on and push with the most recent PTR build?" - the last thing he wants is to hype the community about announcing a "wrong set bonus" that they might have tested internally for a few weeks but dismissed as being too powerful, for example.

    2) The Blizzard development team has hierarchies and distributed duties/responsibilities. John Yang is an associate game designer. He's basically a developer that does a lot of technical stuff and provides some input, but Travis and especially Wyatt (being a senior technical game designer) might make the call in the end. Also, as has been noted before, the team takes turns on the different classes - and we don't know who of them was working on which class for how long and when. Some questions might have caught them off-guard because the person who was in charge of making changes to a particular class wasn't even present in the Tavern Talk (which became apparent when no one knew about the Holy Shock rune element being wrong). Wyatt is just more likely to answer questions in that case because he's the most senior of the three, as far as I know, and thus has the highest responsibilities. They could've also just said "we can't answer this because none of us worked directly on this" but since they have regular meetings to sync with every group within the development team, they know a thing or two. But it doesn't mean they implemented the lines of codes themselves or tested it on their internal release themselves. They were just answering it to the best of their knowledge.

    3) There are more things than just the numbers on the items. There are internal mechanics. Proc rates (that we can't test since 2.1 anymore, but they're still there). Internal cooldowns. Server infrastructure. Database backend questions. UI bugs and improvements. Battle.Net related features. Design, texture, graphics stuff that needs to be worked on. This list goes on and on and on. The things we as players care most about and we "see" make up for an important chunk of the game, but it's probably only 10% or even much less of the codebase of Diablo 3 (which is a game that has millions of lines of code). They might simply have other things on their mind for a significant amount of time during their job.

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  • posted a message on Followers - am I the only one annoyed???

    My followers are stash space for 45 amulets, 90 rings, 15 two-handed weapons, 15 one-handed weapons, and 15 ranged weapons. So - no, I'm fine with that unless they solve the stash space problem. I'm only doing solo every now and then and have one Templar per class equipped with the required solo gear - it's not like it needs anything but a simple Unity and immortality token, everything else is just a nice addition but not a requirement (some Ess of Johans on some classes maybe).

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  • posted a message on TOP-1 world Barb

    You proved my point on a soft spot for exploits lol... If this is "clever game mechanics" then why are they being removed in next patch? Nuff said

    Your post was removed (and you received a warning) because of foul language. Stating your opinion is okay, insulting users is not. Watch your language.

    Also, there's no "soft spot" for exploits; but this is simply no exploit, and it also won't be removed in the next patch. And with this, back to topic. If you have any further questions about moderation please use the feedback forum or PM me (or any other mod), but do not further derail the topic with your off-topic comments that are borderline trolling. You made your point. If you want to discuss the pylon problem make a separate thread, any further comments calling people that click on pylons "cheaters" will be deleted as off-topic.

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