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    Quote from ghostwheel
    Firstly there's a known issue with paragon tracking - we're just not getting that info from Blizzard right now so new imports will show zero paragons.

    Just FYI: Paragon level is still shown, it's just hidden in a different section of the JSON object. It's basically all under season 0 in "seasonalProfiles", so instead of json->paragonLevel the new path is json->seasonalProfiles->{0}->paragonLevel. Same for HC paragon level and all three kill stats.

    Of course that might change on Friday. I'm actually surprised it's not documented anywhere yet, not even on the official API forums. Broke some of my scripts as well...
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  • posted a message on Travel Report: Greenland, Russell Glacier
    Awesome trip! I'll probably be the only one who read the entire blog, as everyone else is probably playing... but I'm actually also traveling at the moment, just sitting in an AirBnB in Stockholm. Some nice distraction while packing my bags, thanks for that ;-)

    I'm always looking for new hiking trips, but haven't considered Greenland. I'm usually more looking for stuff that is a bit warmer and has more elevation (currently thinking about the Andes, Atlas, Ruwenzori, and Himalayas as some future hiking destinations). But despite the lack of high mountains and warm environment Greenland has something else that intrigues me: it seems like an almost undiscovered place. You've done hiking in Switzerland and on Kilimanjaro as well, so you know what it's like to climb a mountain with hundreds of other people on your trail :P

    How did you pick Greenland and this particular place? Do you think there are other places in Greenland with more elevation gain? Also, what's the temperature range like? When I think of Greenland I thought you'd need four season grade sleeping bags, but from your pictures it looks like my Kilimanjaro gear is more than enough. You don't happen to have an equipment list somewhere?

    Oh, and a last question. What about bears? I think I'd be afraid as hell of bears. I've heard that in Canada you're always supposed to put your food in a plastic bag and hang it on a tree away from your tent at night... but in a place like this, with no trees, seems to be difficult ;-)

    Anyways, thanks for the blog and keep it up. Keep us posted during your amazing 1000 days trip, and good luck for that of course!
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  • posted a message on Help needed reforging vyr's set / build.
    1) Vyr's chest: re-roll CHC. 1.5% is almost nothing and not worth a primary stat slot. However, life% is also an overrated stat, so this chest isn't perfect in general. (Read more on my opinion about life% in the guide linked in my signature.) Note that the stupid 1-2% CHC roll will be removed in 2.1 from Vyr's chest, so you'll have a good chance at finding a better one; don't waste too much on re-rolls. In the end, the chest is the Vyr piece that most people don't wear; try to get boots. For chest, there are better options (can also be found in my guide).

    2) Use the mitigation calculator (again, link in my signature - I'm not doing this because I'm lazy but I'm currently on the road and have limited editing options ;-)) to figure out if all resist or armor is better. Hint: armor will be better ;-) Note that on helmet armor can even roll up to 595, so you got really unlucky with that roll. You could still re-roll the all resist to a socket and keep it for now; your helmet rolled not only good int and perfect CHC, but also a good secondary (you really want crowd control reduction on your helmet). Crafting more is only an option if you have many many materials (10k+); Aughild's helmet always comes with all resist, so crafting can take forever. Rather use it for now.

    3) Don't waste any re-rolls on the rings. 2.1 might hit in 3 days and you want sockets on jewelry then anyways.

    4) Again, I can't really dig up and post links here on mobile, but if you use the Builds section you will find plenty of builds for Vyr's sets in there. Do you have a Mirrorball? If yes, you can use the build I posted there. If not, you could replace Magic Missile with Spectral Blades and replace the Sparkflint from my build with a spender of your liking. Many ways to go actually ;-)

    5) You have way too much life. It's better to get mitigation (all resist, armor elite/melee/ranged damage reduction). You can get by easily on Torment 6 with 300k life if only your mitigation is high enough.
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  • posted a message on so lost...
    - user interface pwnd me. I can't find AH !!!

    => There is no auction house anymore. The auction house was taken down about half a year ago. (Best thing they did ever, I might add.)

    - what are the new shrines "experience has been added to the pool"

    => It's a temporary 25% XP bonus, you can get up to 10 stacks. You'll lose it when you die.

    - where is the button to drop/trade gold? I know... another UI pwnge

    => You cannot trade gold, or any legendary items, or crafting materials, or gems. Pretty much anything is "bound on account" - except for legendaries after you find them, you can trade them for 2 hours with the people who were in your group at the time you found the item.

    - is d3 even more dead? I always open games to public but no one joins anymore (I mean Normal difficulty, questing with my new lvl 1+ crusader)

    D3 is not dead, just all those who loved trading and in particular the auction house left. D3 has moved back to its core principles (slay monsters, get loot, slay more monsters). It's not for everyone, so some people have left for good; however, those who embrace the "new Diablo" are more active than ever.

    - The new yellow/white globes - what exactly do they give?

    Not sure what you mean, but maybe Nephalem Glory? Read more about it here:

    - what other things I should know?

    The reason you don't find people in a level 1 normal game is because almost no one plays pre-level 70 anymore and normal difficulty is too easy for anyone (in particular when leveling up you can start at a higher difficulty). Most people get boosted to 70 in one hour, craft some gear (well, if you start at zero you have to grind a few hours before you can craft) and then jump to Torment difficulty as soon as possible. That's when the real game starts. And there you'll find plenty of public games.

    But it's probably better if you look for a cool clan or community to help you in the beginning.
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  • posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    Quote from ayu2134
    5 Rimehearts in 5 days and no 3rd Wand of Woh... damn

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? "No 3rd WoW"?
    Paragon 605, 500-600 hours, 140k blood shards. Still no Wand of Woh. And you're asking for a 3rd? Yeah sure...
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  • posted a message on Reviving Diablo 3 in 2.2 patch or another expansion.
    Quote from ruksak

    I don't think D3V would've been such a mess if they had listened to the players in the first place.

    They listened to the players - always. Diablo 3 started as a mix between what the developers envisioned to create (a hack'n'slay game that succeeds Diablo 2; not Diablo 2.1 and not a Diablo MMO) and what players asked for (a Diablo 2 successor with more freedom and more options for trading, but no exploits and item duping). Example: in the beginning and long into D3V the majority of players who mentioned feedback (i.e., those that Blizzard was able to listen to) supported the AH (there were plenty of polls about every few months on all forums). Only mid-2013 when the end of the AH was announced (actually about a year ago, I still remember how sudden the announcement came, out of nowhere) the majority of players had become so sick of it that they supported an AH removal.

    So... in hindsight, it always looks like "we knew it all from the beginning and the devs were always wrong". Which is not true.

    I remember though that you did not belong to this "pro AH majority", ever... so you can claim some prophetical abilities for yourself. But not for the majority of the community, and that's who Blizzard listened to. ;-)
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  • posted a message on Looking for LOW level D3 players (or a REALLY casual clan)
    @Bandyto: I think one is referring to his character level, one to his age ;-)

    @OP: Usually I'd let you know that there's a "once per 7 day bump" rule. I'll make an exception here because I think there's something more important you need to be aware of... you'll be level 70 in no time. You can get boosted to 70 by someone in one hour, and after a few more hours of tagging along in rifts you'll have materials to craft decent gear and/or even some first items from "loot sharing" to tackle low Torment levels. Of course, only if that is what you want. There are some threads of people offering help for low level characters... you might look into those. Other than that just be patient and wait, and stick to the 7 day bump rule ;-)
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  • posted a message on Will the Tasker & Theo bug ever be fixed?
    Quote from Jamoose

    Quote from dictator

    you cant import your chars + gear to ptr? that sucks

    Of course you can. the procedure is called copy characters or something... You can do it once in every 72 hours? (this might have changed).

    Every 24 hours this time. They decided to reduce the limit for the 2.1 PTR.
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  • posted a message on WD in 2.1 Feedback
    Quote from Bandyto
    Welcome to the forums. There is a specific sub-forum for the Witch Doctor class. See here.

    I second the welcome to the forums. Thanks Bandyto for pointing this out - moved to the WD forums.
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