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  • posted a message on Unity and Amulet re-roll?
    There's no need to close every thread just because a question has been answered... someone might have a follow-up question... for example, how many re-rolls did it take you to get to 87% CHD? :P

    Anyways, congratz on the two nice and shiny amulets, enjoy your new power! ;-)
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  • posted a message on [Guide] Wizard Gear Guide: Reaper of Souls Edition
    You can't get Firebird's and Vyr's combined... and Firebird's is the way to go in 2.1.

    That being said, I'm deeply sorry but I have totally lost interest in the wizard class right now as I find the playstyle absolutely boring and contrary to everything that a wizard is supposed to be in my book - as such I have no complete overview of the 2.1 wizard and will not update the guide in the near future (i.e., until there's something more than "put down Hydra and run around like a headless chicken").
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  • posted a message on Unity and Amulet re-roll?
    Something to keep in mind that both Unity and Haunt of Vaxo require topaz to re-roll, therefore I wouldn't go absolutely crazy unless you're sitting on full stacks of topaz gems. The first amulet looks awesome but in the end you might want to prefer a "more useful" amulet like Tal Rasha's, Blackthorne's, Hellfire, or an immunity amulet - which of course is a long shot, but wasting 1000 topaz on an amulet which is not absolutely "best in slot" can also be dangerous, and getting CHD is the most difficult stat on an amulet.

    If you don't have lots of topaz I'd just re-roll the Eye (int to CHD) or the Blackthorne's, or even keep it as is if you're fine with only two gems. As for the Unity - again, getting a high CHD roll for the CHC on the first might take some time, and it won't be a "BiS unity". Getting the socket for CHD on the second one *might* be easier.

    So: The *best* solution if you have a lot of topaz is to re-roll the first ring and first amulet. However, taking RNG and "gem scarcity" into account there are other options to consider, that's all I wanted to point out - especially since both won't be "BiS items" ;-)
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  • posted a message on How do melee kill the stone boss that splits without being 1 shotted
    Quote from copealope
    i know hes condiered easy at tier 30 or below, but not when you get higher.

    He's the easiest boss on every level; everytime we're close to the finishing line in a 45+ rift we hope for that guy. There are bosses that wreck melee and bosses that are impossible for ranged - while you think he's tough for you, everyone in your group will hope to get this boss. If you're melee and have no Xephirian Amulet, Raziel means that you can just leave the rift. At 45+, Saxtris is almost impossible for DHs because the adds will overrun you.

    As others have said - it's the boss lottery. Hope for a "better" one, but talk to your team mates first, because they might tell a different story (definitely once you get past GR40+).
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  • posted a message on Conduit Pylons shouldn't work on Greater Rift Guardians
    A little bit of RNG is fine. Conduit Pylons in GRs are just a joke. In my opinion they should be removed altogether. Probably Power Pylons and Channeling Pylons as well.

    Moses's reaction is priceless, awesome video.
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  • posted a message on Greater Rift Bugs
    This was not an insult (I can't see how you read that into it) but an expression of surprise. If it came across the wrong way I apologize. Just saying that all those people who have done hundreds of rifts on GR45+ would be happy to get this bug even once as it increases your chances of clearing the rift dramatically. I'm also not saying "provide a screenshot" because I don't believe you, I'm saying you should provide a screenshot such that Blizzard can identify which Rift Guardian got stuck in which particular map tileset.

    I've never heard of this bug and neither me nor any of my clan mates have ever experienced that. I also can't find it in the Blizzard bug report forums; there's only one instance that sounds somewhat similar: - be sure to report it if you come across it again. Also see the how to write a bug report bluepost.
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  • posted a message on Fix Grift density or reworkTrial Rift
    Yeah, agree with Albatare. The trials are a step up from progressing through 40 rifts on PTR. That being said, I like the idea of getting a rift key equal to the last level you cleared. The problem with trials is that it's almost impossible to get a 40+ key on any class but DH, but with DH it's piss easy to get any key in the high 40s.

    In the meantime, here's your workaround: gear up a DH and do trials with that character. I have my DH optimized for trials only (no elite damage, no Bane of the Powerful, pure burst DPS, and so on). You can also just ask a well-geared DH friend if you can join in on their trials. I stopped doing trials with any other class because it was just difficult to get key higher than 35... it's currently broken, and I'm sure/hope Blizzard will do something about it, but in the meantime don't waste time on them.
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  • posted a message on Greater Rift Bugs
    First of all: not sure if you're aware of this, but this is not the official forum but a fan website (Diablo Fans). Make sure to report bugs in the proper place:

    Regarding your bugs:

    1) This is a known bug for the Cesspools, which are not part of the Greater Rift map pool anymore. On other maps I have not seen this bug yet ever, so if you do make sure you take a screenshot to be able to tell which map was causing this.

    2) Just as for 1), I have not seen this bug in over 200+ GRs. 3 out of 10 is definitely an exaggeration (or super lucky) because if this was to happen with a 30% chance many people would clear GR50+ ;-) Anyways, same thing again: if this happens make sure to take screenshots to know which particular map tileset and Rift Guardian cause this bug.

    3) This is not really a bug, but a technicality of mouse/keyboard interaction. If you keep your left mouse button pressed (when you're walking, for example) it's not re-casting CDR spells. Make sure to always keep clicking like a maniac instead of keeping the left mouse button pressed. Not sure if this is a bug or might simply be a limitation of how Windows handles mouse/keyboard input.
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  • posted a message on [INVIS] Greater Rift 50 Cleared, Feedback and Suggestions
    Awesome! Congratz INVIS and ZE! Incredible achievement.

    Your last message is so absolutely true - think outside the box.

    @Skipping elites: Not everyone does it, the #1 season group on US (GR48) streams their GR45+ attempts and they barely skip anything, only packs of 3 or less monsters (at least never skipped a single elite when I was watching their stream). Skipping elites, if your group doesn't know how to manage it, can end in a disaster; triple pack incoming, for example. Again... every group has a different strategy that works for them ;-)
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