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    Click on the "customize" button at the bottom of that page, and you can create whatever view you want :-) Also allows you to de-select needless rows. Not everyone cares about ubers/keys...

    I thought a lot about making a version similar to the one you suggested when T11-T13 came out. If they ever introduce T14-T20 I'm screwed, because the layout doesn't make sense anymore. But where should I draw the line? Which difficulties to include, which to display?

    For example, here's one where I only left T1, T6, T7, and T10+ in (because I personally think those are the relevant difficulties, can't remember to ever have played anything else except for the first ~3 hours of a season): http://d3resource.com/difficulties-redux.png - but then someone might argue that I should leave T1 out, or T6, or T7, but they want T4, blablblabla and so on. And that's why I made the customizable HTML version - everyone can create the view they want. And it doesn't looked as Photoshopped either ;-)

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    Note that the HTML version of the difficulty overview allows you to customize it to your liking:


    Guess I should include a hint to that one in the .png version ;-) Might do that later.

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    Quote from Glorymgo-next

    Speak your mind!

    As you wish, on this very particular topic I can't withhold my opinion.

    I love Diablo, and for me Diablo is a "game". When you say you like to make money out of the game, I feel like I'm not hearing correctly. What you're looking for is Wall Street, please don't mistake our beloved game for your personal income source - it was never meant to be that way and will never (and I'm quite confident to say that) never never again turn into that.

    If you had asked about trading I'm personally against it but I'm sure many people would like it. But real money has no place in Diablo. So I'm pressing that "no" button as hard as I can.
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    Yep :-) Or both of us! :P

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    Quote from Skelos_bggo-next

    Quote from MissCheetah: »
    I know they have a secret Diablo project going on that Travis Day and others are working on

    I'd say the above relates to either some mobile stuff or D2 HD.
    I am also 99% sure they will announce D3 2nd expansion at Blizzcon. Reasons are marketing related.
    May I ask where you take this "99% sure" from? Marketing is no reason to announce something. Development is. And all we see from development (i.e., assets with the name _x2 in datamined stuff being published in various patches) hints at the expansion being scrapped. To be honest, most of the complaints about Diablo 3 at this point make it unlikely to impossible to satisfy the fanbase (both casuals and die hards) with any expansion. What people want is a new game ground up. New lore, new itemization, different skill system, trading but no AH, PvP - there's essentially no aspect of Diablo 3 that is not being criticized. Well, maybe except for the very neat looking combat animation which outclasses every other ARPG, but that's it. Anyways: A second expansion is super highly unlikely.

    Same for mobile. I have no idea why people are so persistent on this, maybe it's because of Rhykker's video. I've tried to tell him in various comments including on his video post - he completely misinterpreted the post which he used as his "main evidence" for D3 mobile. In that very post they stated that the job required Direct X development experience, which is a Windows (desktop) only feature. It's like looking at a Baseball bat and saying "oh, you're going Swimming, cool!". Direct X in that job posting was the 100% evidence that whatever the unannounced project may be: it's not mobile. So basically: Mobile D3 is highly unlikely, and if so there's something else, because the job postings were all pointing in the opposite direction.

    D2HD may be likely, but only because of the SC HD leak. But people need to understand that scaling up a sprite-based game such as Diablo 2 is essentially the same as developing an entirely new game. They can re-use the numbers and names from the items, but everything you see on screen - all graphics - need to be "remade" almost from scratch. Still: D2HD is more likely than D3X2 and D3mobile. But here as well - D2HD is also not the "unannounced Diablo project". Why? Because they hired concept artists and very basic positions which you need for a game in its very first stage, not something which is basically just a "game engine port". There's no need to have a concept artist pitch out concepts of the D2 story or the D2 monsters, because in a remake you want to stay as close as possible to the original. Takeaway: D2HD is possible and the most likely out of the D3, but not the unannounced project either.

    MissCheetah's post sounds to me like something bigger. My assumption is that the "new Diablo project" is a slight deviation from the initial ARPG genre; much like World of Warcraft took the franchise to a new level. And that could mean any part of the Diablo universe. It's highly unlikely that the story is just continuing after D3 - I also remember somewhere in an interview some developer saying that Diablo was more or less a trilogy and it's finished. To be fair, with Cain dead I probably wouldn't care for another sequel. I could imagine an "origins" story which dives deeper into the magic of the Horadrim or that kind of stuff (I don't know too much about the lore but I think there could be interesting stuff there). Or it could be a world of constant battlefield in which Evil has won, providing a never-ending stream of enemies. It would be boring lore-wise to have no achievable "goal" (i.e., you'll never cleanse everything) but to be fair, 99% of successful games on the market these days have zero story either. In terms of gameplay/genre it could be anything; something they've got already (RTS, FPS, MMO, MOBA, ...) or something they don't have yet (a pure adventure or a sandbox game would make me super super excited but probably not be too popular) or even make a crossover and "invent" something new. The older ones among us might remember Blizzard for being the company that could take a small genre to a new level (which is what Diablo did, some even say they invented a new genre with Diablo).

    We'll see. But putting your money on D3X2 or D3mobile... makes me wonder if it's just what people want, or if people have stopped following the news altogether. Just do some research and you'll see it's very unlikely.
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    There's still a lot of people working on D3. Travis Day, Wyatt, Andrew Chambers, Don Vu, these are important guys on the team.

    Don Vu moved to the World of Warcraft team in December 2015 already. We haven't heard anything from Travis and Andrew in a long time (I think since Blizzcon, so for about a year?) which means we don't know (oftentimes we just heard of someone moving to a different team way later).

    Not saying the team is Wyatt only, but I think it's safe to say that not "a lot of people" are working on D3. There might be people working on something Diablo-related, though. I'm really surprised that so many people voted for the 2nd expansion in this poll - of all things it's the most unlikely option based on everything we know.
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    Quote from jrsilvago-next

    Hi guys, i am playing HC season and i only have one journey achievement to complete. I was wondering if you guys may know any good builds for the superman achievement? Doing GR 45 solo? Hope it's not off topic and thanks!

    Search the Builds section (http://www.diablofans.com/builds) for "thrill" or "superhuman" builds for your desired class (thrill is the SC equivalent of the conquest but the builds work both ways, you can always swap the cheat death passive in).

    I'm going to lock this thread though as it's outdated and not relevant anymore (this was about Season 6 achievements, it's now Season 7).
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    The group who did this is called "PoodleCorp". They asked for a ransom of 2k retweets to bring servers back up. Why are they doing this? I think no one knows... attention, obviously, if they ask for retweets. There is an article asking for the reasons after their popular entry to public (hacking Pokemon Go this summer):


    Pretty dumb if you ask me:

    "Overall, the motive is to simply piss people off"

    "We do it because we can, nobody can stop us and we just like to cause chaos" - the first part is ridiculous, because there's nothing difficult about a DDoS attack, it can even happen by accident.

    "We are just having fun lol"

    The problem is that hacking isn't difficult from a technical point of view, but it's a combination of having the problem-solving ability (which requires some cognitive capabilities) with a complete lack of responsibility and sanity (which requires a childish mind). In a nutshell: hackers are tech-savvy infants. And just like real infants, they don't need a reason for anything, they're just doing things before they think about it. When I was a kid and got into programming I thought as well how cool hacking is... and then I grew up and realized that the power that comes with such skills shouldn't be abused for stuff like this.

    Basically, they're some guys standing next to an ice cream stand and every time a kid buys an ice cream, they beat the kid's hand so that the ice cream falls to the ground. It's the exact same action. In real-life absolutely no one (except Gru from Despicable Me) would find that funny, especially not after the 100th kid. It would also not go unpunished. But since on the Internet anonymity protects you from punishment for your wrongdoings, it's a different story. And of course many keyboard warriors say "lol" online to a kid complaining about their game breaking down. I wonder how many of them would also IRL "lol" to a kid whose ice cream is on the ground, especially when the ice cream store owner and the parent of the kid are next to the scenery.

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    Blizzard about this website:

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This isn't ours.


    So we can finally put this to rest. I'll change the title from "speculation" to "fake" and close this. Let's wait until Blizzcon to see what we get.

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