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  • posted a message on Wizard Items/Skills Suggestions Collection

    I will shamelessly bump this:

    Where are all the creative people? Let's make some more suggestions! We need some more "meaningful" legendaries besides just plain damage buffs. Share your ideas :-)

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  • posted a message on [Suggestions] On the Philosophy of Farming

    Let's start positively:

    I completely agree to #2. Bounty splitfarming needs to be "removed". I really dislike splitfarming, i.e., playing in a group and yet play solo.

    To all the other points... I disagree. Increase the drop rates everywhere outside of rifts? This was the case when RoS launched, and the reason why rifts have higher drop rates is because otherwise no one would do rifts. If you'd increase the drop rates outside of rifts, everyone would go back to chest farming, or farming specific spots like Malthael (which many people still do, see paragon leveling). The drop rates were not chosen arbitrarily but changed in many many many iterations to the way they are now because that's the sweet spot.

    Also disagree to 3+4. Having specific actions/places for specific loot is exactly what increases diversity. If you can get every loot from everywhere it just makes a game bland and boring. I can see how we just disagree because it's a matter of personal preference, but it's just my opinion.

    The thing that really threw me off though is that you say you enjoyed Alkaizer runs more than rifts. Yeah, if that's really the case then I have nothing to say. Running the same 2-3 zones all the time and ignoring 90% of all content, never seeing 90% of all mobs or areas in the game, was definitely way worse than the repetitiveness of rifts. And let's not even talk about D2... where it was not about farming one specific act or zone, but one specific boss (Baal) all the time. The Diablo franchise always has experienced some form of repetitive activity. But it was never less boring and more diverse than rifts, at least for me

    And in 2.1 we're getting more different things to do - probably something like: Greater Rifts for legendary gems, Nephalem Rifts for loot and GR keys, bounties for cache-only items and rift keys, ubers for Hellfire Amulets, goblin hunts for gold. And maybe another sweet spot for XP. If your goal doesn't align with the required activity, it's just tough luck. It was always like that... in D1, D2, D3V, RoS - there were always sweet spots to achieving some specific goal. The alternative would be a boring game with no diversity - no thanks.

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  • posted a message on technical support question - system memory

    1) We're a fan site, not the official forum. If you want Blizzard employees to help you out, you need to ask here.

    2) As TheWrathoGod said, some technical details would help a lot. Easiest way to do this is to hit the Windows key and type in "msinfo32" (yes, even on a 64 bit system). That's for Windows 8 though - not sure right now off the top of my head how to get there on other systems. Similarly, the performance tab on the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) helps to shed some light on this issue.

    3) Could you take a screenshot of the error message? Don't take screenshots of your entire screen, hide personal information. You can use the "Snipping Tool" in Win7/Win8 to make screenshots of only parts of your screens. Then upload them to and post the link here. Same upload procedure for the aforementioned info in 2).

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  • posted a message on D3 item seller scamming

    I'm not sure how I feel about this thread :-)

    1) Edited the title. We instantly delete all the spam from this service as it's the most illegal thing you can do in D3 and absolutely against the ToS. Therefore, by mentioning their name in the thread's title, it's giving them more publicity than it should. I hope you understand.

    2) I'd say you learned your lesson, so I'm not sure why you'd trust them your account again. As Jamoose said, this is an illegal service and the only reason they're not responding with "LOL, your fault for trusting us" is because they want you to pay more money for their "service".

    3) As I've said, I don't feel good about this thread. But maybe this can serve as a warning for everyone who even remotely considers that this is a good idea. This is highly illegal and, as everyone should learn from OPs story, absolutely not worth it. I also wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard at some point bans all accounts who have been accessed by this "service". Stay tuned for the next banwave.

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  • posted a message on How many elites are there on average per rift?

    Very very very roughly: 500 monsters per rift until you spawn the guardian. (Just one source, I remember there were much more months ago but didn't bookmark them.) However, it can sometimes be 250 or 750, if you Google for other people who have tried to track this.

    Now, there are rifts with almost only elites (especially quite often on cemetery) or quite few elites. And there's also a huge variance in how many you have to kill to spawn the guardian; sometimes you go on for much longer *after* the guardian is dead, sometimes you need to kill almost every mob to spawn the guardian. Let's take the average from the source I linked above, and there should be about 56 elites in a rift until getting to 100%. However, notice the outliers (ranging from 9 to 0 (!)). And 10 rifts is an insanely small sample.

    This variance is being reduced significantly in Greater Rifts on PTR; although I haven't spent too much time on PTR and it's not perfectly even, I felt that they've done a good job to minimize those crazy outliers. What makes rifts feel different in difficulty though is that some monsters (act 5 mobs) are just much harder. Oh, and elite kills seem to count much more on PTR.

    TL;DR: Probably about 50 elites per rift (until spawning the guardian), but with a huge variance of plus/minus 25 or so.


    If you want more reliable data just track your kill numbers and run many many rifts (100+) to get an average. I somehow am not too keen on getting community data to aggregate this, to be honest. You'll always have people who skew your data because they feel this is an e-peen test about "who gets the rift with most elites" and stuff, reporting wrong data.

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  • posted a message on Best Patch ever?
    Quote from TheWaldemar »
    We actually know what it will bring, it will bring Gems, Seasons, Grifts, Season only legendaries.. they won't make a 180° on these 4 key aspects of the patch. The details like balancing etc. we don't know yet but the important stuff we know already.

    So in terms of content patch 2.1 beats all previous patches by a large margin, no questions asked.

    We know what it brings, but it's too early to tell if those things will improve the game for me personally.

    • Seasons: I'm not interested. If they introduce some absolutely awesome, jaw-dropping season-only legendaries 2.1 might be a fail for me because I might feel forced to play a game mode I don't like. If season-only legendaries stay as they are now on PTR, I'm fine.
    • Greater Rifts: Looking great, but how do they feel if you run them for the 100th time on life? Will it be balanced to be great for people who are stuck on GR30, but also add excitement for those that get to GR70 regularly? Will they make every other aspect of the game look boring and everyone feels compelled to run GR only? Really, right now the reward structure for GRs is off, Blizzard acknowledged that. I'm confident they'll get it right but again - too early to tell.
    • Gems: Absolutely awesome, no doubt. But how does it feel a few months later; sockets in jewelry so necessary that you discard of lots of jewelry, just like you threw away non-socket weapons before we knew of Ramaladni's Gift? Will some of the "infinitely upgradeable gems" break the game and make seasons/leaderboards feel pointless? I see lots of red flags in there if they don't cap all gems, to be honest.
    • Balancing: Many people are excited about the upcoming wizard changes that were datamined yesterday. I'm somewhat excited as well, but not completely convinced. We might be balanced in terms of damage, but wizards have no truly game-changing set bonuses (like all other classes, just think of Marauder, Akkhan, or EQ set). Our sets are just a damage buff that does not enable new builds, but rather restricts the way we gear/spec. More on that in the wizard forums. I'm deeply concerned that the wizard is moving to a direction that makes me switch my main class in 2.1.

    The announced features of 2.1 are the biggest in quantity of any patch (besides 2.0.1/RoS) of course. There's a huge chance that they'll improve the game. But for me personally, as I'm not interested in seasons, leaderboards, and all this e-peen crap as well as being forced to restart my character from time to time, there's also a chance that this patch turns the game into a direction I personally dislike.

    Therefore, it is too early to tell if 2.1 is the best patch ever.

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  • posted a message on Best Patch ever?

    You can only evaluate a patch in hindsight. 2.1 isn't finished at all, we have no idea what it will bring... it sure has the potential to be the "best patch" but we don't know yet. Of course, everything is always subjective; what means "best"? For me personally, the game was in its best state just after RoS release. I did not like the recent patches 2.0.5 and 2.0.6; the increased legendary drop rate made sets too easy to be acquired and for many classes non-set builds have been pushed to "niche" builds. You will barely see anyone without an Akkhan set. I kind of hope that without Rift it Forward in 2.1 this will be reduced and there will be more long-term goals than just "get the Wand of Woh". Those really rare items are the only goals any players with 100+ hours on their main class have. So... for me, RoS vanilla was best. Probably followed by 1.0.7, the crafting recipes added a nice new direction to the game and introduced BoA - which in the end, together with the AH removal, saved the game.

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  • posted a message on Season Completion transmog reward - Conqueror's Pauldrons and Helm


    Just to let you know: there's an edit button. I merged the first two posts, but then you decided to make a third one... and now the forum software won't let me merge anymore.

    Please be careful with these double posts. The forum software might consider this as spam (especially given that every single of your posts contains a URL) and auto-delete your posts. So, please use the "edit" button when possible ;-)

    Edit: Oh, and maybe I should comment on topic as well, haha :D Thanks for the link. I won't be playing seasons myself but I'm sure quite a few people will be interested in that.

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  • posted a message on Greater Rifts harringtons belt replacement

    In my book, I already know which belts I want:

    1) Vigilante Belt (most of my builds greatly benefit from CDR, so the new 2.1 Vigilante Belt with CDR is just awesome)
    2) Witching Hour for DPS
    3) String of Ears for EHP
    4) Since the Blackthorne's set might be an awesome option with pants and amulet buffed, I might consider that as well.

    Never liked the situational Harrington's, to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I click on absolutely everything everywhere (other people who wear Harrington's hate me in rifts sometimes), but I just don't like to *rely* on that for damage. The other belts... meh. I liked Goldwrap for a while, the EHP boost insane (everyone who likes life on kill should absolutely try Goldwrap, it's awesome) but again - situational.

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  • posted a message on Wizard Electrocute - Forked Lightning

    The reduced damage for each successive bounce seems to be removed in 2.1, see here.

    The "on crit" calculation makes it complicated, but it's fair to assume that the average wizard has 50-60% CHC, probably less as socket and CHD are more important on jewerly in 2.1 - so calculate with 50% CHC.

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