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    Yeah, I watched that run live and also commented on it on Reddit already, but also gonna leave my 0.02$ here - especially since it's on the frontpage now.

    Great stuff. It's been known for quite a few seasons now - Reddit user "HerpDerpenberg" made a leveling guide about this method in more general terms - but as usual it takes someone to actually showcase this. I know many people who have been testing this for weeks now.

    Just a thing to keep in mind:

    This method requires to reset games; maybe only every 5-10 minutes, but if a very large number of persons does this, there is a realistic chance that the servers go ham on season start. I've had a discussion with Desolacer about this and he said it should not be the case, but I personally have a plan B just in case queues show up, because nothing is worse than sitting in menus on season start for 10 minutes. Also keep in mind that he's playing HC and the server stress there is much lower, but on SC I expect many people (especially solo players) to do this and the servers might go nuts in the first hour of the season or so. Basically, I strongly recommend against running *only* FoM (there are many more areas that work well if you practice a bit, and it also spices it up a bit as pure FoM makes it super boring) or just go rifts in case, which is also great for gear (which you will definitely lack by doing nothing but FoM).

    Also, as in previous Reddit threads around this methods, I'd like to remind that for groups rifting is probably just as good as the streaks are difficult to maintain in groups. A full group that tries this without practicing will be better off rifting at season start.

    But yes, in general this is something that can really spice up things. But it needs practice, you cannot just do this on season start and expect to be faster than in your regular rifting group (you'll most likely be slower and might be at a disadvantage in terms of resources compared to rifting).

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    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    Quote from Bagstonego-next

    I'd kill the fun for all my friends if I'd just hand them full sets and ancients when they come online....

    I wonder what you think of the season gift?? After all, it's never been that hard to get, since co-opt games are organized.

    Wasn't a fan of Haedrig's Gift at first. Also thought that the old installment of S4-S6 was a bit too easy. With S7 it's going into the right direction; on PTR, due to the legendary buff, you have your set(s) complete before you get Haedrig's. We have to accept that Diablo 3 is catered more towards casuals (let's be honest, in the beginning D1+D2 were, too, it's just that all the casuals left). From testing S7 I feel that Haedrig's is okay and in a good spot. Btw: Haedrig has nothing to do with co-op, a good solo player gets it as fast (if not faster) than most groups. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some solo players might be the first to farm T6 in S7. The constant complaining about group play has led Blizzard to do their usual over-tuning and in S7 a solo player will be better off than a semi-good coordinated group. (Of course awful players will still compare themselves to the top groups and cry that they're behind...)

    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    As for D2 vs D3, D2 had more possibilities, since the sets were weak.

    Yeah, that argument I don't buy. In S7, many classes have multiple sets that are really good high-end. In fact, except Crusader (who's overall in a bad spot) most classes will be able to get very good results and go quite high with 3-4 of their class sets plus LoN. It looks like the monk is extremely well-balanced with all 4 sets and LoN builds within a few GR tiers. And then for some of those sets you have different builds.

    In D2 you had diversity... but that's like saying you have a lot of different TX builds for the Angry Chicken WD. Of course you can create 20 different builds, but there's probably only 1-2 that are viable, the rest is terrible. Same in D2 - of course you had potentially 100 different Necro builds, but I remember one patch where anything but Corpse Explosion was completely useless, very much similar to the Twister meta in S6.

    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    D3 has a clearly superior player interface (but a bit short on '5 & 6' keys).

    Disagree, the UI in Diablo 3 is lackluster in many ways. Just consider the mess-up of paragon levels unreadable for many seasons, the toast overlay preventing you to click on chat, chat preventing you to click on your lower stash contents, the interface being static and have no customization option (in 2016 that is nothing but laughable), the stash page implementation which is unbelievable clumsy, cumbersome, and disappointing, the buff numbers not readable, no cooldown timers, no buffs for so many spells, right-click/left-click being fixed, the paragon button covering up buffs, for over a year half the buffs being invisible due to a static limit, ... should I go on? For each of those points I can tell you UI development guidelines and measures to prevent this. Either D3 has no UX expert who he didn't get a say in the development, but I've noticed this in many Blizzard games and the jobs pages - they seem to not pay the necessary attention to UI design. So yeah, on this one: D2's interface might not have been perfect, but was okay for 2000. D3's interface is not acceptable to my expectations of AAA games and especially Blizzard in 2016.

    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    D2 seemed to always have something more to do

    End-game in D2 was very interesting. Go to Baal, kill him. Rinse, repeat. People even counted the number (1300 times from level 98 to 99). That was similar to D3V (Crater scorpion farming/Crypt farming), which is why rifts were introduced. I personally think rifts are an AMAZING change over the constant "same old same old" runs one did in D2. And before you start telling me that there were "so many interesting builds to discover": 99.9% of people who complain "there's nothing to do in D3" just play the cookie cutter build and then throw the game away. Almost no one actually plays the game as intended/hoped by Blizzard: pick up items and think about potential builds. I can't even tell you how many sub-par builds I've tested. There are, I think just by math, 3 billion different builds in D3. Good luck getting to a point where there's "nothing to do" in D3.

    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    D3 has grinding for paragons, ancients, and caldesans...

    D2 had grinding for XP, high-level runes, and some elusive super rare drops...

    Yes, both D2 and D3 (and D1) are grinding games.

    Quote from xFerengigo-next

    D2/D1 was written in the days of programming giants, D3 in the era of pretty pictures and screen flashes.

    Okay, this really makes me wonder where you got this from. As a software developer this is just cringe. You aren't really comparing a 1996 game to a 2013 release? We're talking orders of magnitude in code complexity here. D3 has a complex engine just for the combat mechanics (which makes its combat feel so great, btw). D2 has... sprites. Also, D1/D2 were/are full of bugs, whereas D3 has not seen any hacks or engine-based exploits yet (also thanks to online only). Yeah, those times (the 90s) were the times of "programming giants", but basically only due to one name: John Carmack. Without a doubt, the Q3 engine was probably one of the masterpieces of code. But D1 doesn't count in that category. What was awesome was the storyline and (back then) novel concept. However, none of the core members have been able to showcase their ability in the past 15 years.

    Look, I'm not saying D3 is better than D2 or vice versa. They're entirely different games. But in all those comparisons I see so much nostalgia - false nostalgia, especially coming from people who just have other preferences. For example, people who loved D2 for their trading or PvP. Both are aspects that are not present in D2, so of course you're not liking the game. It's like the people who love FIFA 1998 because it had indoor football - yes, awesome - but of course FIFA 2016 is better, no one with a sane mind can argue with that. I personally love Fallout 1+2 and strongly dislike Fallout 3+ (and can't play it, I started 5 times but everytime just stop because it doesn't work for me). Yet, I admit that Fallout 3 is probably better in many ways (also more appealing to many people), but not for me. Same with the D2 lovers: It's a different game, it doesn't work for you, but don't "trashtalk" it, because it makes you look ignorant. That's all.

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    Costs $20 at blizz store, in store or online.
    Yes, and that's the legitimate way to buy it.

    Edit: OP clarified that he's hoping that someone doesn't need their keys anymore (and hasn't added them to their B.Net account yet) - he is not looking into *buying* keys. Keep in mind everyone that selling keys is illegal (and also not a good idea to buy since you might be blocked out of B.Net any time).
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    Thank you!

    And what is this "Any%" added to the streams?

    A run with no additional completion requirements; anything goes. The "default" category for speedrunning a game. The term comes from the old school Metroid speedrunning community. Metroid has a percentage counter, while other games may not, but the term stuck around.


    Most games are any% these days. 100% would be if you finish every quest and don't just skip the optional ones (like Bloodraven). It's not popular in most games, and especially not in D2.
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    on a side note. what are the good d2 twitch/youtube channels to check?

    I recently watched a lot of Ryu: https://www.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl

    He's been running hell any% HC sorceress lately. The nice thing is that he just plays to play - he doesn't reset but just keeps going, trying to finish the run (getting the record is less about being faster but more about staying alive for 6h+).

    There's also Teo (https://www.twitch.tv/teo1904) who holds the speed records in all 4 brackets (!), but recently he's doing normal runs which is quite spammy and repetitive and reminds me of D3 GR runs ;-)

    @sick4slayer: Arguments are okay, but I also just uttered my opinion and you took it to a personal level by calling me a "D3 fanatic". I'll just call you a D2 fanatic once here and then we're settled, okay ;-)

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    Ladder-only runewords:


    Never liked D2 ladder, but for casuals those runewords were too good to give up.

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    Diablo 2 is and will always be the best game of the 3 for me. And no speech of D3 fanatic like bagstone is never going to change that :)

    I recently thought about starting D2 again, because of SDGQ (watching Lama) and more recently watching Ryu a lot. I'm a fan of Diablo, because this website is called Diablofans. What turns me off about D2 though is that many of the D2 players are toxic and have nothing but hatred. If you love D2 that's fine, but recently you've posted ~5 comments on the Diablo 3 section of our forums to stress how much you dislike D3 and how much better D2 and PoE is. You know, that is fine, but you don't need to go around and make everyone's life miserable just because of disliking a game. I don't go around to CoD or other FPS reddits and tell them how shit their game is. We enjoy D3, you enjoy D2/PoE. I'd ask you to think positive - post your positive comments in our legacy games section, or even in some other PoE forum. But please don't just make it a habit to tell everyone how "fanatic" they are just because they like a different game than you. That doesn't bode well and is the same kind of criticism I have towards Brevik: Lately he's on a "D3 sucks so much" interview tour and spills nothing but hatred, but in 16 years he has not managed to deliver any positive outcome of his grand vision of what D2's legacy would be by actually developing a game that lives up to his promises of "I could do better than Blizzard".

    Enjoy your stay at Diablofans, but please make it not un-enjoyable for others. Thanks.
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    PTR leaderboards are not useless. It is the only thing that shows "broken" builds and such. You know it.

    Of course PTR leaderboards are useful for exactly that, but every "OP build" has never been on the PTR leaderboards (or too late). I'm just saying "PTR leaderboards are useless" when it comes to meta prediction, which is all that this thread is about. People are looking at PTR leaderboards and inferring from that what the S7 meta will be. As my analysis highlights, absolutely never has that given the right answers. Even if the class and spec is the same, the playstyle might change. Remember people looking at the S5 PTR seeing wizards on top; but if they had known that it meant hugging a wall I'm sure many might have reconsidered.
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    Just posted this on Reddit because there are multiple "what's the next meta" threads every day. But I thought I'd post this here as well. As the title says, I compare the "final meta" by the end of PTR to that by the end of the respective season.

    • Season 1
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, Serenity monk, cold DH, fire DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH

    • Season 2
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, EP monk, fire/mark DH

    • Season 3
      • PTR: Tiklandian WD, pull crusader, 2x lightning DH
      • Final: Tiklandian WD, perma-stun crusader, 2x Hydra wizard (1x DH + 1x wizard was more common but double wizard was best)

    • Season 4
      • PTR: Pull barb, heal monk, HotA barb, gen/U6 monk
      • Final: Pull barb, heal monk, support crusader, SC monk

    • Season 5
      • PTR: Pull barb, LoN crusader, WD/DH, Twister DMO wizard
      • Final: Pull/globes barb, globes monk, support WD, STICKY Twister DMO wizard

    • Season 6
      • PTR: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister Tal Rasha wizard
      • Final: Pull barb, support monk, support WD, Twister+Archon Tal+Vyr wizard

    (All of this is just from memory, so there might be small mistakes, please point out if you find any)

    The correct DPS class combination was predicted two times: S1 and S6. NEVER was the correct top DPS spec publicly known by the end of PTR!

    The correct support class combination was predicted three times: S2, S3, and S6. Note that those were the seasons in which the support classes stayed the same as in the previous one; NEVER was a *change* in support classes completely predicted by PTR leaderboards.

    I hope this sheds some light on how utterly useless it is to look at PTR leaderboards. Also, there has literally been zero testing on high level GRs on PTR; all the top players who have the knowledge and ability to pull off even semi-accurate meta predictions that could top PTR leaderboards are *pushing on live*. So please stop asking "WHAT IS THE S7 META". You might as well ask if we're gonna have snow on Christmas and get more accurate "predictions" now.

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    My brain apparently wasn't working this weekend. Took me 2 days to realize there's a barb thread in General Discussion. Moved to barb forums ;-)

    Also, this is absolutely amazing, I love that people are just like "meh meh meh meh I don't like the current #1 meta spec" and then someone shows that they were all following the wrong white rabbit. I wonder what other builds for other classes we didn't see. I have a feeling that monk could've been much higher and much better this season, but there are hardly and monk players left who really push the boundaries. Or DH. Or Crusader. But that's the wrong forum for that ;-)

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