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    You two seem to be master of few words to cause more confusion ;-)

    Set items can't be used to extract set bonuses into the cube, see John Yang's tweet:


    However, in our datamined information there is this recipe for the cube:

    • Convert Set Item - Skill of Nilfur
      • 1x Set Item
      • 10x Death's Breath
      • 10x Forgotten Soul

    Which means there MIGHT be something you can do with set items and the Cube. Keep in mind though this datamined piece of information is all we have and it might not be implemented and make it to live (for example, the "upgrade to player level" recipe is in the datamined information but will not be available in 2.3).

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    1) As others have said, it's because once you put the affix into the cube it's not immediately clear anymore that it only applies to the gem in helmet (wow, Bane of the Trapped * 100% would be awesome :O).

    2) Most likely will work with old items, so keep them. Only the cube recipe will be new, it would make little sense that you'd need a new Puzzle Ring.

    3) The Cube will not allow a second enchant (similar to the Mystic) on an item, but for all we know it will destroy an item and store its affix into the Cube. Bear in mind, all of that is tentative, subject to change, and guessing from reading all the posts. But it wouldn't make sense to have a second Mystic, that would be boring and unlike Blizzard.

    Maintenance on the live servers in Northern America (other regions have other maintenance days... some people seem to forget there's a world beyond NA) has little to nothing to do with PTR. PTR and live are different servers. The patch might go online tomorrow, but not because of the regular maintenance on live - simply because it's due after a week of advertisement and a weekend of hype and anticipation.

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    Quote from ruksakgo-next

    This would be far better accomplished by sending email surveys out. Isn't this something they've done before?

    Yes, they do. You can Google "Blizzard survey" to find some instances of that on Reddit. Unfortunately, they look very similar to spam, so if I ever receive this I might just delete it instantly because I don't click on links in emails from Blizzard ;-)

    They can be legit though, as a blueposter pointed out on Reddit:


    @OP: There's tons of research about the impact of surveys - if you survey your customers too often it can actually be bad. For example, if you were forced to answer a survey once a month it might alienate a lot of people. If you make it voluntarily you might only get the frustrated people that are looking for a channel to rant. And whatever you do, you probably will never get the input from paragon 200 average Joe that only plays 1-2 hours a week, although those might be a large proportion of the playerbase.

    On the other hand, most issues are so obviously glaring and there for years before being fixed (trials, off-screen charging mobs, terrible gap in RNG in rifts, and paragon being way too mandatory) - they don't need a survey to know about this. TBH, as much as I'm looking forward to all the changes in 2.3 and whatever they're doing, I'd much rather see those issues fixed first. Failing a 70 rift simply because of bugs or RNG creates more frustration to me than the coming "quality of life" changes in 2.3 can add on enjoyment. Mannercookie highlighted this in one of his recent video comments comparing PoE and D3 (while I didn't agree with everything he said, he brought up some really good points in there).

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    I see you already made a proper clan recruitment thread. Locking this one. Also, be easy on the spam. There's an edit button... no reason to make 3 posts in a minute by hitting reply three times.

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    Please see our rules - no stream/Youtube channel advertisement. We've got a thread for that (in which you already posted).

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    It appears your clan has two threads?


    I'll lock this one here, please use the other thread as it seems to be more recent.

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    As I already told you via PM, do not make a *new* thread every time. You have other existing threads, bump one of them. You might also give some more info, for example name of your clan and how to contact you, and so on.

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    @Desolacer: That thread is not updated. DH is fast, but Quin did beat your record more than once I believe, I remember one in 17:45 or so.

    Monk beats everything, period. DH is a close second. Wiz and barb follow with some distance (they've got trouble keeping up with a monk). Crusader and WD are miles away, sadly.

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    The 10% debuffs stack.

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