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    This might be a silly question, but has anyone seen one of these guys spawn from a bandit shrine? I've run into quite a few of those but have yet to encounter a Menagerist.

    Menagerist and Rainbow Goblin cannot spawn from Bandit Shrines. They also both cannot spawn within the Vault or Rifts.
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    Mask of Jeram is a level 31 item.

    There's an 98% chance to get one after 10k blood shards. You're unlucky, but it happens to 2 out of 100 people.

    I'm gonna lock this thread, otherwise the typical thing happens - 100 people will come in and rub in your face that they got a Mask of Jeram after 25 blood shards ;-)

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    Cool, thanks! Yeah I already thought that it's just RNG for me. Will leave that as is then.

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    Okay, I've changed the chart and included a note to reflect that. I hope other people can confirm that and possibly also find out what's up with caches on expert and other difficulties. T1 is 3+3, that's what I know for sure.

    Also, if anyone can keep track of keywarden drop rates - that would be great. I got the feeling the drop rate is buffed, but haven't heard anyone else say that. But I got 100% machines on every kill (though I only killed about 5 or so, didn't really farm any and just did one round for the season journey).

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    Quote from Craticgo-next

    Thank you for that explanation. Hmm that would make sense but I'm sure I was 70 at the time. Was running my first bounty runs on solo HC. Ran all 5 acts and got 3 materials per.

    For sanity Ill retest and report back.

    Thanks - it would also be nice if you could pay extra attention to see from which of the cache the 1 material (instead of 2) came from. This is really strange, can't find this anywhere else, and the numbers have been like they are in the chart for over half a year now...

    @Solmyr77: Yeah, I think this was even information from a bluepost (otherwise there would be an asterisk next to it).

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    We've discussed the conquests before, and I think all of them are straightforward (3 gems to 65 is about the grind, TX in 2 minutes about getting the right map, GR75 about indiviual power level, and Curses! just about your burst damage). Boss mode is often left out and considered to be hard - when it's actually relatively easy and by far the easiest for any well-coordinated group. And in my opinion, it's by far the conquest that's most fun this season.

    Time to KILL a Boss: Estimate your Power

    First, we need to understand the relative difficulty of the bosses. There are four bosses that have animations and take a bit longer to kill:

    • Malthael
    • Diablo
    • Urzael
    • Belial

    All the other bosses can, at least in theory, be a one-shot. Test how long it takes you to kill Malthael on TX, and after that any of the others (e.g., Azmodan) just to get a feel for how long the boss fights will take you. Can you kill Malthael in less than a minute (including all animations) and Azmodan in less than 15 seconds? Then your DPS should be high enough.

    Time to FIND a Boss: Make an Ordered List

    Next, we need to look at the difficulty of getting to the bosses. For that, we create an ordered list. The one we used for our run was this:

    1. Malthael
    2. Urzael
    3. Adria
    4. Diablo
    5. Izual
    6. Butcher
    7. Aranae
    8. Siegebreaker
    9. Cydaea
    10. Ghom
    11. Skeleton King
    12. Azmodan
    13. Rakanoth
    14. Belial
    15. Maghda
    16. Kulle

    Basically the list can be split into two halves (top 9, bottom 7). The first 9 take a bit longer, either because the way is so long (Malthael, Siegebreaker) or the pathing can be difficult to find (Izual, Aranae) or both (Urzael, Adria). Also, as aforementioned Malthael, Urzael, and Diablo take a bit longer because of animations and transitions and stuff, so it's good to get those out of the way early (only Belial being on the bottom half).

    Gear and Spec Requirements/Advice

    In terms of gear/specs, you obviously need great mobility. That means:

    • Wizards need Teleport and Aether Walker. Also get some arcane power regeneration. You can switch out Aether Walker before the boss fight to some DPS weapon of your choice. Alternatively, you can try Illusionist+Teleport, or even In-Geom, but it won't be as fast at all (and quite dangerous as well).
    • Witch Doctors are strongly recommended to have Manajuma's set + Angry Chicken. Again, switching to some DPS for the boss. You can also use In-Geom and kill elites on the way to get Spirit Walk up in combination with the Zuni set and lots of pets; it works, I've tried it, but is a lot slower of course. But it's a great synergy with a boss spec (lots of pets) and can be done with the starter set (Zuni) and requires no gear switching.
    • Demon Hunters have Vault, enough said. Vault alone is crazy, with Danetta's it's a joke. Again, switch weapons out for boss.
    • Crusaders absolutely need Swiftmount and Steed Charge. Again can be done using In-Geom and then killing elites on the way, but will be significantly slower.
    • Barbarians don't need anything for running as the Raekor set is great for constantly charging, so they're basically set up from the start to do this. Remember to use Boulder Toss for the bosses!
    • Monk can be really fast with the Thousand Storms set or Jawbreaker to use Dash, or even In-Geom, but it's not as easy to get there as for other classes I'd say.

    Can I Solo It? Yes You Can!

    I think for doing this solo, WD is probably best because it has a great mix of mobility and insane boss DPS. But any class can do that, though for monk+wizard it's probably the most difficult to solo. In any case, if you're solo, start from the top and keep in mind that the last ones can be done super quickly. You could probably do the bottom 6 in 3 minutes including going there and killing them, so if the first 12 take you 15 minutes you'd still be more than fine! It might take a few tries, but it's absolutely possible.

    Group Play - Coordinate and Celebrate

    Now to my favorite part: How to get this conquest done super easily - in a group. That's how this was done super early on in the season by some groups, and why I advise some people to try it out. This conquest was completed just 5 hours after the start of the season (by a group of paragon 200 players of ZE).

    The preparation is that everyone needs to agree on an order to kill the bosses in, as well as an assignment for the early bosses about which players take which bosses. Depending on if you're 2 players, 3 players, or 4 players, you should have this list either printed out, on your PC, or even best just write it down on a piece of paper and put it next to you:


    It's arguable if setting up bosses makes sense for 4 players in round 3; we did it, but you can also just start running together. For 3 players, after Ghom there's no potential to run into dead ends and no super long walks anymore, so you should definitely not split up anymore but just run all together, because setting up bosses takes some time.

    Now the reason why this list is so important is because you set up bosses in the group. You do this by putting a Town Portal in front of the boss area, join the others to kill a boss, and then use the MAP (not your town portal spell!) to go back to town, use your town portal to go back to the previous boss you have set up, and then all the others join. Is this confusing? If you think so, let's do a walkthrough of an exemplary Boss Mode run in a full group. The four players are called Adam, Beth, Carol, and Dan.


    Adam takes Malthael, Beth goes for Urzael, Carol starts looking for Adria, and Dan searches Diablo.

    Dan arrives first and teleports back to town - and waits.

    Adam gets to Malthael and teleports back to town - and waits.

    Carol finds Adria and teleports back to town, and waits.

    Beth finally get to Urzael, starts the teleport - and realizes (by looking at the chat) that all other three players already have found their bosses. She cancels the teleport and just clicks on the boss fight area to start the fight. Everyone accepts, and Urzael is put to rest.

    The remaining three bosses are to be tackled in their respective order, which means Malthael is next. Therefore, as soon as Urzael is done dying, Adam presses "m" (NOT "t"!) and clicks on the Enclave to go back to town. There, he clicks on the town portal and everyone joins in to fight Malthael.

    After the fight, Carol is next. Again, Carol uses the map and not the town portal to go back to the town hub, and then proceeds to use her town portal to go back to Ruins of Corvus and start the fight with Adria.

    Last but not least, Dan does the same afterwards to set up the fight with Diablo. After Diablo is dead and the seemingly endless animation of his death is over, Adam teleports to Silver Spire level 1, Beth goes to Halls of Agony 3, Charlie heads to the Aranaea Caverns, and Dan makes a run through the Bridge of Korsik. Round two starts!


    A few notes:

    • The first round will take you 6-7 minutes, and that's totally fine. If you're over 8 minutes, you might consider restarting (though you can still make it). If you're anywhere below 6 minutes, the rest will be a breeze. The first 4 bosses are by far the biggest issues in terms of getting there and time required to kill.
    • If one player in group has particularly long loading screens, Cydaea is the one boss that has an additional loading screen and might be assigned to someone else.
    • Some bosses are easier to get to if you can teleport rather than just walk. For example, wizards (teleport) and monk (dashing strike) can just "skip" the small way enclosed by two iron gates on the way to Skeleton King by teleporting across the area. On the other hand, teleport/dash doesn't help a lot on the way to Ghom or Adria because usually doors are closed, making teleporting through walls impossible.
    • Every class: I strongly recommend to use Homing Pads, and if possible also a spell that increases toughness for the teleport (e.g., Energy Armor - Force Armor, Desert Shroud, Iron Skin, and so on).
    • On hardcore, you also need a bit more toughness, obviously. That's why HC players tackle this a bit later (in group); if you're only 2 players and on Teamspeak, you can also just establish a rule for an "emergency accept" where you just go into a boss fight if a player absolutely feels like he's not making it out to town. Obviously not dying is more important than success of a conquest.

    Good luck everyone! I know this is a lot of text, and I could've probably made it shorter, but I didn't have time for that. But I hope this helps some people.

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    Quote from Craticgo-next

    Hi Bagstone, I wanted to let you know I did a set of bounties yesterday on Hard difficulty, and they rewarded 3 materials in total per act, bonus bag included. I think it was 2 in regular cache bag, 1 in the bonus bag. Perhaps you could represent this in a different way on the chart for next patch?

    Are you sure you were level 70? Because I'm quite sure that it's 4 if you were level 70, I just checked some other reports. The bonus cache is always the equivalent of the difficulty, no matter the level - but you only get 1 cache material from every cache before level 70. So for example, for doing a level 69 bounty run on hard yields 1 cache material and 2 bonus cache materials for a total of three; a level 69 bounty run on T1 yields 4 (1 plus 3 from bonus) and so on.
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    Certain builds are good for certain GR levels, that's why you perceive the DH to be better. If you're looking for 5-7 minute clears, DH might probably be one of best, I guess only trailing stuff like LoN Bombardment Crusader that is very powerful across the board. At some point the UE DH will start being slower, and then LoN crusader and Firebird Archon wizard will take over, because they scale better with higher levels. Especially the wizard, as it relies on having a burning elite around; below a certain level elites will just die immediately so you never stack up Firebird's which means it deals less damage. Next level of course is Twister wizard; it's basically useless if you want to run speed in less than 10 minutes, but if you're fine with getting the most out of your keys in terms of paragon, Twister wizard will be insane. But of course on certain rift guardians you might decide that it's not worth the time and quit.

    I personally used a Wand of Woh wizard last season for TX farming (because it's probably the most Death's Breaths per hour with the Sage's set) and for GR50-60 to get my augment gems up to 40-50. Then a LoN crusader to get the gems up to 60-70. If I were to do it this season, I'd probably chose a Firebird's Archon wizard.

    Looking at the highest GR clears this season, it's probably closer together than we thought. Highest clears are (on non-season, which might give us some hints what it might look like at the end of S6 as well):

    • Wizard 102
    • DH 101 (though that is with a legacy item, which I've heard is about a bit less than one tier added strength)
    • Crusader 100
    • Barb 98
    • WD 97
    • Monk is trailing a bit with 95

    Keep in mind that wizard+DH are the most popular classes, therefore have more people pushing, and Crusader was very popular in S5 so people push that on NS a lot as they have the gear. I'd expect the bottom three to be able to go a bit higher, though they lack the kind of community and momentum. Famous players that used to top the leaderboards or theorycraft a lot have left, like Joebo (WD), Natsuma and Hax (monk), MC and Alk (barb, Alk is now playing wizard).

    Anyways, long story short: the best class/spec depends on what you want to do. Paragon (i.e., are you fine with higher, longer rifts of 10-12 minutes and potentially not killing RGs some times) or constant gem upgrades?

    • Wizard: Tal's Twister for paragon, Firebird Archon for gems.
    • Barb: Raekor+IK for paragon, LoN thorns Frenzy for gems.
    • Crusader: LoN Bombardment all the way.
    • WD: Helltooth all the way.
    • Monk: Not sure, but I'd guess U6 for paragon and Inna's for gems.
    • DH: Again not sure, but I'd guess LoN for paragon and UE for gems.
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    People are still complaining about the group to solo gap? Wtf do you think Blizz did in 2.4.1? Were you not around in 2.4?

    2.4 top clears

    Group 110-113

    Solo 90-93

    After the patch dropped for 2.4.1

    Group 114

    Solo 97+

    Even less.

    2.4 top clears
    Group 114
    Solo 98
    Difference: 16 tiers

    2.4.1 (ongoing)
    Group 103 (max was 114 on PTR, 119 on non-season)
    Solo 91 (max was 104 on PTR and on non-season)
    So the difference will be somewhere between 10 and 15 tiers.

    However, due to the XP changes it's actually much less significant: 16 tiers difference were about 240% more XP (2.4 times advantage for a group), whereas now it's only 80% more XP if we assume you're running 12 tiers lower than a group. Yeah, that's right, 12 tiers difference only result in 80% more XP (1.05^12).
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    The difference between group and solo play is not as big as people think. A group also doesn't have 1000% more DPS to a solo player. Can we please start being real. The reason why people get 10 times more XP is because they play 10 times more, and 10 times more efficient. Also see this discussion here.

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