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    A Russian group did a GR69 a few weeks ago, I believe even on stream. Will try to find the VoD later. Sure monks are viable, but you get 2-3 levels higher if you replace the monk with another DPS.

    Edit: It was Aidar, but he doesn't publish any past broadcats. No VoD available.

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    Hello, and welcome to DFans :)

    Moved this to the WD forums, and also de-capslocked the title ;-)

    You forgot to leave your battle tag, so it's a bit difficult to give you advice. But there's also not one WD build at the moment - it depends whether you're playing season or non-season, and what build the Crusader in your group is running. Check out our build section for WD support builds!

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    To find out whether armor or all resist is better, I wrote this little tool a while ago:


    However, some of the questions you raise are not just armor vs all resist but rather mitigation versus life... which is a different story. But if you're purely thinking about those two stats, use the calculator.

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    Multiplicative is if you have two bonuses and they're being multiplied. This is in general good, because it works in your favor (there are exceptions, I'll get to that later). An example is the Bastion of Will set, Focus and Restraint rings: they give 50% more damage after you've cast a primary spell (resource generator) and 50% more damage after you've cast a resource spender. However, if they're both active they are multiplicative: DPS * 1.5 * 1.5 = DPS * 2.25, which means the damage is 125% instead of 100% (if they were additive). Adding more and more of those multiplicative bonuses will increase your damage even more.

    Additive is if two bonuses are being added together instead of multiplied. A simple example is elemental bonus damage: if you've got 20% fire damage from a Maximus, 20% fire damage from your amulet, 20% fire damage from your bracers, 20% fire damage from a Stone of Jordan and 20% fire damage from a Cindercoat, you're at 100% fire damage because it's 20% * 5 = 100%. Imagine that was multiplicative... but well, it isn't. Now, this can be to your disadvantage because when you're at 100% fire damage and you add another 20% from Magefist you're at 120%, and the actual damage increase will be reduced: one cast of a spell that would deal 1 million damage deals 2 million because of 100% more fire damage, and 2.2 million with 120%. That's an increase of exactly 10%, not 20%, although you just added an item with 20% damage increase.

    So usually multiplicative is to be preferred - however, there are also exceptions where it works against you. For example resource cost reduction and cooldown reduction; if you've got 5 items with 8% CDR you don't have 40% CDR but "only" 34% (0.92^5 = 0.66). The math here is a bit more complicated but the effect is the same, just inverted. This is to prevent that you ever reach zero cooldown/resource through those bonuses.

    I don't know if there's a comprehensive table for barbarians, but there's this here for Demon Hunters that provides an overview of different buff categories: http://d3profile.com/readme.pdf - most buffs currently go into the same category, which is why it's important to consider how much *real* benefit you gain from a damage bonus after factoring in all the other bonuses.

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    Okay... I edited several of your threads in the last few days and you seem to simply ignore our forum rules as well as all my messages. Therefore consider this your final warning:

    Stop advertising your Youtube channel or we have to suspend your account due to repeated violation of our rules. We are not your go-to site to get Youtube clicks. Same rules for everyone.

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    Please see our rules:

    1) No stream/Youtube channel advertising.

    2) Do not bump your thread like that. This is the most excessive bumping I've seen in quite a while.

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    • There could be some build for DH or monk similar to Carnevil that turns a primary spell into a main damage spell.
    • You might need to hit a breakpoint at some point and would kill for 7% IAS.
    • If you're not only playing solo but also in groups, 4% more CHD would probably be the "biggest gain" if you desperately want to re-roll it now.
    • 5% chance to freeze a lot? Equip Azurewrath+Frostburn and try to perma-freeze anything, and see what 25% freeze + 50% on gloves do. 5% freeze is a gimmick and offers no reliable crowd control at all.

    => Everything but keeping it as-is and waiting for what you really need in the future would be a huge mistake. As a general advice to anyone: please do not destroy good items by re-rolling them right away. As a rule of thumb, whenever I get a well-rolled item I don't touch it for at least a night. Even if it's obvious. A WH like this won't drop for you again (most likely), so there's no hurry at all.

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    Quote from st0rmiego-next

    Bagstone, would you agree that we would all have been a lot better off if Blizzard had handed out bans and rollbacks for exploiters a long time ago?

    Of course, absolutely. The majority of people that abused this exploit only did this because Blizzard had completely ignored previous exploits, only fixing them afterwards and never punishing the actual exploiters. Those exploits were even made public on the official forum with comments like "use it as long as it's not fixed", and there was no moderation of such threads. It was a pretty clear message: we don't care if you exploit your way to the top.

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    He did not ask for respect, he did not say he was forced, and he did not know about the exploit on PTR. I can clearly see now that you did not read his post.

    Just one last thing: what you suggest as the perfect solution (do it once on stream, report it to Blizzard, and hope for a fix) is EXACTLY what was done with all the previous exploits I mentioned. And there were never any repercussions, and the people who abused the exploit (including streamers that went offline to repeat the exploit a million times) retained all their benefits in terms of gear, paragon, and rankings.

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    No, I would not blame the police if I get a speeding ticket (in fact I got a ticket and did not blame them). So didn't MannerCookie, he said the the ban was justified and he doesn't plea to get unbanned, he only elaborates on why the ban came somewhat "random" and unexpected. I really feel you did either not read or not understand his point of view.

    I was gonna respond to your post in detail, but comparing someone who cheats in a video game with someone who allegedly shot someone in cold blood is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, sorry. But it kind of highlights what weird perceptions some of you here have, as if MannerCookie was some kind of divine figure to you and now it turns out he's the devil himself. Seriously... it's a game.

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