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    I'll be "in between jobs" soon and I'm considering doing something similar. This thread literally brought me one step closer to leaving everything behind...

    I've got a few (quite practical) question, if you don't mind:

    1) I've seen this graphic of your total/avg spending on your blog. That caught my attention because the spending is so incredibly low - how did you manage that? I've got three big topics... first: accommodation. I guess couchsurfing (i.e., staying somewhere for free) is a big part of it, but what about the 12 bucks a day in the US? When I was there I felt that even AirBnB is not very popular, and cheap hostels are hard to find (as opposed to, for example, Brazil or many other countries). And if you find them they're easily 20-40 bucks depending on the region. Incidentally, 18 avg in Brazil is relatively high, so I guess there you went with hostels/backpackers, but it was the highest overall on your trip! So... what's your secret for other places? :P I know that in other South American countries couchsurfing works well, but what about Canada?

    Second, food also caught my eye. Did you consciously make an effort to minimize food spending, or is it just the result of always getting the first best choice - street food, simple restaurants? It's not difficult at all to get by with 9 bucks per day if you just eat arroz com feij√£o every day, but one trip to a churrascaria (which is a must if you stay in Brazil in my opinion) is 20-30 already. Or did you get some free meals due to couchsurfing?

    Third, what's not included is travel - the flights in between locations, but also the bus/train tickets within a certain country. Can you estimate how much one needs to keep in mind for that and if there are any tips and tricks to consider? Blue ticket was something I always had in mind, but just realized it's not an option anymore due to the age thing ;-)

    2) Many people prepare such trips way ahead of time. Can you - off the top of your head - name a few things one absolutely *has* to prepare well in advance? Like - what has to be done 3 months before, 6 months before and so on.

    Seriously, your blog is such an inspiration (and has been for many years before, just naming Kilimanjaro here ;-)). Absolutely amazing stuff!

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    This is some great advice! I've stopped playing the wizard meta as I simply don't like it, but in general these are some helpful pointers. I'll add some of my own:

    • Don't create too large groups, especially with elite packs around. On EU, a triple pack almost instantly guarantees that much lag that you'll lose time due to a frozen game (regardless of the time). Very telling was in Empyrian's recent GR100 video (shot at 7am in the morning after maintenance, so probably the best time to play) where they avoided having a triple pack due to lag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9xsqPEh1n4
    • Do not take pylons too quickly, but think about maximizing their use for a second. For example, if you take a power pylon with Nemesis, kill one pack quickly, move on and find a double pack in the next room - right after the pylon ran out - you wasted a lot of potential. On Conduit, it might be better to stay in the middle of the room rather than in a corner, such as to hit as many mobs as possible. A speed pylon on a bad map just means: take it and run for your live to the next level; do not waste the opportunity and stay on a bad map, fighting the one elite pack. Same might be true for a shield pylon. As DarkokraD said, trash is better for progress especially in higher GRs; elites and champions are nice if they're accompanied by trash, but pretty much useless and should be skipped if they're alone.
    • The support classes should try to minimize CC effects, such that the barb can use his spear efficiently to pull single mobs back in. That means: the monk should only cast CS once per pack that you're fighting. Don't spam Mass Confusion, Blinding Flash, and other CC effects while walking through mobs. You'll trigger the mobs' CC immunity and make it impossible for them to be pulled in. Go as quickly as possible to the next point where you want to fight a pack/a group of trash, and let stuff walk in and use the pulls to get them closer together. Once the situation is stable, the barb can poke left and right to get more mobs in (though make sure to stay in range for Ignore Pain).
    • A lot of it is experience. We've personally realized over thousands of rights that we're deceived way too often by staying on an elite pack, when moving on would've been better. We established two rules: 1) If you even ask yourself "should we skip this?" then the answer is immediately: yes, you should skip this. Rifts have enough mobs and often 5-6 levels, so don't bother fighting sub-par stuff. 2) if anyone in Teamspeak says "skip", we skip. No further discussion. I'd say in 9 our of 10 cases we failed because we didn't skip enough, and only 1 in 10 because we skipped too much.
    • On bosses, it depends a lot on which boss it is. 1) Is it a boss that teleports/moves a lot - like almost all of them - or one that mostly stays in place? 2) Can everyone, including the wizard, stay close to the boss or will it be impossible to survive after a while (e.g., Ghom)? Depending on those and other questions, pick a good room. It's not really possible to keep Ember or Rime on a "sticky twister" spot, so rather find a room (optimally a square room like in Keep Depths or Ruins of Corvus, not a hallway) where the twisters bounce a lot and combine somewhere in the room.
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    Although I already said it in post #2, once again thank you for this - with the help of your guide I've recently completed all of them. Just off the top of my head, some thoughts I had while completing them on how to potentially improve the guides:

    Wastes: While this is definitely one of the most difficult ones, I'd *strongly* recommend the use of Furious Charge - Cold Rush (instead of Battle Rage). It makes this dungeon orders of magnitude easier, since Cold Rush stuns the big tremors! I've even toyed around with Leap (Call of Arreat for an additional pull, but also Death from Above for an additional CC) instead of War Cry. In the end, sticking to War Cry might've been better, but it worked for me. However, I definitely recommend everyone who gets frustrated to try Furious Charge. My route was to go to the left side first, just circle the two rows of swinging hatchets there, then go back to the big area at the bottom. Before I would go up through the left obstacle course I would make sure to have at least 4 of the 5 Rends completed - otherwise simply remake the game. The top area is a bit more difficult for kiting mobs around, especially if there are Tremors or elites left. However, if you have 4 (or even 5) of your Rends completed, you can entirely focus on killing everything on the right and top side - and with Furious Charge+WW it is virtually impossible to fail. Thanks to Furious Charge you can wear Focus and Restraint as well which means you have so much more damage, control, and speed...

    Firebird's: I was really worried about this dungeon being one that requires a lot of gear tweaking - in particular, "nerfing your damage". Turns out that wasn't the case that much. I don't know why, but I had no issues setting large groups on fire (sometimes getting 2x the 20 mobs in one single pull) even with 1m+ sheet DPS. What I did was optimize for super maximum CDR (65% or so), such that I had Black Hole virtually up all the time. Also, reset all your paragon points on the first three tabs (except movement speed and CDR)! Restart the dungeon until you get a map on which you get the Meteor killing blow right at the entrance on one big pull - then you can focus on the first objective. After I had this done, what I would do is reassign my defensive paragon points (!) which would make it impossible for the mobs to kill me (400k life, 5m toughness seems to be the cutoff above which you virtually can't die in most circumstances). Then, whenever I saw a lot of mobs quickly cast Black Hole+Meteor+Disintegrate. I guess due to the delay of Meteor you can basically get them damaged from the first tick of Disintegrate before the Meteor hits if they're closely pulled together in your Black Hole. It worked quite well, even with high sheet DPS, and once you completed the first objective you can assign all paragon points to intelligence and the other offense stats, and at that point your damage should be high enough to blast everything away in no time. I'm sure I was just a bit lucky here, but I was surprised to find this dungeon much much easier than Delsere's - which took me probably the longest of all.

    Unhallowed Essence: Only thing I changed was to move Evasive Fire off the left mouse button to button 4, which I felt was essential. It's so easy to accidentally kill Spiderlings with a left mouse button click. Also make sure to have no Thorns damage. Once you're sure to have absolutely no "passive damage", you can just Vault around on the left side of the map, like you said, to group up mobs and get at least 4-5 of the groups there - if not just restart, it's not worth it. After I took Evasive Fire off the mouse button and just forced myself to only attempt dungeons with a good spawn close to the entrance, it didn't take me too long (if you have a couple of 15-19 Spiderling groups at the entrance just leave right away).

    Vyr's: I think the main difficulty that some people might have here is get used to the "fixed" teleport position on the Archon skill bar. What helps a lot is to put teleport on button 3 so that regardless whether you're in Archon or not, teleport will always be on the same key. Also, it might be a good idea to have Archon on button 1, because you want to be hammering it like crazy when you're in Archon form, but once Archon ends and you accidentally hit it 3-4 times all your Arcane Power is gone if you put one of the three buffs on there. Once you change those two skills on your skill bar, this should be a one-shot dungeon for most people; you got plenty of time, just scout every corner thoroughly before moving on and you're good.

    Shadow's (Impale): I'm surprised to see this in top 4 of the easiest - I'd rank that one top 10, maybe top 5 of the hardest. But maybe I was just unlucky, or expecting it to be easier (did that as second to last), or maybe had some wrong gear. But I was failing that a lot due to running out of mobs and felt that are only 101 monsters in this rift... which of course is not true, but it was my feeling ;-) In the end I figured that having Impale on left click didn't work for me (too often accidentally double-hit a monster, breaking the chain, and then not having enough). I also didn't use Companion - the bats just killed some skeletons such that I didn't have enough left for the Impale chain. With those adjustments it still took a few tries... not sure why, but maybe if anyone else has a problem with that one those two pieces of advice might help.

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    Unfortunately not yet - so you have to report the user... not sure if a report button for builds is in the works.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, we were hit by a spam wave on the builds section - they're removed for now, but if they pop up again just report it and we'll take care of it.

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    I agree that Haedrig's Gift is a bit too much. While it's a nice idea (help you to get going since the no-set game is virtually non-existent, with the exception of LoN which is also a set but only viable in endgame), its execution could've been better.

    For example, I think it would be much better if the three gifts you get contain two tokens each, and you can BUY 2 set pieces of your choice with those tokens. You could save them up and see what set you get when leveling and then complete the set using the tokens. Another suggestion I've seen was to just give 2 pieces of each set - because Haedrig's Gift pigeonholes people into playing a (sometimes sub-par) set instead of their desired endgame set (see: Jade, which is probably #4 WD set at the moment, or #5 if you consider LoN).

    Also, to those saying "it's optional" - that's just a moot argument. It's like back in the days defending the AH by saying "then don't use it". It's like telling those people who didn't like the domination of Furnace in Season 1 to "not use it". This game is about gearing, getting loot, and Haedrig's Gift is part of it, so you use it.

    I hope they revise the idea and play with it a little bit - it's a good idea, but not perfectly executed. At the same time, I completely agree with you that leveling is TOO FAST. Some people were paragon 1000 by the end of the weekend, and even many self-proclaimed "casuals" on my friends list were paragon 600 by Sunday evening after season start. However, in my opinion the most exciting part of Diablo 3 at the moment is the pre-600 game, when you don't have the insane powercreep yet to just roflstomp any GR level. After GR35 you can get any gem to rank 25 in no time, and it's just a game of "let's increase the number", up to 100+ at the moment. What I prefer is playing with a lot of different, non-cookie cutter builds, and especially having only a limited arsenal of items available at the start of the season such that you have to come up with your own build. It'd be nice if that experience would be a bit longer... and Haedrig's Gift shortcuts that entirely.

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    We're doing everything we can. The more popular a site is, the more spam you get (and the more tenacious the spammers are). But none of the mods is doing this as full-time job, so sometimes it takes a while until it's deleted.

    There's already a thread about that though, so locking this one, continue there:


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    @Tobley: What browser are you using? Could you maybe provide a screenshot? I can't reproduce this error, both skills work fine here, the window changes its size dynamically.

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    Quote from Thurokgo-next

    Still nothing? i got the same problem ... :(

    Which problem exactly do you have? The issue seems to be fixed, as Molster and CherubDown said. I just tested it myself and everything works fine. Maybe try to refresh your browser cache (CTRL+F5)? Or can you elaborate on what's not working for you?
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    See this thread:


    There seems to be an issue with the build tool at the moment. No update from the development team yet, sorry (I'm as puzzled as you all are what's going on). Locking this thread to keep it all in one.

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