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    Thanks for the link and for plugging my website into that discussion ;)

    Yeah... that discussion isn't healthy. Whenever I read this I know why I stay away from the official forums. Even the knowledgeable, usually helpful members of the community in this thread say things that are flat out wrong. It seems that the offensive atmosphere of the official forums just poisons each and every discussion...

    Even looking at your table shows that the 1:10 ratio is off, it's output is rather skewed towards CHC. Take 48% CHC / 400% CHD for example. Adding 6% CHC resulting in 54%/400% (far far away from 1:10) is as good as adding 50% CHD.

    Yeah, but that's just because of the imbalance of stats that's provided on the ring slot. It's basically the only example; on gloves it's so obvious that we don't need to talk about it, on amulet it's even and you never want an amulet without CHD, and on no other slot do both CHD and CHC appear, which makes this discussion always just about rings. I know a lot of people that went religiously on a long farming trip to find a ~45%+ CHD RoRG because they thought it'd be better than 6% CHC. Talking to them makes you feel like telling creationists about Darwin - no matter how much proof you bring on the table, they're just gonna stick to their weird theories even more. Those people cannot be convinced by facts, so I've given up. They have to find out about it on their own ;-)
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  • posted a message on Wave of Light Build PTR 2.1.2.
    Please see the video section of our forum guidelines. Add enough meat to your post to facilitate discussion - right now it's just a Youtube clickbait.

    Also note that there are plenty of threads and even more builds in our builds section about 2.1.2 WoL builds. Also, moved this to the monk forums.

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    Trading is possible on consoles because with offline mod there is no way to prevent cheating and stuff like that. Also, the console version is kind of a "testbed" for PC (Josh used the example of loot 2.0 which was tested on consoles with loot 1.5 before being introduced to PC).

    If you have duping and cheating and savegames copying and everything, there's no point in restricting other stuff like trading, that's why console doesn't have the same restriction. Note: I've never played D3 on console so I'm not exactly sure what's possible and what not. (PC master race ftw!)
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    Can you link me that thread from the official forums with that discussion? Sounds interesting.

    As said in the first post, those 1:10 ratios (for CHC/CHD and armor/allres) are a rule of thumb and good for estimates, but applying that blindly to every decision is just plain stupid :-)
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  • posted a message on Item Synthesis System (Christmas Wish)
    Quote from Lomax88go-next
    This is another fucking awesome idea, however i doubt that it will be taken into consideration by devs. (I lost my patience after last "blizzcon" with 1 hour of D3... a joke.)

    Many many many many many of the previous ideas have found their way into D3. All this negativity and ignorance... please.

    There's already an official response by Blizzard to Jaetch's idea:
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  • posted a message on Build Carnival 2.1.2 (test PTR GR36)
    ^ What Jamoose said. Also, looking at your post history, all you used this site for has been as an advertising platform for your Youtube clickbaits. Not cool.

    Post your build in the builds section, you can embed the video there. Do not boldly advertise. Thanks.
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    We cannot ignore the "non-crit" at the end, because it affects the overall damage in the end. That being said, it never works in favor of CHC but always for CHD (as the number of non-crit hit goes down when stacking up more CHC). But anyways - let's take a closer look at the example. We hit for 1000 damage a hundred times (how convenient for math, isn't it?).

    With 6% CHC we hit 56 times for 5500 damage (450% CHD means 450% additional damage to each crit) and 44 times for 1000 damage, for a combined 352k.

    With 50% CHD we hit 50 times for 6000 damage and 50 times for 1000 damage, for a combined 350k.

    CHC is winning the race by 0.57%... which is exactly what my calculator says. *Phew* I have to be honest, for a moment you had me thinking I forgot something there ;-)

    The problem in your formula is that (CHC * CHD) + 1 does not equal (CHC+1)*(CHD+1); the latter would end up being CHC*CHD + CHD + CHC + 1.

    Edit: Wow, just saw your edit right now... was being distracted. Clearly too late for that stuff, gonna log off ;-) Hope the issue is resolved. Thanks for checking though - it's always good to double-check those numbers and calculations!
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    Nope. Not gonna happen, and in my opinion it's good that it isn't. You need to earn the items yourself, and the trading restrictions we currently have actually panned out really well for the majority (there are some edge cases, but the pro's outweigh the con's by far). Just to reiterate again, one of the things that Josh said at Blizzcon was so 100% right in my opinion; starts at ~48:33 in the following video:

    "Trading has the potential to wreck the reward loop, just like the auction house did". Absolutely 100% agree - if I could trade my clan mates, who have been away for a few weeks, some of my awesome gear I found like my 2nd Kridershot that is idling on a twink, it would be awesome for them... but it would also make it a bit more pointless for them to play and farm for it. Plus, it just doesn't feel great if you jump into the game, get all awesome gear right from the start and... that's it. Just like the AH. And of course we're not even talking about the potential exploitation through "trading clans" (your 30 day thing does nothing, you could easily join a D2JSP trading clan or whatever and just play GRs with your friends over friends list).
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  • posted a message on Patch 2.1.2 any info yet
    I'm locking this thread because it's almost an exact duplicate of the thread nextdoors from yesterday...
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  • posted a message on Item Synthesis System (Christmas Wish)
    Quote from Jaetchgo-next
    "We want a more complex, in-depth system!" vs. "A system like this must be simplified!"

    Hm... I disagree, or maybe misunderstand you. For me it boils down to:

    "We want more variety" vs. "we want a balanced game". And those two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, they're just incredibly hard to achieve both at the same time as they both take a lot of time for development and refinement. One of the reasons why StarCraft became probably one of the best RTS games ever is because it struck this balance incredibly well: there was a lot of variety - units and concepts of other races weren't just carbon copies but entirely, fundamentally different; at the same time, the game was incredibly balanced (probably more balanced than any other game ever).

    What you describe though, "complexity vs simplicity", are definitely two opposing factors and you can't have both, at least not when talking about the same aspects (you can have complexity of items with very simple game mechanics, for example, or the other way around - but you can never have an itemization that is both complex and simple).

    Looking back, many of similar player ideas have been implemented (looking at paragon, monster power, enchanting, legendary gems, and so on) - so I wouldn't say "this will never come". It is definitely more on the complexity side of that scale you mention, and as such it immediately offers variety. However, and this takes me back to my first point, variety and complexity takes time - and at the same time, I think striving for balance was one of Diablo's strengths once (which certainly wasn't true the past three months); adding balance to a system like this will add even more time.

    I could see a similar system (one that offers developers a bit more control to avoid overpowered items) being implemented in the next expansion pack. Many players are crying for the comeback of runewords (me included), but Blizzard won't copycat their own system - they want to make something surprising, something new, someone no one anticipates. Why not an item synthesis system. I'd be thrilled :-) But it's certainly nothing we should expect with patch 2.3 ;-)
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