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    Going back to DH. Last season i wanted to play the Shadow Mantle set but played a Barb to climb some GR with a friend so never had the chance to try Impale build outside a fast conquest. Now i'll take that chance and play a bit more relaxed. :P

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    I'll play new season and try to complete the journal again but i won't try hard as i did this season; it's extremely taxing with GR fishing and Paragon grind.

    No point on playing No-Season because i'll just skip the gearing part with fully decked characters and it's just the same thing, GR fishing and endless Paragon grind.

    I just wish the item hunt would last more than 2-3 days....

    Edit: i'll asnwer your questions, totally skipped those <.<'

    • Are you going to make a sprint for the stash tab or are you even going to skip that? Not a sprint, but i'll get the new stash tab, no matter what!
    • What did you play in the previous five patches (season or NS)? Always season, my main non-season DH from Vanilla is suffering a lot....
    • What's your reason to play season or non-season in 2.4.1, respectively? Well, i like a new start and regearing up a new character so season is a good way to enjoy the best part of a ARPG.
    • What factors are most important for your decision (what streamers do, what your clan does, what your friends list does, where the perceived majority of players is, where leaderboards are easier to reach/more contested, or what this poll tells you ;-))? The few friends that still play this game usually go season and we all agree it's fun to start over and work again on a new character. Too bad the magic ends in a week or two <.<' Really, who cares about streamers outside of build guides? :P
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    I'm curious about what you wrote on the official forum, but from the last sentence you wrote, you were probably a smartass and no one likes those.

    My opinion on the lack of communication, like it's happening with WoW: Legion, is that this game's community tends to dissect every word a dev speaks, create false expectations and bitch when they aren't met. Or just don't speak or show anything in development to not create hype about nothing (hi PvP).

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    This is the season i tryharded the most, without a doubt.... but i think giving a free complete set for easy tasks was a bit too much. It basically killed the early progression of the item hunt and forced players into a playstyle from max level. That's my main gripe, everything else is just the same old Diablo with paragon grind and GR fishing.

    Auguments are still a good idea but key farming has to go sooner or later.

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    Good bost from Midknite.

    I would say that after a while i switched to Hota Globe from WW/Sol barb because my Twister Wizard pal suffered a lot during a single target boss and Hota with Solanium is the best in that case.

    The biggest cons i think there are for this build are less survability even with high level Esoteric and Mutilation, Fury management (if by chance you hit more than 3 monsters, you dump a lot of fury and lose Aquila's buff) and monsters are more spread out.

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    Yes, i did to that e-mail adress and after a day the botter was temp banned and his character roll backed a month or so, the time he started botting.

    The in-game report feature is useless.

    Why did i do that? Because it rubs me the wrong way seeing players farming infinite amount of keys, paragon and cube materials when they are not even at home while i do through those chores to make my character better to tackle down Greater Rifts.

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    I wanted to do Master of the Universe but Wastes set dungeon is retarded then i realized: "I'm an idiot, i can easily gamble two sets for another class and faceroll my way for Years of War!" And that's what i did. Piece of cake.

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    I'm just looking for opinions. I'm playing support Barb and i was discussing with my Wizard friend if it's worth for me to start adding stats to my few, good, ancient pieces to help me survive now that we are at Gr85 and it can happen that i can't keep up with the damage income.

    Looking at the Leaderboard, i can't find a single support with some added stats but if i would go for it... should Vit be the best solution? Or Str for armor and a minimal amount of damage? :S

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    Well, i guess it's barbarian again for me this season to play along side a dps friend of mine <.<'

    Meh, time to think of another class to play alongside for solo :S

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    Interesting read; i didn't want to check the meta but i did.... But i'm still not sure what to roll for season 5 :S

    I'm torn between DH, my safe bet, or Monk, that i didn't play that much.

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