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    Good bost from Midknite.

    I would say that after a while i switched to Hota Globe from WW/Sol barb because my Twister Wizard pal suffered a lot during a single target boss and Hota with Solanium is the best in that case.

    The biggest cons i think there are for this build are less survability even with high level Esoteric and Mutilation, Fury management (if by chance you hit more than 3 monsters, you dump a lot of fury and lose Aquila's buff) and monsters are more spread out.

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    Yes, i did to that e-mail adress and after a day the botter was temp banned and his character roll backed a month or so, the time he started botting.

    The in-game report feature is useless.

    Why did i do that? Because it rubs me the wrong way seeing players farming infinite amount of keys, paragon and cube materials when they are not even at home while i do through those chores to make my character better to tackle down Greater Rifts.

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    I wanted to do Master of the Universe but Wastes set dungeon is retarded then i realized: "I'm an idiot, i can easily gamble two sets for another class and faceroll my way for Years of War!" And that's what i did. Piece of cake.

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    I'm just looking for opinions. I'm playing support Barb and i was discussing with my Wizard friend if it's worth for me to start adding stats to my few, good, ancient pieces to help me survive now that we are at Gr85 and it can happen that i can't keep up with the damage income.

    Looking at the Leaderboard, i can't find a single support with some added stats but if i would go for it... should Vit be the best solution? Or Str for armor and a minimal amount of damage? :S

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    Well, i guess it's barbarian again for me this season to play along side a dps friend of mine <.<'

    Meh, time to think of another class to play alongside for solo :S

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    Interesting read; i didn't want to check the meta but i did.... But i'm still not sure what to roll for season 5 :S

    I'm torn between DH, my safe bet, or Monk, that i didn't play that much.

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    I'm a solo player again, my friends stopped playing Season 4 already and i'm taking a break... yay.

    As Bagstone said, Diablo 3 is basically a forced Co-op game at the moment, and if you are going solo all the time you will exp slower, drop less and you won't be able to level up your legendary gems as high as you can.

    Just deal with it and play a gimped experience as a purist solo player or jump into group play and enjoy the game more.

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    I started as a Hammerdin this season, but i recently switched to Barb.... I just think the damage isn't there for this class and until i find a unity for my follower, i can even survive big packs. Just to add something on the carpal tunnel gameplay, every top crusader is stutter stepping with Hexing Pants to increase the damage and avoid taking hits as much as possible....

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    I'm kinda sad that Cold RoV isn't that good anymore, i liked that it was both easy to aim and provided a good amount of CC that i need playing solo, while Stampede makes my gameplay miserable by knocking enemies back so much.

    Now i'm trying Anathema and i noticed, as Wudijo said, that its damage is insane but its hit box is so small.... Shade, why are you so bad, you were my favorite RoV rune in 2.0 :(

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    Pff, i remember being mocked when i expressed my feelings against exploiters during the Blood Shard bug because it effected leaderboards and if players are downvoting concerns about botting on official forums... well, there isn't much hope in the community.

    I'm sorry to hear Jaetch isn't a MVP anymore and i have no idea if he is playing or not anymore, but these rampant cheaters affected his enjoyment in this game and his competition and Bagstone is suffering the same, but if it doesn't affect me, i shouldn't care, right?

    Well, Bagstone, if Blizzard doesn't act actively on banning botters and cheaters, i think you are out of luck and probably at the moment you are feeling like a retard playing legit and trying to climb the leaderboard for your fun while players are gaining power by just botting and gaining exp when not even in front of their monitor.

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