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  • posted a message on [2.3] Everything you need to know about Natalya RoV Optimization

    I'm kinda sad that Cold RoV isn't that good anymore, i liked that it was both easy to aim and provided a good amount of CC that i need playing solo, while Stampede makes my gameplay miserable by knocking enemies back so much.

    Now i'm trying Anathema and i noticed, as Wudijo said, that its damage is insane but its hit box is so small.... Shade, why are you so bad, you were my favorite RoV rune in 2.0 :(

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  • posted a message on Blizz, create bot leaderboards

    Pff, i remember being mocked when i expressed my feelings against exploiters during the Blood Shard bug because it effected leaderboards and if players are downvoting concerns about botting on official forums... well, there isn't much hope in the community.

    I'm sorry to hear Jaetch isn't a MVP anymore and i have no idea if he is playing or not anymore, but these rampant cheaters affected his enjoyment in this game and his competition and Bagstone is suffering the same, but if it doesn't affect me, i shouldn't care, right?

    Well, Bagstone, if Blizzard doesn't act actively on banning botters and cheaters, i think you are out of luck and probably at the moment you are feeling like a retard playing legit and trying to climb the leaderboard for your fun while players are gaining power by just botting and gaining exp when not even in front of their monitor.

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  • posted a message on Is it me or do the seasons feel too long?

    And i remember complains about season 2 being too short...

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  • posted a message on What will you be playing Season 4?

    Good question! I already rolled a DH, both season and main in normal, a Wizard, a Crus.... i think i'll go Barb this time.

    And stop playing after a couple of weeks again.... i hope not :S

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  • posted a message on Asian servs getting 10 stash tabs!

    Yeah, but the point is: what stops EU and NA to get 10 tabs? The fact we won't pay for them?

    Still, this is speculation at best, because there is no official source on the matter.

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  • posted a message on Asian servs getting 10 stash tabs!

    Well, the source isn't official, even if it is from a well known streamer, i'd take this information with a pinch of salt.

    If this is true, i hope we will see an increase of western storages too because i don't think asian servers are soooo better than EU/NA to handle this "insane" amount of stash space.

    In before, pay for more storage!

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  • posted a message on 6 Classes but only 5 stash tabs huh?

    Periodically, this is a topic that has to be discussed.... oh well, i think the best solution is to have a personal storage for each character and one shared storage like in Torchlight; that was a nice system.

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  • posted a message on Diablo 3 from the point of view of a person with anxiety disorder

    How the F a thread about this game helping a player with his mental disorder (i know, this term is quite harsh) went to talking about number sales? Seriously guys....

    On topic: i'm glad you've found a way to deal with your problem and you are not alone. I use games to help my self confidence and prove myself i'm capable to tackle some tasks (mostly pve raiding) because i have some disorders too (and no, i won't tell strangers on the net what they are).

    And yes, stopping caring about other players' ranking is a good way to play this game and others too if you are not pushing for the top of the leaderboard. Keep going mate :D

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  • posted a message on [Video] Top 10 Problems in Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.2
    Quote from Natalya85go-next

    Just to set the record straight. I do realize some will agree and disagree with some points or even the full video. I have no idea why you called me arrogant demon as if i stated anything else anywhere about this video. To think otherwise would be kind of silly.

    I also realize there are things that people consider more important and would be higher on their personal top10 than the ones in my video.

    Finally about the presentation which some think should have been more serious instead of slightly ironic, that's simply how i chose to create this video as. You probably noticed most of my videos try to be more than just a simple recording. I put a lot of work into the visual presentation, the editing and audio as well. I enjoy creating different things or trying out new techniques with each video as well as content people can find useful or relate to. So there's that.

    Will read the rest later when i have time, saw some really interesting ideas floating in this thread :)

    Well, i kinda suspected you wanted to make an ironic video and i'm sorry i sounded a bit salty, it's just i take this game a bit too serious and i'd like feedback sent to Blizzard to be professional. My view of the overall Diablo 3 community is quite distorted by the horrible official forum which is full of bad complains and awful written feedback like: "This game suck, Blizzard get cancer, my idea of improving this game is vastly superior but i won't explain how, hire me and fire X guy! Ps. get cancer again!". So yeah, while i took refuge on Dfans to read proper discussions, a video like that, from you that are capable of great content, disappointed me.

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  • posted a message on [Video] Top 10 Problems in Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.2

    In my opinion this top 10 sounded whiny instead of constructive. The bunch of "really" "reasons" and other ironic words i would say because i'm a common peasant poster with mediocre writing skill but not as a quality content creator for this game.

    Not that i disagree with most of your points (hi trial, hi crafting material; which i exhausted everyone of them, thanks Myriam; hi monster experience), a couple of them are just nitpicking like season items and progression globes; yeah, i think those are the two i just don't agree, or more correctly i don't care. Probably, because i'm not pushing for leaderboard and i'm just farming GR 43-45 based on my luck (which is a paradox) on trials, i can understand why stuff like pylons. which are more common now from my experience, bad elite placement, which i hate too, and unavoidable damage, which kills the player skill, are annoying and indeed a serious problem.

    From my gameplay stand point i think gems are more of a problem in this game, but with no easy fix until ANOTHER itemization overhaul or the fact that builds are tied to full sets and there is basically no room for regular legendaries, minus a couple of slots, and CC-CHD uber alles. But as i said, i lack the writing skills to make a constructive discussion and i'll stop my rant here.

    Back on video, you raised some good problems that should be fixed, but i'd rather hear or read a full thought on those than a list full of "why?" "really?".

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