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    posted a message on My Brain Hurts
    So I'll start this post with some general background. I really liked to shift in 2.0 towards elemental builds and affixes. I want each of my characters to have an elemental theme and boost their damage with the correct affixes. While I am not a hardcore theory-crafter, I am also pretty well vetted in the correct way to maximize DPS (a lot of experience tweaking ability rotations in WoW). Basically, I feel I am a person of average intelligence who may not choose to play a cookie cutter build that has been proven to be the most efficient, but does like to maximize whatever kind of build I design.

    With this philosophy in mind, I evaluated my characters and picked elemental themes for all of them. I did this solely by using the skill title box damage icon (red/black for physical, yellow with wings for holy, etc) for skills and their runes. I noticed some discrepancies where some skills specifically noted a damage skill change (i.e. Monk's FoT - Wind Blast states "FoT's damage turns to cold"). However I shrugged this off thinking that Bliz just didn't want to clog up all the skill rune descriptions with too much text. I mean, if a base skill has a title box indicating physical, and one of it's skill runes has a box indicating holy, wouldn't that be obvious that the skill's damage turns to holy? If it didn't, why even use a different title box theme?

    Flash forward to today. Reading forum posts about weapon elemental damage and Monk skills. Now I am beginning to second-guess my previous assumption. I am seeing posts saying that if the tooltip says weapon damage, it is based solely on the elemental damage of the weapon. What? I'm so confused! Case in point, Wave of Light (WoL) - Wall of Light. The plain WoL tooltip says it deals weapon damage as holy. The Wall of Light rune has a physical damage themed box, but does not say that the weapon damage is changed. What the hell kind of damage am I doing when I drop that damn bell? I am thoroughly confused.

    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on 150,000 Bounties achievment.. really? ;-O
    The banner sigil award is the Forever Alone meme.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 Mixed Emotions
    Hello All,

    I just wanted to take a moment to see how everyone is feeling about the new loot system. I absolutely love how they fixed the stat ranges (goodbye +39 vitality shoulders... I never want to see you again). However, the divide between primary/secondary stats is a little disappointing. Unless you are running a monk, the secondary stats are by-and-large garbage on rares. This whittles down item choice to 4 primary stats, which come RoS and the mystic, will be 3. Smart loot greatly ups your chances of finding something with your main stat so essentially you are looking for only 2 properties on a rare rather than the old 6. Since 2.0 launched I have changed a lot of my gear and am getting close to perfect when it comes to which properties I want on what. Don't get my wrong, I've been glued to my PC since launch, but still, I feel like being this geared in ~15 hours is too fast.

    I understand that the name of the game in RoS will be legendaries, but I wish they didn't boil down rares so much in the meantime.

    Anyone else agree?
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    posted a message on Elemental Skills Deal X% More Damage
    Thanks for the replies guys! I do believe it is multiplicative. Look out, here comes my physical Hungering Arrow/Multishot/Rapid Fire DH!
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    posted a message on Elemental Skills Deal X% More Damage
    Quick question as I have been finding conflicting information. Easiest asked as an example.

    Use a skill that deals 200% damage as cold. Acquire item that says 'Cold skills deal 10% more damage' and equip it. Am I now dealing 210% or 220%?

    Thanks much in advance!
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Clan?
    Any official clan plan to be formed? Maybe 2 (a US and an EU)?

    Either way, I'm looking for a laid-back, but active clan if anyone is recruiting. I average somewhere between 1-1.5hr/day in a week depending on my schedule. Usually evenings and weekends (US, EST). I don't post all that often on here, but I visit daily and know that a lot of you seem to be like-minded individuals.

    Let me know if anything is forming!
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    posted a message on Let's talk ladders.
    Quote from Sadeiko

    I don't think having ladder only items necessarily forces people to play ladder but it is definitely an incentive. The main reason not to play ladder is to continue playing your main that you love. I think the best solution is to keep these incentives for ladder in place but then have 3-6 week gaps between ladder seasons where ladder characters can not be created.

    This avoids non-ladder becoming insignificant. Gives more value to non-ladder characters, while still promoting all the benefits of ladder. There needs to be a incentive for casual ladder play, because if the only incentive is the imaginary ladder points then if you're not one of the top 500 players there ends up being no point.

    This can very well be accomplished without ladder only items as well. Incentives could include:

    banner items

    transmog items

    vanity items(cloaks would be amazing)

    vanity pets

    buffs for xp/gf/mf for use on non-ladder

    bonus paragon level xp at the end of season depending on performance(reach plvl 100 get 100,000,000

    bonus paragon xp when the season ends, be a top contender get x bonus paragon xp etc etc)

    So if ladder only items would frustrate people I'm fine with not having them but we should get something.
    Perfect! This!
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    posted a message on Paragon EXP Chart: Levels 1 - 2000, Diablofans Livestream of Reaper of Souls
    First off, let me say I'm SUPER stoked for RoS.

    Secondly a question (sorry if this was discussed somewhere else, I couldn't find it), how do champion monster affixes work with the new difficulty system? For example, currently, Normal -> 1 affix, ... Inferno-> 4 affixes. Anyone know?
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    posted a message on Rollback Policy Update, "Special Announcement" at GamesCom 2013, New MP10 Uber Bosses Kill Record
    With the quality/pace of recent developer commentary I expect the special announcement will go something like this:

    Blizzard: 'Now the moment you've all been waiting for! You there! What would you like to see in the game?'

    Fan: 'Uh, better itemization, more content, PVP?'

    Blizzard: 'THE ANNOUNCEMENT: Great ideas! We are proud to announce.... that our devs are working on that stuff! BTW, have you heard about D3 on console? DODGE BUTTON!'

    Fan: *facepalm*
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    posted a message on LFG Ubers
    Hey guys,

    I am an experienced player who likes to take it easy, play my own specs, and farm keys at my leisure. However, I don't like making special builds for ubers but would really like a few HF rings. If you would like to kill some ubers for me and get some organs, please let me know or add me. Lookin for people that can do MP7+. Tooch#1816. (Americas) I look forward to meeting you :-). I will get in touch with you whenever I have 3x machines!
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    posted a message on Jason Bender on Creating the Console Version, Tamplier's Epic Fan Art, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Despire my ire over no PC D3 info, I gotta say... the console version looks BEAUTIFUL. However, I'm too anal to ever walk away from the progress I made on the PC. Anyone else feel my pain?
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    posted a message on Hardest game/s you've played?
    Single Player: 1 Word. 1 Dreaded, terrible, throw the controller against the tv word.


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    posted a message on Exclusive Fansite Console Info From Blizzard HQ
    Blizzard is incessantly insisting that there are two teams for D3 development, PC and console. With the utter lack of information on the PC development process (in b4 someone chimes "they said in an interview that Loot 2.0 will be out sometime after Blizzcon" as "news"), me thinks that these two teams are like Clark Kent and Superman.
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    posted a message on Satisfaction with Developer Q&As, Which Is Your Favorite Change Coming in Patch 1.0.8?, Blue Posts, Spinley's PTR Features Video
    A year later and there's STILL this much butthurt over a game you're not forced to play?

    I fear this epic amount of butthurt could implode in on itself, creating an inescaple black hole that destroys this entire solar system.

    Well, at least I wouldn't have the daily disappoint of finding a Blue Tracker full of whining anymore.
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    posted a message on Patch Information in "the Next Few Days", Constructive Threads, Diablo 3 Music Video
    I can see it now. Patch 1.07 Blog Coming Soon!!!

    2 Weeks Later : "Not soon soon but soon."

    2 Weeks After That :PATCH 1.07 BLOG!!!!

    "Uhhh... Well.... We've been working on 1.07 since 1.05 dropped and we just figured out that it is all crap and won't work at all. Check back in 4 months."
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