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    posted a message on The elusive Flying Dragon
    I have one in my stash. It is just a random drop, like everything else. Kadala can help.

    The Monkey set sounds useful. It is not clear to me how to best make use of the proc. You can just use it as attack speed bonus, it should at least help with spirit generation. A build direction that could be interesting to explore is this:

    Maybe with a few modifications. Although in the end even that build can be better done with 1h weapons I think - e.g. if you look at the Rimeheart based build in the comments.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.7 Preview
    This is pretty awesome. I guess I will log back in once the patch hits :)
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    posted a message on Why should we NOT start botting? Discuss!
    Why would you have a program play the game instead of doing it yourself? It's like buying movie tickets and then not going.

    Let me be a bit more specific. I think the misconception that is in place here is that the whole grind is to gear up (and getting the paragons up) for some future content. In my opinion this is fundamentally wrong. The process of leveling and gearing is all that there is. If you let the bot do it instead, you might as well not play at all. If you don't enjoy playing right now, why would it be more fun if you are leveled out and decked out in BiS gear? Then there is nothing left to do...

    Content additions will be marginal, similar to the uber bosses. They add something to the endgame, but they don't become the new endgame. This is not WoW where there is a new raid every other month that requires better gear.

    Future expansions will most likely reset paragon levels in some form, and make most gear obsolete, so this is also not a good reason to run a bot.

    PvP is still unclear. If someone thinks he has to bot to be prepared for PvP, I can not change it. It's something I don't care so much about though.

    Finally, if someone is just looking to make money off the game, then running multiple bots is probably a good idea. But I think this is not the main point of this thread.

    In short, I don't see how botting enhances the gaming experience. If you enjoy the game, play it, if not, stop. A bot won't change that.
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    posted a message on Getting Rid of Resistances
    I can do MP 10 ubers with 3% life steal, around 500 all resist, 5k armor (with passive), and around 58k health. I can't solo farm MP10 with the same gear, mostly due to reflect mobs, but since it's not efficient I don't care. My low MP farming gear is almost the same, except I swap a +vit/+resist Inna's Radiance for one with spirit regen/resist and exp gem, and I wear my best hellfire ring.

    Instead of going crazy and checking out the top 10, I looked at a few of the top 80-100 dps monks. The lowest resist I found was 292, most were between 350 and 550, with some concentration around 500. I think that's a good value.

    800 all resist seems very high to me, that was maybe needed a few patches ago, but not anymore. In terms of high DPS items, some loss is almost mandatory:
    Innas pants: 200 vit or 100dex/100 vit is better than 80 all res, so no resists here
    Lacuni bracers: at most one resistance
    Inna's belt: dex vit is better than all resist
    Witching hour: at most one resist (want dex/vit!)
    Inna's chest: again high vit is probably better than all resist

    Compared to a solid 1.0.3 outfit with double resist in all those slots, a loss of roughly 300 resists seems natural to me.
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    posted a message on Price Check Gloves High Int, IAS, Crit, AR
    Int max is 300 on gloves
    No vit
    no crit damage
    crit chance is low

    I'd value them at roughly 10m, but since I don't play mage, I might be somewhat off here
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    posted a message on How to deal with reflect damage at mp6+?
    while I'm not a big fan of nerfing mob abilities, I think that if they changed reflect to work similar to how shielding works now, it would be more fun. If they don't change it, at least adding some kind of aura would help.
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    posted a message on Rakkis Crossing
    It's not round :)

    I'm serious. If you look at Alkaizers route, it's also built such that you reduce TP times and such. E.g. you start at the checkpoint before Azmodan and run back to the WP, TotD lvl 1 you make one circle from WP back to the WP, and in fields you also make one circle. The two areas where you actually port are Keep lvl 2 and Arreat lvl 2... those are just crazy XP, so it's worth it.

    Rakki is not bad, and if you read one of Alkaizers interviews you see that he only strictly stuck to his route for the last 10 paragon levels, for much of the rest he did siegebreaker - azmodan and similar runs.

    A lot of people include Rakkis in their runs. Personally most of the time I skip it... it's too random.
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    posted a message on What happened to Gem prices????
    imho the square gems were never a significant part of the total crafting cost. Gems have not changed since the release of the game, and there is absolutely no gem sink in the game. My guess is that by now, there are more star (and higher) gems around than the market can absorb, so gem prices have decoupled from the production cost and dropped.

    Eventually Blizzard will have to rethink gems and/or introduce a sink.
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    posted a message on MP3 A1 or MP1 A3.
    Quote from cam_core

    I'm just curious from a purely farming oranges POV.

    I've only got like 45k dps, 40k~ health, around 600 resist, and meh LoH/LS.

    From a speed/efficiency standpoint.

    Is MP3 Act 1 more viable than MP1 Act 3.

    How could someone answer this for you? You have to find out yourself. Things to consider:

    Once you turn on monster power, Act 1 and Act 3 should have very similar difficulty. So if you can do Act 1 on MP3, you might also be able to do Act 3 on MP3. There are a few hard hitting guys in act 3, so you have to check whether it works.

    Monster density: A3 has many areas that require little running and much killing, and a few well established farming routes. To be really efficient in act 1, you have to find a good route, and I'm not sure they exist.

    Overall, lower MP is better if you are in doubt. The MF gain from MP is not that much if you consider what you already get from NV stacks and from paragon levels.
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    posted a message on Auction House bug/hack ?
    27m sale on the ah gives you 22.95m gold, not 24. What was the exact amount you got?
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    posted a message on GUIDE: The Lightning Monk 2.0.6 (UPDATED)
    Hey guys, I posted this thread on the US and EU forums yesterday and have received some great feedback. Posting here too so that I get maximum input and get that best Lightning Monk guide out there :D

    Twitch.tv/Raisuun Youtube.com/RaisuunTV
    If you have any questions about this guide, about myself, or about anything Monk related, you can ask me via Youtube or on my Livestream and I will be happy to answer your question as best I can.

    The Build

    The Gear

    Hey guys. My names Rai and I've been playing Monk for a fair amount of time now, both in game and theorycrafting out of game. I try my best to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game and how they will affect Monks in order to keep my knowledge as relative as possible. I really enjoy the class, the speed at which you can move and clear while farming, and the variety of builds that the class offers for the many different situations you and your group may face.

    Active Skills:
    Spirit Generator:
    Deadly Reach - Scattered Blows Since 2.0.5 has hit, Scattered Blows has been changed so that the first and second strike also deal Lightning Damage. As a spirit generator this is now far above the rest due to the shear damage output from gear alone. Strike from Beyond has had its damage changed from Physical to Cold so although it is still usable if you are having difficulty generating spirit, after much number crunching it will no longer stay on par with Scattered Blows. You may also use Way of the Hundred Fists with the Hands of Lightning rune now that the damage type has been changed in our favor.

    Main Spirit Spender:
    Lashing Tail Kick - Scorpion Sting
    So. This is lots of damage. Lots of Lightning Damage. With an 85% Chance to stun. At 30 Spirit cost. Not only is this a heavy hitting skill (624% Weapon Damage), but the stun works on ALL enemies in the game. At 85% Chance to stun, and the stun lasting 1.5 seconds, this skill is the primary spirit spender, damage dealer, and crow control ability for a Lightning Monk. Wave of Light has also been altered with 2.0.5 introducing a Lightning Rune, Pillar of Ancients. The numbers look good but lack the stun that LTK offers as well as costing 45 spirit more.

    Movement Skill
    Dashing Strike - Barrage/Way of the Falling Star
    Since the Dashing Strike change, almost all Monks are now using this skill. The ability to maneuver yourself in and out of the fight thanks to the multiple charge system is extremely powerful and allows the Monk to be even more mobile than they already are. Many of the runes are useful and fit different situations. I am currently using Barrage for some extra damage to the last enemy I dash through but often change the rune out for Way of the Falling Star for the burst of speed afterwards. With the changes to the full set bonus of Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Dashing Strike earns its place in the lower torment difficulties as a large pack clearer. Just dive on in!

    Sustained Damage/AoE Skill
    Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
    Sweeping Wind is an awesome skill, lets be honest. Not only is it the other Lightning Skill in our Lightning Monks arsenal but seeing mini cyclones shoot from you and electrocute enemies, thanks to the rune, while your treating their face to a lobster dinner is something that you just cannot miss. Sweeping Wind costs 75 Spirit to activate, but that is the only downside to an otherwise great skill. Once Sweeping Wind is up, we can keep it running by ACTIVELY ATTACKING enemies or surroundings. Sweeping Wind will not refresh its duration if it is the skill doing the damage, however a Dashing Strike through a barrel or just a Tail Kick to Malthael's face will refresh it, allowing us to save the 75 spirit needed to re-activate for more Lashing Tail Kicks.

    Damage/Survivability Cooldown
    Epiphany - Desert Shroud
    Epiphany is our new Level 61 skill. It allows us to fly around like Jet Li and deliver many a blow to enemies while generating a ton of spirit. It has a 60s cooldown, but with Cooldown Reduction being available both on gear and in the Paragon Point System, it can be alot shorter. I prefer to use the Desert Shroud rune so that I have a 50% Damage Reduction while Epiphany is running. This can prove useful if you overpull and find yourself in a sticky situation, and Epiphany allows you to do alot of damage without other viable runes, such as Inner Fire, being an absolute neccessity.

    Mantra of Retribution - Transgression OR
    Mantra of Conviction - Overawe
    As you can see I have listed 2 Mantra's here and the simple reason is due to the benefits of them in Solo and Group play. Using Retribution with the Transgression rune allows you to deal a fair amount of damage back to your attackers (101% Weapon Damage) while also boosting your Attack Speed by 10%. This is an ADDITIONAL 10% Attack Speed and does not grant you 10% of your CURRENT Attack Speed. If your playing solo and your gear is lacking AS, this could be the Mantra for you.
    On the other hand, playing in a group, Attack Speed will not benefit everyone. In this situation we use Mantra of Conviction with the Overawe rune, allowing all enemies within range of the Mantra to take 16% ADDITIONAL DAMAGE. Whoops....as if Wizards didn't hit hard enough already.

    Passive Skills:
    One With Everything
    An extremely strong passive allowing you to stack one resistance (i.e. Poison) and having it apply to your All Resistances. Almost EVERY Monk should be using this.

    Exalted Soul OR
    Chant of Resonance
    This passive will vary depending on your Mantra and therefore depending on if you are playing with a group or solo. They both provide us with 2 Spirit per second, but Exalted Soul grants us an additional 100 Spirit to our pool, while Chant allows us to use the active part of our Mantra's with half the spirit cost. If you are using Mantra of Retribution then you will want Exalted Soul as you will not be using the active Mantra effect as much as you would be for Mantra of Conviction. If you are using Mantra of Conviction then use Chant of Resonance so that you can make use of the Active part of the Mantra and allow enemies to take even more damage.

    Seize the Initiative
    This passive grants us 30% of our Dexterity as Armor. In my opinion this Passive is a must and extremely strong as it will scale as our gear does and provide us with even more toughness.

    Transcendance OR
    The last passive slot can vary. Currently I am using Transcendance as it allows me to recover life for each point of Spirit that I spend. This number scales with the Secondary stat on items which increases the healing received from Health Globes allowing it to become a great source of sustain. The other skill I would consider, is Unity. If you do not need the sustain from Transcendance and are playing in a group, Unity will grant you 5% increased damage for EACH ally affected by your Mantra's. This can grant you 15% Increased Damage and even more so if you have the 4 Piece Inna Set bonus, which allows you to gain the base effect of all four Mantra's at once.

    "Mythic Rhythm as a passive option needs mentioning here, alongside Sweeping Winds.
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12329973299#1" Thanks to BBA322.

    Gearing Guidelines
    Your gear requirements will vary depending on what your character currently requires, but I will outline below what I believe to be the most efficient and benefical stats on each piece of gear for a Lightning Monk. I will also add any Lightning Monk specific Items that are essential to being the best you can be.

    Helm - Dexterity > Crit Hit Chance > Attack Speed > Socket/Vitality/% Life
    BiS Helm - Eye of the Storm. Can give upto 30% Increased Lightning Damage

    Neck - Dexterity/Lightning Damage > Crit Hit Chance/Crit Hit Damage > Attack Speed > Vitality/Life On Hit

    Shoulders - Dexterity > All Resistance > Vitality > Resource Cost Reduction
    BiS Shoulders - Mantle of the Upside Down Sinners. One set piece that contributes towards our 4 set 15% Lightning Damage bonus.

    Chest - Dexterity > 3 Sockets/Vitality > All Resistance > % Life > Monk Skill Damage
    BiS Chest - Heart of the Crashing Wave. One set piece that contributes towards our 4 set 15% Lightning Damage bonus.

    Gloves - Dexterity > Crit Hit Damage/Crit Hit Chance > Attack Speed/Vitality/All Resistance
    BiS Gloves - Fists of Thunder. One set piece that contributes towards our 4 set 15% Lightning Damage bonus.

    Bracers - Dexterity/Lightning Skill Damage > Crit Hit Chance > Vitality/Life On Hit/All Resistance
    "For bracers I would mention strongarms, especially when we are already using deadly reach." Credit to FilthyMonkey for bringing this up.

    Rings - Dexterity > Crit Hit Chance/Crit Hit Damage > Attack Speed/Damage > Vitality/Life On Hit/All Resistance > Socket with Emerald/Amethyst/Diamond
    BiS Ring - Stone of Jordan with Lightning Damage
    "Wyrdward can be a handy ring for lightning monks to have, 15% chance for lightning damage to stun for 1.5s. When all your damage is lightining damage, that comes more often than you think." Thanks to SkruWD for this.
    Belt - Dexterity > Vitality/Life On Hit/% Life/All Resistance (Some belts but not many have Attack Speed. If it does, prioritise this second)
    BiS Belt - Thundergod's Vigor

    Legs - Dexterity > 2 Sockets > All Resistance/Vitality > Monk Skill Damage
    BiS Legs - Scales of the Dancing Serpent. One set piece that contributes towards our 4 set 15% Lightning Damage bonus.

    Feet - Dexterity > Vitality/All Resistance > Monk Damage Modifier > Movement Speed (Try to obtain movement speed from Paragon Points to free this affix for the above priorities). Thanks to SkruWD for this.

    Weapons - Dexterity > Socket. There are many things that can influence how good a weapon is but a main stat roll and a socket can save even the worse rolled white damage. Attack Speed and % Damage are the second best modifiers and your own judgement should be used when deciding which one to roll for.
    BiS Weapons - Currently Thunderfury is one of the strongest weapons in the game. The unique proc and its frequency does such high damage to 5 enemies at once. Second to this I would look for a Lightning based weapon such as Odyn Son, Fulminator, Shard of Hate or Won Khim Lau.

    So thats my guide!
    Thanks for reading this guys. It is much appreciated. I hope that I help some of you new budding Monks out there, and also hope that I can help the veterans out a little. Failing that I hope that they can respond to this thread and help me :D.

    Please check out my Youtube at Youtube.com/RaisuunTV There is a shorter and less in-depth version of this guide there as well as new videos every week.

    Also check out my live stream at Twitch.tv/Raisuun I have only just started streaming again so my schedule isn't fully set yet.

    Hope this guide helps you all and much love to your Diablo 3 community.

    If anyone thinks there are important changes from 2.0.5 that I have NOT mentioned, please let me know.
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    posted a message on Your opinion about removing the crafting materials
    Quote from nfin1te

    An awful lot of people simply don't get, that farming gear is endgame. This also includes farming mats. The game actually gets more boring once you have all you desire for (as with everything in life). So yeah, agree with that.
    Do you really think there was anything FUN about the previous situation? I don't.

    There wasn't a single time I thought "Yay.... I get to farm for Aughild's." Most of the time I was asking myself "Why am I wasting my time here? This is a terrible experience that isn't worth it."

    Sure, they probably could have come up with a better way that involved somehow retaining the drops but made the "hunt" something more interesting than playing the "bounty lottery" but we're still better off today than we were yesterday.

    The game is about RNG, but crafting and gambling are still supposed to be systems that supplant bad luck and are still governed by RNG (if you've done any crafting you can't make the argument that there's no RNG involved). The crafting materials drop rates simply made it that crafting was worse for people who needed the gear and easier for people who didn't need the gear. It was inside-out. The people who needed the crafting mats were the people on T1, not the people on T6.

    That's what this change reflects. The people who would be most interested in crafting now have the means to do so. Hooray for logic.
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    posted a message on 6 Min T6 Rift Clear
    Quit it with the 'I'm drunk' crap. This isn't high school. Nobody cares or thinks you are cool for 'making this video while drunk'. We certainly aren't going to respect you MORE for it. Nobody is going 'Oh wow, and he did that while drunk too!!' so grow up and act like a man and not a child who boasts about being intoxicated.

    Grats on the high density rift packed with the most easy mobs possible.
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    posted a message on Wothf Mechanics Question
    Edited first post to avoid further confusion.

    The 2nd activation (all 7/10 strikes) should base it's damage based on the active weapon (2nd activation of A: active weapon = off-hand, 2nd activation of B active weapon = main hand).

    Will test it out just to confirm/deny in a few minutes.

    EDIT: Tests confirm this.
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    posted a message on How long until Blizzard fixes people "cheesing" normal mode?
    Quote from Finder

    I pointed out a problem, and get 6 pages of insults...but I bet your statement doesn't apply to them does it? Just the guy who wants to end your gravy train.
    You pointed out something that, at best, is a very minor problem and you did it in a highly aggressive and argumentative way. There are more posts in this thread that boil down to you insulting people who disagree with you and accusing them of farming Normal than anything remotely constructive. You've neither proposed any functional solution or even accurately identified the problem (because you cannot QUANTIFY how this alleged Normal farming is so superior).

    Therefore the problem lies with you. Not us. If you think there is a problem you need to do a way better job of articulating it. Have you gathered information yourself? Maybe you could sway some people if you could put some videos together showing that you can, personally, farm 50% more legendaries per hour in Normal than in Torment.

    But without that kind of quantitative data all this thread amounts to is you whining that not everyone is playing the game exactly how you think it should be and then calling them cheaters, kids, and such. Real intelligent and mature!

    If you want something fixed you're going to have to at least show what is broken and why it needs to be fixed. If you cannot even quantify that Normal has better legendaries/hr than Torment then you have no position. You need facts to back up your opinion. Facts tend to lead directly to actionable points. If your first post was "I did some data collecting and I found that doing the same runs in Normal that I did in Torment 1 yielded 25% more legendaries per hour in Normal" then maybe you'd have a different response. You might have people questioning your data gathering techniques, but you would have people discussing something based on quantitative analysis of a situation.

    All you've done is qualitative analysis and berate anyone who dares to disagree with you. That's hardly a good way to get people to see things your way. And, ultimately, if you believe something needs to be fixed you are trying to convince people to adopt your position on a subject.
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    posted a message on Difficulty and when to get all resist
    It also very much depends if you are in a group or not, when going solo I keep 1000AR; but once the party kicks in I swap items around, go for way more damage and hover around 750AR and I generally don't die because of my Barb's OP Rend giving me health back.

    I spent my Paragon points in AR and LoH; I don't have enough points yet to max them out, but don't forget that with every level you gain these numbers scale with you! I always put 2 Diamonds in my pants and 3 full Main Stat gems in my Chest, then having Life% on Helmet and Belt.

    Hope this helps and good luck regearing your character, if you need any help feel free to contact me in-game!
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    posted a message on Difficulty and when to get all resist
    I run torment 1 fine with 520 to all max, some are a bit higher, but that is as a barb, and i get 30% damage reduction
    You could also replace 1 gem with a diamond or multiple in order to stack resists

    You can also get a bit more armour or stack high vitality, like vitality on every item. Heaving a big healthpool also helps alot

    For higher torments, you will be stacking some more resists, but there is nothing wrong with playing on Torment 1 for a while and going on improving both
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    posted a message on Difficulty and when to get all resist
    If you're going monk or crusader, I'm probably not the one who should be answering this, as I play with a Wizard with ~1500-2000 Res, but I'll give it a crack.

    A lot has changed within a year of not playing, especially due to 2.0 systems. The way I've played from 60-70 is by focusing on toughness, at 70 I had about 1200 Res average at about 6mil toughness and I was dying minimally. I did only have 250k dps, but It was enough to manage act V with. Soon afterwards, I began wanting to trade off toughness for DPS, which I did kind of. I just kept finding gear that gave me both toughness and DPS. To this point I have ~15Mil Toughness and 450k DPS.

    Again, as a monk, you'd have to explore how to get All Res yourself, but 1200 seems like a great start if you want to do T1. You can begin with spending available paragon points into All Res, as it can add up to 250 All res.

    Also, don't forget about Healing. It doesn't seem all to important at the moment, but you'll notice it's returns once its powerful enough or too weak. I started trading off about 1-3% toughness for 50% healing, and it has added to my living greatly.

    EDIT: As to answer your question, you should expect a wall as you start leveling and don't find any gear, but once you hit the cap, you'll find more and more suitable gear for your characters, and will then manage better.
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    posted a message on Difficulty and when to get all resist
    I was in the same shoes, as you are, and I also had some thought on the topic. Based on my experience, you can complete the story mode on expert without taking too much care on resist gear. After you hit 70, you will need to stack a bunch of AR to survive. By the way, resist affixes will show up on drops, when you need them, on 67+ i think, and won't be too hard to get some, and be viable on expert, and you'll have to spend some time on expert and master before venturing forth to Torment I.
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    posted a message on Need help with some affixes (Stone of Jordan)
    Stop feeding yourselfs with bull$hit

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The "+x% Elemental Damage" affix works by adding "x%" of your physical damage to your attack, in the form of the damage type listed.

    So, really basic example:
    Your physical damage is 100, and the item adds +3% Fire damage.
    You gain 3 extra damage to your attacks as Fire damage.

    Things this takes into account:
    Rings, mojos, orbs (etc) that have an "X-Y" damage affix (e.g. "1-2 Damage")
    The base damage range of your weapon, before any elemental damage is added from the affix
    +Min or +Max affixes on weapons (Note: It doesn't benefit from "+X-Y Elemental Damage" affixes on weapons.)

    We realize the current wording for this affix can be confusing, and it's something we'd like to make more clear in the future. If you have any suggestions for how this affix could be better worded, we're definitely interested in your suggestions. Just keep in mind that space is limited in item tooltips, and that whatever we use would need to be translated into all of our supported languages.


    Quote from ExecutoR2006

    +6% lightning damage - means + to base DMG, not directly to DPS - so 1000 DMG weapon gets 60 DMG bonus before INT buff
    +6% to lightning damage - means + 6% to lightning DMG - so if you deal 500 lightning DMG it would add 30 DMG before INT buff, but if you use electrical dmg spell, it adds 6% to that skill dmg (if skill says 350% of weapon dmg as electrical, that sum gets another boost of 6%)

    That's my opinion :)

    And you are wrong.
    There are 2 kind of affixes
    first, like SoJ (i.e. Adds 5-6% to Arcane Damage), and
    second, like Won Kim Lau (Lightning skills deal 15-25% more damage)
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