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    posted a message on Need some help.

    So I wanted a bit more challenge then my invoker crusader. Never really played wizz, so seemed the perfect time. Unfortunately you don't start with a set for you second character ..

    First off all since I don't get a set at level 70 what set should I am for?

    Are there any builds that can work fine without specific weapons to start with?

    What set offers the best survivability?

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    posted a message on Useless stats for thorn crusaders

    So i just found the %block ring it rolled with :

    Damage roll




    I suppose I roll of the damage to Vitality ? (Or should I go for CDR or AS)

    Are there more stats that are useless for thorn cruss

    Resource reduction



    %life to be avoided?

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    posted a message on Bis Ancient weapons

    This is a PJSalt thread ... -_-

    I've been playing rather casual this season, only para 350 or something.

    Around what paragon level or hours played did your Bis weapon drop?

    I'm playing crusader so there are potentially 4 weapons I'm looking for, RNJesus where are you <_<

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    posted a message on How to progress further ?

    So I'm playing my crusader on season, can farm T6 easily, have a few (+-50) trial keys and can do Grift 40 solo.

    I need ancient set items in about every slot.

    A decent ancient weapon or preferably a Bis ancient weapon.

    upgrade gems and get better rings neck

    Basically I need everything but better :D

    Do I just jump in public Grift games ?

    And How do I find people of my own level ?

    How do I get the max value out of my keys ?

    I should start Grifting right ?

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    posted a message on Rolland Set and Sweep Attack

    Lol I would love this :D probably the best way to be able to use both skills with the Rolland set <3

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    posted a message on Rolland Set and Sweep Attack

    I was really looking forward to the Roland Set for the sweep attack (haven't played it on PTR). From what I understand you have to chose to follow either the Shield Bash spec or the Sweep Attack, not both what I don't mind. What I do however not understand is that there is a new legendary bracer for Shield Bash but there isn't one for Sweep attack or am I missing something ?

    Aren't we going to be oom (out of resources) 24/7 with sweep attack ? I really think we should get a similar extra leg for the sweep attack that reduces / refunds resources. Although I do understand that they don't want to make exact copies of legendaries and just copy paste a different skill in it.

    A belt / bracers that give 10% RCR + 10% damage reduction, stacks 5 times. This would really synergies well with the sweep shield to promote to keep sweeping all day long ?

    Is there any reason so far to go sweep over shield bash and how would the build look like ?

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    posted a message on PTR 2.2 Item Discussion - Focus & Restraint (Video)

    why would he need to showcase it without the rings ?

    He show you the damage without the passive and with the passive ...

    I don't understand your question proccer?

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    posted a message on [2.1.2] Wizard clears Tier 59 in 4-player (DH PoV)

    Sorry to highjack this thread, really nice clear.

    But I have question though, almost the whole duration of the video you had 10 - 20 FPS during fights, a problem I have had for ages ... I'm pretty sure you have a top end pc, mine is pretty decent, and Diablo is the only game where I have these FPS issues. If someone from ZE also had this problem, I guess there is no solution to this yet ? I only encounter this problem while in combat with a group of mobs. At one point I even thought the game was running on the integrated video card chip of my motherboard instead of the graphic card D:

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    posted a message on Monk for Season 2
    So I haven't played the monk class in a long . . . very long while.

    Just leveled one to see how it would go and most importantly if I like the play style :D

    The only thing that confuses me, back when I played the monk nobody used 2h? it was all about the very mobile fast attack monk. I honestly don't like the low on AS on my monk atm but it's efficient until I find better gear.

    How/why/when do you chose between 1h and 2h atm for monks?

    are there certain builds that favor 1h over 2h? Or is the other way around ? Are there specific 1h that allow you to run certain build?
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    posted a message on Ancient weapons
    Finally found an ancient weapon with a good damage roll :

    I'm a pretty casual player, haven't found the ramalandi's gift yet but :

    what are as of this patch the main attributes you are looking for on a weapon ?

    1) damage roll

    2) main stat

    3) % damage

    4) ?

    5) socket from ramalandi

    so 4) ...

    CDR / rescource reduction ? something else ?

    Since the change to the marauder set I'm not really sure :)
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    posted a message on What class are you gone roll in S2
    With Season 2 being around the corner I'm curious as to what class people will roll next season ?

    The same class as this season ? Something completely different ? Not sure yet ?

    S1 I started with my Crusader and changed my mind halfway through and rolled a DH (my 2 favorite classes before season started).

    Next season I might try monk not 100% sure yet :D
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    posted a message on Major PTR Bug: Double Sockets
    you sure are a tuna:

    weapon :

    min max damage

    % damage

    main stat


    1) reroll socket to an other stat

    2) use the thing to ad socket to get a socket

    3) place a gem in the new socket

    4) reroll stat you got from 1) again until you get a socket

    5) ...

    6) profit

    @OP from the start when they announced this consumable leg that added "the max number of sockets to an item"

    I have been dreaming about double socketed weapons and 6 socketed chests etc :( I fail to see why blizz doesn't like this idea.

    In the current itteration, rolling sockets makes you cry because you have to reroll them to a main stat instead of being able to roll one of the other stat to a side grade (e.g. min max damage on a weapon or vit > % damage etc)
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    posted a message on FPS drops? Lag spikes? Stuttering? SOLUTION here! WORKS!
    hope they completly fix this on their end when the new patch hit . . . so much people with mid - high end gear not being able to run this at max setting without getting huge fps drops, blizz pls :(

    I'm pretty sure I didn't had this problem a few patches ago and all of a sudden every time you group up with people, in fights the fps drops to 10-20 ...

    @OP tnx a lot for the solution, fps goes way up now, still have occational drops while 4 man combat, but oh well :D
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    posted a message on Ramalandi's Gift: Counter-intuitive?
    I wish you could add the maximum number sockets, regardless if the item has sockets.

    double socketed weapon, ow yeah baby :)

    six sockets on the chest, NICE :)

    Wishful thinking I guess.
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