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    I heard reading patch notes is awesome.
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    Any people that play hardcore? :)
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    After reading this, I decided to throw on some gear on my stripped DH from the AH for around 1m. Switched out Preparation for Sentry. Having fun trying out something different :-)

    It appears Shuriken Cloud doesn't snapshot the lifesteal from Gloom? Was this fixed or?

    Thanks for sharing the build!
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    I found my first legendary from a weapon rack, right after you kill the Warden and walk south through the opened door. It was an Ourobouros, legendary amulet. Found it before the inferno nerf and legendary buff patches, when I was still farming act1 on my Barbarian because act2+ was so ridiculously hard. Rerolled a demon hunter right after so I could farm act3. Good times, good times :-(
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    Get a Thing of the Deep ASAP. The pick up radius combined with Gruesome Feast and Grave Injustice is amazing. Try and balance your offensive stats such as crit chance and crit damage on pieces such as amulet, rings, gloves, helm and bracers. Defensive stats such as all resist, armor, life% on chest, belt and boots (boots cant roll life% affix, except Ice Climbers). Get a healthy amount of intelligence and vitality to go with on all pieces and together with Spirit Vessel you should be fine.

    Try and use the DPS and EHP calculator from www.d3rawr.com to see how much of an upgrade each item is.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Ceekay.

    Depends on what you want to do with your WD.

    Your defenses are more then fine, you could get away with a lot less when farming act3 mp0. You're using 4pc Zuni but have no real damage dealing ability that you can spam to actually need the regen. Zombie bears would be much more suitable instead of Locust Swarm afaik. I'd drop Zuni's ring and helm, get some more crit/critdmg on those 2 pieces. Also your bracers seem kind of low on crit chance. And if you have the cash, go for a Manajuma's with a socket.

    Good luck :-)
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    Hi all,

    After playing softcore for a while and getting bored.. me and a friend decide to give hardcore a try..so far having a blast :Thumbs Up:

    I went with a WD, while my friend had a barb. HAD. You can already guess where this is going by the title...

    He lost his paragon level 10 barb yesterday to some fast/nightmare/firechains pack while he was playing alone. Nothing he could do when feared and being locked in by the fast elites while his WotB was on cooldown. :(

    He's a bit bummed atm..but ready to level a new character! My question is; which class would you partner with a WD and why?

    Would love to hear people's opinions and experiences on this.. :)

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    Hate to be the one asking this but...did you have 5 stacks? :P
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    "Rage: a phenomenon that occurs when a player generates enough anger or sadness to enter a temporary period of severe anxiety, despair and minor to intense insanity. Usually results in deflammatory comments online or, in worst cases, physical violence."

    :hehe: :hehe:
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    Those are some good drops man, grats :)

    The only way to beat RNG is consistency and perseverance, and recognizing that nice drop when it hits you. Keep farming at maximum efficiency and keep identifying those rares/legendaries and you will get nice drops eventually.

    Been farming the last couple days and gaining some good paragon levels, but had only useless legendaries drop and those rare drops that make you go.."ARGH..if only that damage was a bit higher..if only this piece had higher all resistance.." Was selling nothing but scraps between 500k-1m.

    Yesterday my consistency and perseverance paid off. Found some solid rares which already made me 40m, with some others still on the AH with around 30m value, an okish rolled IK chest which is worth around 40m. No drops that made me a billionaire instantly but it feels good to increase my bankroll by a bit. Those billion drops will come sooner or later :)
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