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    Quote from absfishgo-next

    Welcome back! I was really pleased to see you posting, and making youtube videos again :-) I learnt a lot about the game during the early D3 vanilla days when you used to stream!

    Aw man! Super appreciated!! Glad to be back :D

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    HUGE fan of this change, while I agree there are some "Clear" choices (double immunity neck, Furnace weapon) what I think this is really going to do is allow a lot of "fun" builds to become actually quite viable.

    For instance I'm currently running a slightly lolworth Spirit Generator build on my Monk. It's never going to clear Grift 50+, but I find it very fun to play so I'm sticking with it...

    However in 2.3, with a couple of Legendary passives, I can see it EASILY being able to compete with the big guys. I think Kanai is going to do a huge amount for build diversity.

    Agreed. The fun builds will sky rocket! The "play your way" section is going to be awesome :D

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    Hello Diablo Fans! I'm back with another Reaper of Souls guide! This is going over the new, game changing Kanai's Cube. From where to get it to exactly what it does. Please feel free to ask any questions you have :)

    Pretty excited about this feature. Honestly adds a layer of depth that the game has needed for a while. Granted we will funnel our characters into using the same 3 passives the majority of the time, it will still add a bunch of cool things we can do :D



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    Hey guys, I've made a video on YouTube just going over the changes that 2.3 are bringing and my thoughts and opinions on them :) Check it out if you have the chance. Lemme know how excited you are about the patch either way!! Or even not excited :D



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    This is officially an exploit! Use at your own risk!

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    Build Hatred when Reflect is up, if you're capped just shoot behind you and your sentries will do all of the work. Once you get the timer down in your head you can manage it really well with knowing exactly when to unload, if you have a pot and the pack's nearly dead you can nuke through the remainder of their health and pot in between (depends on GR Level + Toughness ofc ).

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    Unity is FINE from 43-45, it all depends on the makeup of the Grfit though TBH. Unity will normally allow you to take a hit from a spear, tick of fire damage or tick of lightning damage without proccing Awareness, which can be the difference between a clear and a non-clear, talking about GR 40-45 here. Anything above that you will get punished for using Unity as the damage required is boarding the insane and an SOJ is the way forward.

    But honestly it all boils down to the luck of the draw and how much you're paying attention on the day, sometimes you will get fast/jailer/teleporter champion packs; and sometimes you will get slow zombies or demons with Plagued and Desecrator :D

    I've done 43+ with a Unity, seconds off of 44 with one. Still adjusting to my new SOJ and learning to survive so I think it might be a few days before I'm doing 45-46 :D

    Either way, Unity is a viable option till the later Grifts, but even then there's no saying if it can't handle a 49GR with zombies if the density is right.

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    Well we have no real way of knowing if we will have to farm out more Nat's or not, based on recent changes we won't have to. They made new set items back in Vanilla and made us farm them again, hasn't happened since though.

    The gloves have been changed:

    • Gauntlets of the Rain
      • New Legendary Gloves
        • While Rain of Vengeance is active you take 30-40% reduced damage

    This makes the gloves not very amazing sadly, I mean damage reduction is always nice but it's essentially useless in greater rift when practically anything 1 shots you regardless.

    Regarding the set items, they're going to need to change some set items around with Nat's as with the current setup it's possible to have both the 6 set Nat's + 4 Maurader's.

    Current Nat's Setup:

    • Boots
    • Ring
    • Helm
    • Weapon
    • Chest

    Current Maurader's Setup:

    • Gloves
    • Shoulders
    • Legs

    I suppose the question remains if the Maurder's set is actually worth using combined with the Nat's 6 set. Also this eliminates an option of using an SOJ with the setup using Nat's ring as you need the RRoG for both sets. I guess time will tell which setup is the most optimal for damage.

    Either way, still looking promising! I'm still collecting my Nat's! :D

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    So with the new sets coming in there's a few more builds opening up for every class. As Demon Hunter's it looks like we're picking up a fairly viable one.

    Set Bonus:

    • Natalya's Vengeance 4 pieces: [The cooldown of Rain of Vengeance is reduced by 2 seconds every time you cast a primary skill and by 3 seconds every time you cast a Hatred spender.]
    • Natalya's Vengeance 6 pieces: [Rain of Vengeance deals 800% increased damage.]

    So with 800% increased damage + there's a new pair of gloves coming in the new patch with a flat %damage increase coming to RoV as well the damage is going to be pretty insane.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this combination? Will the 80-100% damage on the gloves scale directly with the 800% increase to effectively double this number? We have no real way of knowing till PTR but I'm pretty excited for a new play style.

    I'm thinking either IAS will shine bigtime to reduce that CD on RoV + a bit of CDR mixed in to get that 100% uptime, or at least close to it.

    Either way, fingers crossed it's as fun as I image! Lemme know what you guys think about the idea of the new set!

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    Quote from JKlimekgo-next

    Bosses are another story, generally they can take a long time. Try to save Pylons for bosses if they're near-by and accessible of where the boss spawns, sometimes kite off screen a bit to search for one if you know you're not going to make the timer.

    There was a story that broke yesterday where someone revealed that pylons spawn dynamically now based on percent of grift completed or location (speed pylons at the end of a long dead end for example). So moving further into the rift once you spawn the boss *should* never reveal another pylon. I haven't tested this theory though. What some people are doing are scouting a whole level when you know it's going to reveal the rift boss, then get to 99% on that level, then go to the next level. There should be a pylon waiting for you right there. This is something I expect Bliz will fix sooner rather than later, but might as well take advantage of it while it's there.

    **I don't have any personal experience with this, it's just what I read and it seems to be right**

    I read into that the other day. Based on experience I've found multiple Pylons off vision on the map after the boss has spawned. If that theory is correct maybe it spawns a Pylon at x amount of yards away, which can be not discovered on the map yet. Either way, I've seen them off screen multiple times, not sure if that disproves anything :D

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