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    posted a message on Is 2.41 tomorrow?
    Quote from Bagstonego-next

    Here's a very nice statement from Nevalistis regarding the decision to end era 5 later:

    Basically, what seemed to be an act of "let's screw over non-seasonal players" at first, was a necessary action to sacrifice one Era (era 5) to ensure the integrity of non-seasonal gameplay going forward (i.e., era 6).

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Eras were never really designed to be a “mirror” of Seasons, though as they coincided frequently in the past, it’s easy to see how that became the expectation.

    We’re philosophically discussing the place of Eras going forward, namely what they mean to us as well as players and how we’ll handle rolling them in the future. How (or even whether or not) Eras are affected by patches is a consideration and is why we changed the way we rolled Era 5. Changes in 2.4.1 will affect the performance of multiplayer groups, potentially bringing overall group records down, and we wanted to avoid a situation in which Era 6 could have had multiplayer records effectively locked at the start of the Era. This is definitely something we could have communicated earlier and more clearly, and we’re certainly going to strive to do so in the future.

    Needless to say, the community’s feedback has most certainly been heard on this issue, and we’re evaluating our process to try to find the best of both worlds going forward.

    Tbh that explanation is still pure bullshit as it makes no sense at all, I feel sorry for ppl that pushed NS LB. The only logical thing to do would be to close LB's as 2.4.1 hit's and start new ones from there or even freeze LB's completely till season 6 goes live.

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    posted a message on Did Blizzard just say "Ok, let us give players unlimited gold if they so desire" ?
    Quote from chadwx
    Gold hasnt mattered since the ah shut down.
    Not true. Infinite gold does help rerolling items like sources etc that have 30 different properties so it's very easy to get to 3-5mil/reroll without getting what you need. Now mats are the problem but with auto salvage farming them isn't that bad.
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    posted a message on Season Do's and Dont's
    Quote from Venaliter

    -Gems have 100% success rate at their level GR + 3. IE: Level 15 gem requires a level 18 Rift for 100% chance, 24 gem requires 27 Rift.
    This one is not correct, a lvl 25gem in lvl 32 GR had like 80% chance to upgrade.
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    posted a message on DMGbooster (CC/Support) build - disscusion
    You should add strongarm bracers to that build for extra dmg from blackhole
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    posted a message on 51.5K dps, 117% MF, 300 resists, 38k hp, now what?
    Crit hit dmg and crit hit chance. That can boost your dps by a lot. I've managed to get from 50k to 75k dps by spending ~8kk on ah upgrades. Make sure to get a weapon with high crit dmg and a socket for a huge dmg boost.
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